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Are a physician, alternative or ancillary provider, health coach, health practitioner or mindset practitioner?

Are you frustrated that your work's results only go so far for your clients after they leave your door?

Are you frustrated by the current constraints of your brick and mortar, insurance-laden, or silo'd practice?

Do you dream of working in teams, amplifying results, coordinating care across the spectrum of care, and advancing your career on the cutting edge of health care?

Then Wholist is for you.

Wholist creates comprehensive health and wellness goals and plans for each client and then curates a team of conventional physicians and alternative and ancillary providers specific to those goals.

Each physician or provider meets with their patient on their own terms, whether it is virtual through Wholist's telehealth platform (Facetime for health!), or at your office.

Each patient's team will share documents, notes and meetings through the telehealth platform for closed loop communication and flexing of individual plans. Wholist's care coordinator keeps the patient's primary care doctor, and any others, in the loop.

For your patient, team-based proactive care meets their goals faster, with the relief of knowing that their providers are pre-screened, in touch with each other, and with the boundless resources of virtual providers nationally at their fingertips.

For you, a new lease on your career. Join us today, our network is growing every day.

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