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How We Achieve Optimal Health & Weight Loss with a “Plant-Based” Approach… Backed by Science, Deliciously!

And why it does NOT mean giving up animal products (unless you want to).


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With Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Founder of Wholist, Emergency Physician, and Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine

“Plant-Based” does not equal vegetarian or vegan.

But focusing your diet more on lots of real, delicious, plant-based food has a host of benefits on:

  • Weight
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Energy Levels
  • And much more

Research shows that plant-based eating can even help reduce the number of medications needed to treat chronic diseases.

Join this exclusive masterclass to discover the truth behind “Plant-Based” eating and how to get started the right way…

How “Plant-Based” can be done completely wrong, even as a vegetarian or vegan, and how to get the full benefits.

The research-backed benefits of “Plant-Based” eating on the most common chronic health conditions we face today.

The simple ‘building block’ method of easing into “Plant-Based” eating you can start today.

The truth about getting enough of the protein & fat your body needs, and the myths that trigger that fear.

My best quick tips to get more whole, plant-based foods in your diet every day.

Time-saving strategies to eat more whole food meals at home without the daily hassle.

Secure Your Seat to Attend this Training Packed with Actionable Insights to Drop the Pounds and Become Healthier than Ever

Together, we’ll tackle how you can get the full benefits of “Plant-Based” eating, with easy ways to start…

  1. What “Plant-Based” really means, and how it can go oh-so-wrong by focusing on the wrong things.
  2. What the research actually says in regards to its impact on obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, energy, and more.
  3. Practical tips and steps to ease into a more “Plant-Based” lifestyle with delicious whole foods, while tackling the myths that hold people back.

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