Join the WholeYou Membership to sustainably drop pounds while feeling younger and healthier than you have in decades.

No longer yo-yoing through diet after diet, frustrated, hangry, sliding backwards in your weight and health, and battling those constant cravings and emotional eating binges.

I’ll show you how to simply and easily leverage all 5 pillars of “Total Health Transformation” in one simple step-by-step system:


The what, when, and why of eating

Biology & Hormones

Resolving hormone dysregulation and optimal health

Psychology & Mindset

Rewiring the mind and resolving triggers

Lifestyle & Habits

Sleep, stress, self-care, and simple healthy habits


The support, guidance, and motivation you need

All working together for permanent shifts, and a whole new “Whole You”.

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health – and I can’t recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H’s methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a “lifestyle change” than any diet I’ve ever tried.

I’ve lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don’t feel deprived or that I’m longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can’t thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health.”

Katie N.

Wholist™ Client



Everything You Get When You Join WholeYou

An integrated program of Total Health Transformation that starts with our foundational, step-by-step, 12 week process. Then you choose your next goal from the growing WholeYou library.


Access to the Private, Members-Only Momentum Facebook Community

A community of go-getters just like you transforming their health, life, AND getting access to all the added trainings, challenges, resources, support, recipes, and motivation.

For those joining Supported or Dedicated Small Group:

Stay Supported with Our Expert Wholist Group Coaching

Get direct support, motivation, and problem-solving every step of the way with our expert Wholist group coaches. Or listen in as they coach others going through the same challenges as you.

PLUS: Added Support to Ensure No One is Left Behind

Live Coaching "Team Calls" (Suppported tier and above)

Giving you more opportunities to get the support and guidance you need throughout the program to get direct help from our expert coaches live. Sometimes even Heather herself!

Support and Guidance of Our Incredible Client Success Team

Fron onboarding you into the program to helping you with any problems or questions you have… they’re real people ready to help when you need it.

A Community to Support You Without Shame or Judgement

We don’t do public weigh-ins. Instead we provide you with a place to confidently share your struggles and get help with a community that’s only there to support you as they go through the same things themselves.

You’ll Start with the Complete 12 Week Foundation Process…

Like a Bootcamp Guiding You Step-by-Step Through
Our Proven “Total Health Transformation” Process
for a Rock Solid Foundation in your Health, Figure, and Performance


Daily Bite-Size Podcasts, Cheatsheets, and Resources to Make the Entire Program Simple and Easy to Follow

All delivered straight to your phone (by text), email, and with lifetime access in your client portal on our website. Each day adds a small piece of the puzzle, so within the first weeks you are already seeing changes in your weight, energy, sleep, and health… without being overwhelmed.


Supportive Messages and Motivation Every Day, Exactly When You Need it

Sent right to your email and phone via SMS text, we know the daily support that will keep you going throughout each day. Sending the right message at the right time to keep you going. People love these so much they ask us to restart them after the 12 weeks end!


Helpful Apps and Tools

We set you up with our recommended apps like a food logging app that is as quick and simple as snapping a photo.

You’ll Be Guided Through a Complete, Proven System

Expertly Designed to Make Every Pillar of “Total Health Transformation” Rock Solid…
So You Easily Slip off Pounds, Regain Your Health, and Nothing Holds You Back Ever Again.

Pillar #1

Optimal Nutrition (without diets)

This is what you eat, but also when you eat and why you eat.

While having the flexibility to craft eating habits and meals that are filled with satisfying, delicious whole food that supports us on every level.

You’ll be guided through simple tools and a deep understanding of how food affects you, how to personalize your food protocol, and cut through the hype and confusion around “healthy” food.

Food needs to be flexible, personalized, tasty, and able to fit your needs. Not to be some mythical “perfect” diet.

Pillar #2

Lifestyle (Rewiring Your Habits)

This encompasses all of the healthy habits and choices in daily life that make a huge impact on your health, weight, mood, and energy.

We simplify the process and cut through the confusion. You’ll install only the most important healthy habits, using science-based habit-forming strategies, all on your terms.

Some of the many lifestyle factors we optimize for is your sleep, your environment, stress management, simple movement… even the life situations and relationships that are sabotaging you every time.

Pillar #3

Hormones (Rewiring Your Body)

Our bodies (even our moods) run on hormones. They are the chemical signals being passed around to tell our bodies and brains what to do and what we’re feeling.

