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Integrating LIFESTYLE MEDICINE into Your Practice for Greater Satisfaction and Patient Outcomes

Join us for this insight packed webinar as we delve into Lifestyle Medicine and how it can transform the health of your patients and how we approach healthcare. Including use cases from a variety of physicians and practitioners successfully implementing Lifestyle Medicine.

Join us as we fully delve into the rising field of Lifestyle Medicine:

  • What it is and how it’s different and more targeted than the basic healthy lifestyle guidelines we all know.
  • How to get started, and the depth of evidence behind it.
  • How to implement Lifestyle Medicine in our practices practically and effectively with ease.
  • Use cases from physicians and practitioners in multiple specialties.
  • And the options available for education and certification.

As an emergency medicine doc, I struggled to address the lifestyle factors that I knew would have such a tremendous impact on my patients, especially in the mere minutes I typically had with them.

Things like physical health, chronic disease, cognitive function and mood, weight management, energy and performance… and the very thing that is bring them into the emergency department in the first place. 

Then I found Lifestyle Medicine, and the results I saw from even minutes with patients felt incredible. I was having greater satisfaction and greater patient outcomes.

I brought it all together in one FREE masterclass, along with other physicians and practitioners to share their experience and tips

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What Really is Lifestyle Medicine... Besides Eating Healthier and Exercise?

There can be some misunderstanding of just what Lifestyle Medicine really means. We all know we need to eat healthy and exercise. What else could there be?

Answer: A LOT!

How to Implement Lifestyle Medicine in Your Own Practice

No matter your specialty, you can implement Lifestyle Medicine for greater outcomes and greater personal satisfaction in your practice. Join us to see how different kinds of physicians and practitioners are implementing it successfully in their practice, or even switching to full Lifestyle Medicine telehealth.

How Lifestyle Medicine Physicians are Able to Get Patients to Listen

Truth is, when it comes to lifestyle, it’s more than writing out a prescription of changes and sending them home. It’s harder to get clients to listen AND follow through, which is where some essential coaching skills come in!

What Does Full Certification Entail? And How You Can Get Started Without it

Lifestyle Medicine is incredibly rewarding, and you may be wondering if it’s worth going through full board certification, and if so, how and how much?? We go over all the details so you can choose the best path for you.

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