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Experience the Health, Mood, and Energy Transformation of Plant-Based Eating in 30 Days – Made Easy and Delicious 

Get 30 days of recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, guidance, power tips, and everything you need to make eating plant-based simple and easy – all available instantly!

Eating more plant-based diet is the best path to overall better health, greater energy, and.. yes… weight loss too.

This “30 Day Plant-Based Kickstart” transformation is designed to give you a delicious, satisfying, and easy plan, so you can experience what a plant-based diet can do for your health, mood, skin, and more.

And you get instant access to the full library of recipes, additional resources like our substitution tables, and the full Plant-Based Success guide!

We’ve seen our members experience:


Lower BMI (Body Mass Index)


Better blood sugar and overall health


More energy


Less anxiety


Glowing skin


Reductions in pain and inflammation

Plus a plant-based diet has been shown to improve heart health, cancer risk, and a strong brain. And much more!

Even a mostly plant-based diet can have tremendous benefits.

In fact, our Weight Wellness program (renowned for its powerful results in weight loss, health, and energy) encourages eating more plant-based as a key pillar of the method.

But to Get These Results, You Need to do Plant-Based Right

Yes, eating plant-based can still be terrible for you if you do it wrong. The most common problem being relying on too much vegan junk food, or too many processed foods.

I get it – it’s a whole new way of eating! For many new to plant-based, they get stuck in bland and boring food, or hard to prepare recipes.

We’ll show you how to cook delicious, easy, and incredibly healthy plant-based foods that will have you feeling amazing.

And show you how to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to sustain a more plant-based diet. (including common concerns like protein intake, swaps and substitutions, and more)

What You Get with the Entire 30 Day Program

30 Days of Weekly Meal Plans and shopping lists, laid out and ready to go each week of the program!

Complete recipe guide packed with delicious recipes to make plant-based eating a joy, and easy to follow in your daily life.

Downloadable and printable success manual giving you tips and advice, answering common questions and substitutions, and guiding you through the best way to succeed in this challenge through each phase.

Quick and easy checklists so you don’t miss a thing, plus handy worksheets to make this challenge organized and actionable.

Guidance and motivation throughout your 30 day plant-based journey, including a better understanding of how to do plant-based the right way for long-term results.

Lifetime Access in the client portal to reference all of these resources anytime you wish.

“Since starting the plant-based challenge, I feel amazing. Especially considering I haven’t been entirely compliant.

I’ve lived and celebrated and dined out, occasionally opting for a choice that wasn’t super healthy. Despite my occasional deviation from plan, my back has stopped hurting (from spondylitis). That is huge for me.

I feel lighter and clearer. I am continuing to drop weight. I have learned so much, and that knowledge will continue to serve me. I also feel really good about the external impacts changing my eating will have on animals and the environment.”

—Kim R.

A Complete, Proven System:
Join the “30 Day Plant-Based Kickstart” by Wholist™

30 days of weekly meal plans, daily guidance and motivation, and packed with resources and delicious recipes!

We start August 28th, or you can choose the Monday your Plant-Based Kickstart begins.

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Will plant-based meals be tasty and offer enough variety to keep me satisfied?

Absolutely! Here at Wholist, we know how important flavor is to sustaining any healthy eating change, and to do it in a healthy way. And how feeling satisfied after eating is so critical to the health and weight transformations we’re famous for. 

Because if you can’t sustain it and are always hungry, it’s near impossible to get results, no matter how good the food plan is for you.

No matter what diet you’ve tried, plant-based or not, you’ve probably run into this problem again and again.

We’re about balance and real, whole foods… 

… not some dogmatic philosophy or weird gimmick that leaves you eating the same 5 foods over and over, while stripping out all the flavor and variety or making sourcing and preparing food super complicated. 

The “30 Day Plant-Based Kickstart” comes with a complete meal plan and recipe guide filled with delicious and creative recipes that cater to a wide range of taste preferences with straightforward whole food ingredients. 

You’ll discover new, exciting flavors and textures in plant-based eating, making every meal enjoyable and satisfying.

And we make sure you’re getting all the fats and nutrients you need so your meals feel satisfying, and give your body everything it needs to run optimally and keep you going all day long.

Will I be able to maintain a plant-based lifestyle in the long term?

We provide you dead-easy-to-follow meal plans and simple delicious recipes, but the real magic comes in the SKILLPOWER we infuse into our programs!