You’ll soon understand this biochemical source of cravings and hunger, energy levels, blood sugar, sleep cycles, stress response, inflammation, even if we store or burn fat.

And how we completely ‘rewire’ it to instead turn on our body’s evolutionarily designed mode to keep us lean, healthy, energized, and capable.

We’ll do it step by step, crushing cravings and hunger, reigniting our energy, improving our mood, and becoming more resilient in the face of stress.

Even reversing “downhill metabolism” and our biological age so we can become leaner and healthier with ease. All in tiny steps for permanent results.

Pillar #4

Mind (Rewiring Your Brain)

Like Hormones are the biochemical source, our “mind gunk” is the psychological source of cravings, emotional eating, self-sabotage.

Everything from simple, automatic food triggers making you crave… to deeper issues like crumbling self-confidence, putting everyone else first, crippling perfectionism, or life and relationship issues keeping you stuck and powerless.

This is perhaps the most powerful component of the entire program. And why we have dedicated mindset coaches. Because this is the biggest thing blocking you from making any sustained change in your weight or health.

But we show you, step-by-step, how to rewire it all to get free of all the “mind gunk”, and back in control of your own body and mind.

And then we show you how to wire in positive habits and empowering mindsets that support you, make you stronger, and put you fully in control of your own life choices.

Pillar #5

Support and Motivation

As soon as you enter you’ll have an instant support system with all of the coaching, client success team, community, and the automated support and motivation through daily emails, texts, bite-sized podcasts.

We address all three levels of support…

1.) The support of our families and friends, and a supportive community on this journey with you.

2.) Expert coaches to guide and support you.

3.) An expertly crafted and proven process with regular guidance and motivation (through SMS and email).

We also address the support systems in your own life. Like how to get the support of your family and friends. What to do with social gatherings or difficult work situations. Even how to get your kids on board!

I’m not struggling with emotional eating anymore! It turns out, when you work on mindset and unprocessing foods, your cravings go away!

– Jackie

Dr. Hammerstedt and Coach Mangum gave me the tools to improve my wellness status quo, lose nearly 30 pounds, shift my mindset, and actually sustain the changes I made!

I still choose what I eat, and I learned what composition of foods is best for me to stay full, optimize my nutrition, and energize my mind and body.

– Liz

Join WholeYou™ Today

Finally reverse “downhill metabolism”, quiet your incessant inner “sugar fiend,” and look and feel younger than you have in decades…

Now you have two options… you can continue yo-yoing through diet after diet with no sustained results to show for all you put into them…

Or you can create a Total Health Transform that drops 8-10% body weight in the first 12 weeks, helps prevent and reduce chronic conditions, boost sustained energy, and get’s you your (younger) life back!

The choice is yours…

Everything you get when you join now:

WholeYou’s complete 12 week foundation of “Total Health Transformation”, guiding you step by step through implementing the foundations of all 5 pillars step by simple step.

Then choose your own next step in the growing library of goals in physical and mental health, optimizing performance, increasing life satisfaction, and much more.

Online Portal for easy access to all WholeYou content

SMS and email motivation and support guiding you through the foundational 12 week process

Short podcasts with Dr. Heather guiding you through small daily steps and empowering you with all the science and tools.

Packed with cheatsheets, resources, and masterclasses to make implementing all 5 pillars straightforward and easy.

Dedicated Small Group Only:

12 weeks of weekly guidance and group coaching with your medically trained dedicated WholeYou™ coach and your small group to support you.

Supported and Dedicated Small Group Only:

Live coaching “Team Calls” with our expert coaches for live group coaching and support when you need it

Dedicated Small Group Only:

Anytime Email and Chat access to your dedicated Wholist coach for the 12 week foundations program.

Choose from 3 WholeYou Options

And get 2 Months Free by Joining Any Yearly Plan

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With Access to Live Group Coaching “Team Calls” with our Expert Coaches

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  • The WholeYou library starting with the 12 Week Foundations process.
  • Private members-only Facebook Community, including new trainings, challenges, resources, and tools from Heather and the Wholist team every month. Plus the opportunity to ask your questions to coaches in the community.

Plus, You’ll Also Get…

  • Access to Live Group Coaching “Team Calls” led by Wholist expert coaches.
  • Discounts on other programs, coaching, live workshops, etc.

