Partner with Us to Give Your Clients and Patients the Weight Wellness 12 Week Transformation

  • Tired of clients/patients not taking action on the healthy lifestyle changes you know they need to make?
  • Are they chronically overweight but you’ve given up in frustration with trying to get clients/patients to actually live healthier lives?
  • Are they doing everything they can but still not losing the weight they need to?

We help you give your clients/patients the tools and consistent support to transform their lifestyle to one that naturally promotes weight loss, improved overall health, and improved sleep and energy.

Based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine.

With expert coaches at their side consistently.

And we take care of everything for you.

We do that by transforming their lifestyle, physiology, and psychology in a sustainable way to make deep, persistent change possible:

  • We use a proven process that we’ve dialed in to create consistent and empowered lifestyle change that breaks through their own barriers to sustained results in their weight, health, sleep, and mood.
  • We empower them to understand the science behind their choices as they live a healthy lifestyle designed around them and their lives.
  • And we make it engaging, deeply supportive, and easy to follow.

I’m Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, founder of Wholist. As an Emergency Physician and board certified in Lifestyle Medicine, I know how important lifestyle changes are for long lasting health improvements and preventing many chronic diseases, including the top killers in our society today.

The challenge is getting our patients and clients to actually make the healthy changes they know they need to make.

Or they are trying so hard, and yet are stuck getting little to no results… and don’t know why.

As an Emergency Physician, I would see patients come through the ER again and again and only have 5 minutes to communicate the critical lifestyle changes that could mean everything to changing their health.

But 9 times out of 10, they would go home and not make any real changes.

I know so many of my fellow physicians (in all fields of practice) are running into the same frustrations. Many have already given up even trying to get patients to make simple lifestyle changes that could help them so immensely.

You are incredibly skilled in what you do, but patients will go home and not change a thing in their lifestyle and daily eating habits.

That’s why I spent hundreds of hours developing these programs, and then dialing them in with hundreds of clients (and seeing the transformation in their lives).

And now:

I’m partnering with physicians so you can leverage this same program to do the work for you to create deep healthy lifestyle and mindset change with your patients.

 (Schedule your 30 min. professional partner call or for 60 min. here)

Truth is:
There’s a lot more to this than just eating less and moving more.

Both physiologically and psychologically.

We specialize in a 12 week process of sustained healthy lifestyle changes that are neither difficult to follow nor overly restrictive, while helping them resolve the psycho-emotional roadblocks that keep sabotaging them.

Our process looks at the whole person. It’s not just losing weight with a restrictive diet plan, but creating true behavior change and physiological shifts that support their health goals.

This includes improving sleep quality, stress management, emotional eating, addressing hormone dysregulation, and healthy movement they’ll actually do.

Because of sustaining their own healthy lifestyle changes, we’ve seen participants who’ve been better able to:

  • Reduce A1C levels
  • Reduce aches and pains from inflammation
  • Feel more energetic and have better mood stability so they’re better able to implement and sustain healthy changes
  • Improve chronic health conditions and risk factors

We’ve had hundreds go through Weight Wellness with sustained shifts in their lifestyle habits and healthy eating. [see their success stories here]

This isn’t a “lose weight fast” plan. It is a long term weight and health transformation.

All using real science, real whole foods, and effective behavior change techniques. While empowering them to personalize their lifestyle based on a better understanding of why they’re making each choice.

Weight Wellness participants are also supported with:

  • Professional Wholist Health Coaches with medical backgrounds from doctors to nutritionists, with weekly live coaching sessions and access via chat and email anytime.
  • Professional Mindset Coaches with deep professional experience in their fields, through live coaching sessions.
  • Daily short audibles empowering them with a fuller understanding of their choices and how this approach works.
  • Supporting research and educational materials around each topic in the program.
  • Daily text messages delivering the program content and providing motivation.
  • Lifetime access to program content in an online portal.
  • YouAte app for quick food logging that is monitored by their Wholist Coach daily with supportive help to dial in what works for them.
  • LivingPlateRx meal planning app and recipes.
  • A community of support of both current and past participants.
  • Private, HIPAA compliant coaching portal, including the ability to securely chat with their coach when they need it.

Partnering with Wholist

We provide multiple options for your clients/patients, and offer you options for how you share Weight Wellness with your clients/patients. Referral commissions also available.

Reach out and we’ll discuss the best plan to help you and your patients get the best results and serve your needs as a physician, coach, or business owner.

Schedule your professional partner call for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, whichever works best for your needs or availability.

I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help!

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt