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Activate the Two Essential Pillars of Health That NO ONE Tells You Drastically Affects Your Weight


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With Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Founder of Wholist, Emergency and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

On Wednesday I’ll help you replace the confusion and know exactly why you’ve been stuck yo-yoing for so many years.

How to stop depending on willpower to white knuckle your way to weight and fitness goals …. only to fall back into old habits and shame yourself for it

Why “move more, eat less” and “try harder” is bullsh*t that people (and marketers) are feeding you and will keep you overweight and miserable.

Why, as suspected, it’s more than just the food. Dig into two pillars of a total health transformation are ALWAYS overlooked and ARE the reason you are failing.

All the science and dead simple process we’ve developed that will get you out of the “food trap” and into sustained weight loss that leaves you healthier, more focused, and leveraging those 2 critical pillars.

All of this wrapped up in an easy blueprint that is totally DOABLE, is based on real evidence, and you’ll even eat real food and enjoy it (gasp!).

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