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Weekly Small Group Coaching with a Dedicated Coach

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  • The WholeYou library starting with the 12 Week Foundations process.
  • Private members-only Facebook Community, including new trainings, challenges, resources, and tools from Heather and the Wholist team. Plus the opportunity to ask your questions to coaches in the community.
  • Access to Live Coaching “Team Calls” led by Wholist expert coaches.
  • Discounts on other programs, coaching, live workshops, etc.

Plus, You’ll Also Get…

  • Dedicated small group 12 weeks.
  • Weekly sessions with your dedicated small group coach (12 weeks).
  • Anytime chat or email with your dedicated group coach (12 weeks)...

All yours for only $999 today and

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Digital Only

Digital Access and Community

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  • The WholeYou library starting with the 12 Week Foundations process.
  • Private members-only Facebook Community, including new trainings, challenges, resources, and tools from Heather and the Wholist team every month. Plus the opportunity to ask your questions to coaches in the community.

No signup fee and 2 months free by joining yearly, coming out to only $33.25/mo

Join Digital (yearly)

Or join monthly for $39.99/mo + $159.01 signup fee.

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Questions others like you have asked before

saying “YES!” to life-long Total Health Transformation:

Q: I want to do this, but I'm already stretched wayyy too thin, how much time is this going to take?

That is a tremendous question that so many who join us have struggled with diets they’ve tried in the past.

I hear you 🙂

We’ve also gone to bed and woken up cuddled next to our iPhones.

Skipped meals.

And felt like adding one more thing to our never-ending to-do list will be the thing that finally leaves us ugly-crying in the corner.

But here’s the thing…

This program gives you BACK time.

When you take this approach of Total Health Transformation, you typically get…

  • More and sustained energy
  • More hours in your day where you are alert and focused
  • Better sleep so you can wake up rested without hitting the snooze button about thirty times and still being too groggy to do anything for the next two hours


We make each step so simple and easy to do you can’t not do it. It’s as simple as looking at a text and listening to a quick 5-10 minute podcast on your way to work.

It’s just making that commute, or trip to the gym, or waiting in line a little more enjoyable.

And there’s no calorie tracking or journaling.

And if you join with coaching sessions – that will become the highlight of your week.

Seriously, your amazing coach is what makes the whole experience exceptional, and many don’t want to stop when the program ends, and sign up for additional coaching sessions so they don’t have to give that up.

Q: Okay Heather, let's get real... Really, what kind of diet is this?

We’re not going on a diet!

Diets don’t work, we all know that, but no one knows what else to do.

What we are going to do is eat real whole food, that tastes good, at times that research supports the improvement of your metabolic digestion and weight loss.


Teach you techniques to more easily make better choices every day with less struggle and cravings.

This is a Lifestyle Medicine based training program, designed by Dr. Heather, a board certified Lifestyle Medicine doctor.

A proven process of rewiring your brain and body to shift your lifestyle, eating habits, and automatic decision making to that of a naturally thin and optimally healthy person.

You’ll never go hungry, be restricted only to specific foods, or need a tremendous amount of willpower just to keep it up.

We’re all about SKILLPOWER over willpower.

Habit science. Biology. Psychology. Behavior change science.

And if you join with coaching, your coach will work with you to make it work with your unique needs, preferences, and even that favorite food you can’t imagine ever giving up.

You’re not given an all or nothing meal plan and food list that you have to somehow make fit with your dietary needs, personal likes and dislikes, and the fact that you live and maybe even cook for a home of amazing people you love.

You’re guided through customizing a way of eating that works for you, empowered with all the knowledge behind your choices. So you understand everything clearly and plainly.

Because the truth is:

It’s not just what you eat, and it’s definitely not self-deprivation.

And all those restrictive diet plans and added stress are just triggering your body to freak out and go into fat-storing survival mode.

I promise you that this program is about never going hungry, eating real, healthy, delicious food you want to eat, and more importantly making the critical shifts in your body and mind that have you living like a naturally thin and optimally healthy person.

And in the process:

Helping you reduce the cravings and hungers that have you constantly reaching for those foods you honestly don’t really want to be eating anymore, even if the cravings are overpowering.

Those foods that you know aren’t serving you, and that are making you feel crappy afterwards, but have a gravitational pull you can’t break free of.

You know what I’m talking about.

That’s not freedom.

That’s not choice.

This is all about choice.

Your choice.

Not at the mercy of a diet plan or your own cravings. In control, confident, and empowered.

