Put Lifestyle Medicine into Practice in 8 Weeks for Greater Satisfaction and Patient Outcomes

Develop a more satisfying practice, improve client results and compliance, and get a complete system (with documents and clinical processes) for implementing Lifestyle Medicine in your practice.

Complete with assessments, action plans, and two-minute patient summaries you can use directly in your own practice.

“80% or more of all healthcare spending in the U.S. is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices…”

Lifestyle Medicine impacts so many facets of patient health – physical health, chronic disease, cognitive function and mood, weight management, cancer, energy and performance…

But the common “eat better and exercise more” advice tends to go on deaf ears, doesn’t it? How do you actually get patients to listen and follow through?

And most of us were only taught the surface level knowledge of lifestyle factors in school. Now there is a wealth of research on targeted, evidence-based lifestyle intervention to prevent and reverse chronic conditions, and improve quality of life in all aspects.

We’re experiencing a full-on revolution in Lifestyle Medicine.

And not a moment too soon.

  • So many of us are frustrated with being silo’d in our specialties or hamstrung by layers of bureaucracy or insurers… when we desperately want the satisfaction of addressing many root factors we know are based in lifestyle.
  • Others of us see the rising tide of chronic disease and knowing we could be doing so much more to help our patients adjust lifestyle factors to prevent and even reverse many of those chronic conditions.
  • And yet other of us see how lifestyle is negatively impacting the results we know we can get with clients, but don’t have the full set of Lifestyle Medicine tools to implement maximally effective lifestyle intervention to improve everything from physical health factors to cognitive performance and mood.

I am loving this course! I’m sick of telling patients to “eat right and exercise.” What does that even mean? This course is giving me the skills and evidence based information that I need to REALLY provide important lifestyle intervention care for my patients. I love the podcasts and can listen to them at my convenience. I’ve started using the visual aids in my practice and they have become an asset to my visits. Thank you, Heather!!! You rock!!

- KP

Lifestyle Medicine is much more targeted and evidence-based than ever.  But how to get up to speed and proficient enough to deliver full results…

… while our existing practices are keeping us MORE than busy already.

Our clients are already going off on their own to Dr. Google or the latest celebrity doctor on TV…

… but leave more confused than ever…. Or woefully misdirected… 

How can we all be addressing lifestyle factors? Whether we want to go fully into Lifestyle Medicine or just provide it in the few minutes we have with clients or patients, like I did  in the emergency department.

Reality is:

We don’t need to go “all in” to get tremendous results and satisfaction.

Even in the few moments I get with patients as an Emergency Medicine Doctor, I saw the significant impact a little of the right Lifestyle Medicine had.

And the skills to not just recommend changes, but to actually get patients to listen and implement my recommendations. Co-creating their lifestyle changes together.

Not as a replacement for our unique expertise and proven methods, but as an enhancement to every one of our specialties.

Whether you’re primary care or a surgeon, a coach or a therapist.

We ALL benefit from from the enhancement of lifestyle intervention care in our work with clients.

Every one of us can see the positive results… affecting everything from recovery to mental performance to addressing chronic disease.

I’ve felt so rewarded and satisfied by it.

I’ve become board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and now work directly with clients in Lifestyle Medicine telehealth consults.

And have distilled and codified it all into a primer that includes ready-to-use documents, assessments, clinical processes, and action plans. So you can put it into practice quickly and effectively.

Everyone who helps people heal and become their best selves should have access to this expertise.


The 8 Week Lifestyle Medicine Program for Physicians and Practitioners

No matter your specialty, from primary care to surgeons to dermatologists. Coaches and therapists. The impact of lifestyle medicine in all of our specialties is profound.

I’m an emergency medicine doc, and a lifestyle medicine physician certified through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. I run lifestyle coaching programs and do Telehealth Lifestyle Medicine consultations.

I broke my entire Lifestyle Medicine primer down into an 8 week program, delivered in snackable bites that any busy practitioner can fit in.

