The Weight Wellness Blueprint:

3 Shifts to Creating a Naturally Slimming, Healthy, and Energized Lifestyle that Lasts

For those who are tired of the yo-yo dieting cycle with little to no results, and are ready to shift to a lifetime of weight wellness that's automatic... with real, delicious food.

Shouldn’t getting to a healthier weight actually FEEL healthier? More rested, more consistent energy, more capable and focused...

I thought so.

What’s the point of going through all that misery only to have our skinny jeans fit again for about a week before the pounds grow right back on?

As a doctor, I saw how important healthy weight was to our energy, confidence, longevity, and more... but even I couldn't get it to happen in my life as my weight kept creeping up.

I almost gave up... then I got pissed.

I spent over 300 hours researching the latest health, weight, and behavior change science only to realize most of what we "know" about dieting ended up being completely wrong.

Not just wrong but harmful... 

... if our ultimate goal is to not just look good but also have health, energy, and longevity.

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Ditch the diets and Find a New Path to Weight Loss with a No-Diet, Never Hungry, Energy Boosting, Lifestyle Shifting Approach.

I'll show you what I uncovered like...


How we can achieve our weight goals and FEEL healthier while doing it... and stop depriving and starving our way to weight loss.

Choose YOU instead, and concentrate on what your amazing body needs to function at it's best ability to serve YOU, while ROCKING those skinny jeans.


The methods I used to take back control and shift my lifestyle...

All the weight loss info in the world can't help if we can turn it into a lifestyle. See the behavior science backed system for transforming our lifestyle and regaining control of our food, health, and energy. Without relying on constant willpower.


Why we get stuck in our weight, and find it so hard to make meaningful change in our lifestyle.

See why it's not a lack of willpower, but our hormones that are making us reach for that chip. How our body is confused and making us hungry. And what we can do to get out of this cycle and finally succeed in creating a Weight Wellness lifestyle.


Why calorie counting is a waste of time, and can sabotage success.

Calories in do not equal calories out. It isn’t that simple, nothing is. I'll show you why and what matters instead, based on modern science.


Learn how we can unmask our hungers, and the "metacognition" (mindset) practices that help us stop impulsively eating.

When the hungers or cravings strike, we can shift how we feel and what we choose to do about it... instead of immediately scarfing down that plate of cookies. I'll show you how it works.


The scientific reasons why our body wants to keep being lazy and keep being fed glucose, instead of burning our stored fuel instead.

I'll show you how we can trigger the switch out of this default state our metabolism wants to stay in... to one that cycles into using it's own stored energy in our fat cells and liver.

Plus, I'm going to share stories of those who've used this approach to lose weight, maintain weight wellness, and get all the slimmed and energized lifestyle side benefits.

Brandon, at age 42, having tried every diet in the book, and already running 5-7 miles 5 times a week, found herself frustrated, ashamed, tired, and giving up. And dropped her excess weight, started sleeping better, and was able to get back fully into her passion of backcountry skiing.

Nancy, at 62, obsessively stuffed herself with carb-laden foods every afternoon to get by, and felt terrible about it every time she did. In 2 weeks she had control again, and by 4 weeks was wanting to exercise again and already found her pants looser.

Cathy, a dietician, a personal trainer, and a marathoner, thought she ”knew what to do." But had her blood sugar dropping every couple of hours, and had to eat reflexively just to keep going. She was able shift it entirely and go 7-8 hours between meals, feeling full, with no crashes, better mood, and stopped obsessing about food. Plus, she was sleeping better!

Katie had two kids and was an emergency nurse. Hungry all the time, weight continuously creeping up, and worrying about keeping up with her kids or getting on the bike... she tried all of the diets with no long term success. Katie dropped her weight and just sent me a link to her new favorite High Intensity Training workout app. I don't think she's having trouble keeping up anymore!

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It simply doesn’t make sense to torture ourselves to our perfect body for the rest of our life.

And I don't know about you, but it hasn't worked for me anyway.

Especially when my life get's stressful.

Shouldn’t getting to a healthier weight actually FEEL healthier?

Shouldn't it be a natural part of our lives instead of this artificial regimen we struggle through over and over again?

Weight wellness is more than just losing weight, but having consistent energy, better sleep, and a lifetime change... instead of a 30 day one.

We want a lifestyle shift we want to continue.

We want to make the healthy decisions we want to more naturally and automatic.

And we want to know that what we're putting so much effort into actually works longer than a couple weeks when we go back to our "normal" lives.


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