Continue Your Progress with Weight Wellness™ Momentum™ and our Continued Coaching Options

Join Weight Wellness™ Momentum™, or get it included with an ongoing coaching plan, and get all of these benefits…

Includes access to the private Facebook group along with:

  • Weekly challenges
  • Daily support  and educational posts
  • Twice per month live coaching events, with Dr H and her team, that all participants can join for shared coaching
  • Live exclusive trainings with coaches on mindset and weight/ nutrition topics
  • Accountability partners with a couple others at a similar point in their Wholist journey
  • An engaged and active group of colleagues who are your support system to fly into the best version of yourself
  • Access in the Facebook group to all of the mindset coaches (hypnotherapy, neurocoach, meditation, and life coach) and ALL of the weight coaches- ask away and learn away!
  • Live exclusive trainings with Dr H and guest educators on all topics health and wellness and life improvement- ask and you shall receive (like the Curate Your Health podcast but just for you and LIVE)
  • Discounts on other Wholist programs (fitness/ culinary/ and more)
  • And much much more to come…. fitness, culinary, women’s health, and more

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