Then I took all the documents (from my two-minute summaries for patients to assessments to action plans) and turned them all into ready-to-use and customize downloads that you can use right away with clients.

All designed to get you implementing Lifestyle Medicine in a targeted, evidence-based system in just 8 weeks.

And as a bonus, also helping you implement it in your own life as we go, so you can experience all the benefits for yourself!


  • You get access to the private group for community discussion and support
  • Lifetime access to the online course and materials
  • And additional learning references and clinical processes to reference at any time in an instant.

All of it designed to be versatile enough to implement in any specialty from primary care to surgeons to dermatologists, and from coaches to therapists.

If you love it, maybe you’ll go on to do full board certification.

Until then, get the full benefits of Lifestyle Medicine in your current client work in just 8 weeks, in minutes a day with easy-to-digest podcasts and support.

This course is perfect if you are interested in lifestyle medicine! It’s a great balance of education and practical material to actually utilize in your practice! I highly recommend it!

- Diana D.

What’s included:

  • Evidence behind health behavior change, coaching, mindset, stress reduction, weight, food/ diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle clinical processes
  • Delivered as short, “snackable” podcasts to your phone each morning
  • Accompanied by supporting learning documents and references
  • Two minute take away summaries that YOU can give your patients in the context of your regular busy schedule
  • Coaching, assessment, and action plans for each topic that you can use in your practice
  • Slack group support during and after the course
  • Lifetime access to the course in the online course portal

Course Outline

WEEK 1. Intro

  • What is lifestyle medicine
  • Health behavior change theory (physician and patient)
  • Health coaching basics- smart goals, transtheoretical,
  • Motivational interviewing/ positive psychology/ cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Action plans

WEEK 2. Mindset/ meta cognition / mindfulness

  • Why is this important
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Metacognition/ CBT
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, positive psychology
  • Mindset Assessments

WEEK 3- Food

  • Data behind food reversing disease, Major nutrition studies
  • Metabolism of digestion and hormonal dysregulation
  • Macronutrient breakdown carbs ,Fat and protein
  • Under and overconsumed foods, nutrient dense and healthy foods, Food labels,
    ingredient lists
  • How to coach for food behavior changes and culinary changes

WEEK 4- Food

  • Heart disease and Diabetes- grab the heart disease section from the fat phobia
  • Cancer, Mood and depression, sleep, exercise and more
  • Whole food plant based
  • Food assessment (culinary, nutrition, mindset)
  • Nutrition prescriptions and action plans

    WEEK 4- Food

    • Heart disease and Diabetes- grab the heart disease section from the fat phobia
    • Cancer, Mood and depression, sleep, exercise and more
    • Whole food plant based
    • Food assessment (culinary, nutrition, mindset)
    • Nutrition prescriptions and action plans

    WEEK 5- Weight

    • Weight loss basics
    • Calorie myths
    • Insulin resistance
    • Exercise
    • Mindset around food reset

    WEEK 6- Sleep

    • Sleep physiology
    • Modifiers of sleep
    • Sleep behavior
    • Effects of sleep
    • Sleep assessment and action plan

    WEEK 7- Exercise

    • Types of exercise and intensity measurements
    • Guidelines
    • Activity and health effects
    • How to coach for change
    • Exercise Assessment, prescriptions and action plans

    WEEK 8- MISC

    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Clinical processes in office- EMR, referrals, labs, QI
    • Group, team, telehealth, coaching
    • Review of major data

     We start on June 17th!

    Join the Lifestyle Medicine Course for Physicians and Practitioners for only $699

    Or if you want to set up a call to chat about it first, schedule at wholist.as.me/info15… or get more details on the course below.

    This course has helped me to figure out what lifestyle medicine is all about and to get me excited about this type of medicine! I plan to incorporate what I have learned into my practice to help patients. It is a great value for all of the content you get access to, and much of the content is able to be personalized so that you can use it for your patients as well!

    - Lindsay

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