Free Training for Women Who Want to Crush Emotional Eating Triggers

"Five Simple Tricks Letting You Say Sayonara to

Emotional Eating Overnight"

Finally. No Binging. No Shakes. No Calorie Counting.

Dr Heather Hammerstedt  

Physician, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Innovative food coaching architect

Real Food, Real Work, Real Results

You're Going to Discover...


How To analyze your hunger cues in the context of your history and your biology


Precise strategies that allow you to rewire your brain for "sayanara" to emotional eating triggers once and for all


The most effective way to get to your most confident body and mind (with no products or tricks) 


An exact copy of our emotional eating blueprint, so you can get started immediately  


Tons more but I'm running out of room here 🙂