You’ll be guided every day with nuggets of plant-based living wisdom, and we’ll provide you with comprehensive but straight to the point plant-based living guides.

The result → You’re empowered to take what you learn in this 30 day transformation to continue a more plant-based eating lifestyle going forward.

This one-two punch packs a powerful dose of both ease and lasting skills.

The first is the meal plans and shopping lists for each week, so you can jump in and not even have to think about it.

The second is the skillpower we drip into your brain each day, so you start to understand and embody this new plant-based way of eating and carry it forward into the rest of your life.

My goal with this program is to give you a low risk but super simple way to taste the benefits of plant-based eating when it’s done right!

So that you’ll want to continue forward with a more plant-based way of eating, and achieve your absolute healthiest self for a happy, vibrant life.

So many reach their 50s and 60s but start to see their “healthspan” quickly begin to degrade. That’s no way to live.

I’m here to help you live long AND live vibrant and healthy so you enjoy every moment of it and get to spend that time fully engaged and active with family and the grand-kids.

This is your first step to that life »

Is a plant-based diet super expensive, and will I have to shop at special ‘hippie’ stores to get what I need?

Truth is, most of the things you need to eat well on a plant-based diet can be found in your standard grocery store, especially these days. Maybe a small item or two you get from a Whole Foods or on Amazon if you need to. But for the most part, this is just standard grocery store produce with some plant-based staples that are becoming increasingly common, like nut milks.

Now if you’re living on Ramen noodles, I can’t help you in the expense department 😉

But if you’re an average American, you’ll be fine.

What we’ll be doing is shifting focus to more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, while cutting out expensive meat. And learning how to use these nutrient dense foods simply, for healthy, tasty meals and snacks.

We also provide you with a success manual that includes a guide to personalizing and swapping ingredients/foods so it can fit your preferences, budget, and available options. So you have plenty of options.

Can I get all the essential nutrients I need from a plant-based diet?

A well-planned plant-based diet can provide all the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health. That simple.

But it can go wrong very easily if you don’t have a foundational knowledge of how to do it right. See my previous emails where I dived deeper into this very question.

Especially since “plant-based” has been co-opted by the food industry with a lot of unhealthy and empty-calorie processed foods.

But the biggest question on essential nutrients are proteins and fats – it just takes a little bit of know-how and you’ll have these taken care of easily.

Our 30 day Kickstart program ensures that you’re consuming a balanced and nutritious diet with everything you need for optimal health.. And our additional program resources will guide you in fully understanding how we do that so you can continue it forward in your life.

Will I have the time and energy to prepare plant-based meals and adapt to this new way of eating?

I completely get it – you’re busy! And maybe struggling with some persistent fatigue as well.

I’m a busy mom myself. So we’ve designed this 30 day transformation to make plant-based eating as easy and convenient to get started as possible…. to get you seeing the results as quickly as possible.

The meal plan is designed to fit busy schedules and keep plant-based meals simple.

With our step-by-step guidance, downloadable success manual, and handy checklists, you’ll find it simple to incorporate plant-based meals into your daily routine without feeling overwhelmed.

And you’ll gain the Skillpower to do plant-based right for achieving your healthiest, most vibrant self easily over the course of the 30 days.

Not only that, but when you start to feel the effects on your health and energy, you’ll have so much more capacity to do the things you love.

Why so incredibly affordable for an entire 30 day program that has all this included?

I dropped it right now so you can jump on this no-brainer price and get a taste for what a more plant-based lifestyle can do for your health. And with summer right around the corner, now was the time!

Because once you see the effects it has on your health and energy, you’ll be done with those old diets and want to go all in on what you’re experiencing in the 30 Day Plant-Based Kickstart.

You’ll want to go all in on achieving your healthiest, slimmest, most vibrant self for life, and make profound change in your life that will change everything.

That’s why I’m here.

I want to change lives.

And although it’s not as sexy as some of those fads out there, or point systems, or whatever…

… I KNOW this simple, straight-forward, science-based approach actually works and sustains itself in ways none of those diets ever do.

And once you’re in it, you’ll see for yourself not only the results but also how simple, empowering, and straight-forward it really is!

I want that for you.

I want you feeling your absolute best physically and emotionally, confident and vibrant, both now and in your 70s and 80s.

I know this is the best path to that vision for your life.

So I created this to give you that peak into the window of what’s possible with as little commitment as possible.