Break Free of Snacking in 7 Days for Weight Loss, Reduced Cravings, and Sustained Energy

Neutralize this single biggest factor I see constantly sabotaging weight loss and health goals… without hunger, energy crashes, or constantly thinking about food.

Let’s get real:

Even on an otherwise healthy diet, snacking is killing our ability to lose weight, sustain energy, and get healthy.

That’s because it keeps your body from ever switching to fat burning mode between meals, while stoking continuous cravings, hunger, and energy crashes when we don’t constantly feed the beast (because of imbalanced hormones)….

… especially when we’re stressed, depressed, or anxious… amplifying our urge to gobble down our favorite snack or sweet.

I couldn’t break free using willpower alone.

So I developed a SKILLpower challenge to get us off the between meal goodies keeping us from losing weight.

Using a combination of short podcasts, bonus resources, supportive text messages, you can join us in breaking free of snacking over the course of 7 days!

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What if we no longer had to fight the snacking habit and constantly graze… so we could finally start to turn on our natural, fat-burning process?

So they aren’t a constant source of temptation and self-sabotage… today, tomorrow, or a month from now.

  • To not just resist snacking or religiously avoid temptations, but be free of feeling the NEED to snack.
  • To no longer be held hostage by afternoon energy crashes or the need to snack just to get through the day.
  • To no longer be at the mercy of hormone imbalances that are triggering more hunger and cravings when we don’t need any more food.
  • To no longer have to eat just to feel good again (but harming our health and waistline in the process).

When I did, I was finally able to make progress on my healthy weight loss lifestyle after years of struggling and creeping weight gain, AND…

  • Dropped two dress sizes
  • Had no problem keeping up with my rambunctious boys
  • And feel healthier and younger than I can remember.

All within the 7 day “Snacking Freedom Solution” online program, which I’ll guide you through step by step, with simple, effective techniques and daily motivation and support to keep you going.

    Break Free of Snacking and Cravings Today for FREE…

    Experience the Proven “Snacking Freedom Solution” in this 7 Day Program

    I’m Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, emergency medicine doctor and board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

    Over the course of seven days, here’s what we’re going to do together…

    • Each day we start with a quick podcast of the day… where I show you, step by step, how to break free of the triggers keeping us snacking day after day, using the techniques in the Recognize, Resolve, Reset method.
    • I’ll give you quick resources each day as well, including my essential tools and guides to make the process easier… from my hunger satisfaction scale to the “metacognition” technique that lets us short-circuit our automatic triggers to snack and emotionally eat and rewire them into health-supportive habits.
    • We’ll eat 3 meals of delicious, real food that promotes our health and energy throughout the day… all while discovering ways to make it easier and simpler to do this consistently in our crazy busy lives.
    • And, best of all, I’m giving you little bits of motivation and advice to keep you on track and motivated each day, all day…. for cementing these techniques in our life.

    Allowing us to finally make progress in our weight and health goals without snacking and emotional eating getting in the way any longer.

    And training our body to burn fat between meals instead of craving snacks.


    This is the critical domino that makes a naturally thin, healthy, and energized lifestyle SOOOO much easier.

    Starting down the path to becoming leaner, healthier, and with sustained energy… by finally neutralizing the need to snack.

    And for joining today, I’m giving it to you complete free!

    The complete Snacking Freedom Solution 7 day program which can be done in 10 minutes a day, where you’ll be guided step by step through each technique. The method we use to neutralize the need to snack while sustaining energy and eliminating hunger.

    “When I realized what snacking was doing to my struggle to lose weight, I decided to just stop it. But a couple weeks later I had urges so I snacked a bit- good ones even. Some bits, dried fruit, a yogurt …. Then I tracked what it was doing to my weight loss progress and 🥺🥺🥺🥺!! So I did Heather’s program. To this day- snacking is now rare for me. And before I knew it, I’d lost 18 pounds.”

    - Adora

    “I am a 62 year old woman who has spent my whole life concerned about weight gain and health, as my family history and genetics is riddled with heart disease and diabetes. This healthier eating has now become my new habit! I feel so much better; pants are looser, the bloating feeling in my gut is gone, I am finally in control of what I eat, not the other way around, which is a miracle! In summary, my eating habits have changed to the healthier, I am 12 pounds lighter and I will confidently and enthusiastically continue. Thank you, Heather!”

    - Nancy

    “The three biggest times I snacked were in the car on long commutes, at work and then at night watching tv… And at night I was exhausted and had no willpower left to resist. It wasn’t until I could remove these cravings that I finally was able to lose weight, along with a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food that empowered me to stick with it.”

    - Leisa