Live Webinar This Sunday at 5pm PST // 8pm EST

Get in Control of Your Thoughts in Uncertain Times

A special panel to help you deal with the stresses, fears, and uncertainty of this pandemic.

I’m bringing together an expert panel from varied fields to tackle the questions of:

“How to get in control of our thoughts when fear, stress, and uncertainty send them running?”

We’ll help you to feel more in control, get your thoughts more supportive instead of reactive, and give you strategies to handle the stresses we’re facing in our daily lives in this “new normal” we live in.

Heather Hammerstedt, MD MPH

Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Emergency Medicine Physician, and integrative nutrition health coach, empowering professional women with lifestyle based health, weight, and energy solutions. Founder of Wholist and host of the “Curate Your Health” podcast and Facebook group.

Ali Novitsky, MD

Founder of Mind Body Marriage, with life coaching for busy professional women. She is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Board Certified Pediatrician, Board Certified Neonatologist, blogger, international speaker, and host of the podcast, “Resuscitate Your Marriage.”

Ana Blake, MD

Doctor, OCR Athlete, world traveler, mom, and founder of The Anti-Fragile Female MD, helping women physicans struggling with feeling burned out, exhausted, or disconnected.

Sunny Smith, MD

Family physician, mom, founder of Empowering Women Physicans. Sunny is also a Life Coach School certified Life Coach and Weight Coach.

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5pm PST // 8pm EST
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