And you’ll know the why behind everything you choose to eat or not eat, the exercise you choose to do or not do, the lifestyle choices you choose to make or not make.

You are in control.

Not your biology. Not your brain wiring. Not your life circumstances.


Q: Am I going to follow through on this program even when I've failed or struggled before?

That’s probably been a problem in the past, right?

  • Maybe you would be all fired up to take on that fad diet, only to see your willpower dwindling to nothing the moment life got stressful, or the pressure was turned up with that dinner party Friday night, that weekend away, those surprise cookies at work. How can you say no?
  • Maybe you were always in contemplation mode about how you were going to change your life to be healthier and slim down, but rarely did anything for longer than a week… and it never worked because it was never the right approach anyway.
  • Maybe you did everything you were supposed to, lost weight, but the second the program was over – BOOM – everything goes out the window and the pounds jump right back on.

Eck, ya, it’s painful…

And chips away at our soul a little every time.

I DO NOT want that for you yet again.

That’s why we have a 12 week foundation you go through first before choosing where you want to focus next. 

This is a full 12 week process that lays the foundation such as losing 8-10% body weight, improving chronic health conditions, getting full sustained energy, and getting focus, clarity and drive.

With a digital program you can absorb step by step even in the busiest, craziest, and most stressful of lives, and will have with you long after these first 12 weeks end.

Our proven process has been crafted after over 300 hours of research and learning about weight science, nutrition, medical literature, and cognitive behavioral therapy/mindset work.

And worked for hundreds of people just like you already.

And if you join one of the coaching options, your Wholist coaches are here for you, providing live support, accountability, and tailoring the program around your life. And our mindset coaches are here for expertise around mindfulness, motivation, relationships, self-sabotage and self-doubt, and life’s big issues that affect your food choices.

You aren’t on your own with this one.

Our Total Health Transformation System is designed to be delivered right through your phone in snackable pieces to seamlessly fit into the busiest of lives. Lives full of running around, picking up kids, dashing to meetings, barely fitting in a quick gym session, running errands, all the things piling up every day.

I highly recommend joining one of the coaching options, as your coach is critical, and helps you overcome all of your struggles, and make everything work with your unique lifestyle far more easily.

If you’re ready to finally shift your life, now’s the time.

Q: I love food, are you going to tell me I can't eat?

LOL no! We love food as much as you do!

We are going to learn together how to love it even more, because it will still taste great and keep you satisfied – but you’ll know it is working for you and your goals, not against you.

And you’ll be shifting your biology and psychology with techniques that will leave you no longer craving for those “danger foods” that aren’t serving you every second of the day!

Instead, you’ll be in control, choosing what you eat and when, while being empowered with the latest science and full knowledge of WholeYou so you can personalize how and when you eat to your needs, goals, and preferences.

Most importantly, you’ll never go hungry. That’s the worst thing you can do. And you’ll be eating tasty, whole, real foods.

We show you exactly how, and how to make it easier and consistent for you. Even if you’ve struggled in the past with these pre-built food plans, meal kits, or complicated “healthy” recipes.

Q: How do the coaching sessions work?

Each coaching option is a little different, and depends on the WholeYou level you join and any additional coaching you decide to add on.

Most live coaching is done through Zoom, and you get to interact directly with the expert Wholist coach on the call for any issue, whether that be with implementing something, a physical issue, a mindset/emotional/relationship/life issue, or just some support and motivation.

For private 1-on1 sessions with Wholist Health Coaches or Wholist Mindset Coaches:

These are a little different and are completely private and done through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.

You will join your coach on interactive video chat.

It is easy to do and can be done on your phone (through our app) or web browser, designed to be as flexible and easy for you as possible because we know your life is busy.

Q: What if I need more personalized, private support?

I believe EVERYONE should have a support guide/therapist like this and private coaching, especially around a life transformation as big and impactful as this.

We have higher end program which is private, 1-on-1 sessions with both your own personal Wholist health coach and your own personal Wholist mindset coach. Along with daily food feedback from your health coach through a quick and easy app. And anytime chat and email access to your personal coaches.

Just sign up for a strategy call if you’re interested »


So who is perfect for (and gets the most out of) WholeYou?

Here’s the qualities of people who have been able to follow through and get the greatest results from this program:

  1. You want to eat healthy, delicious real food you choose, not tasteless manufactured “diet” food or a restrictive, approved food list devoid of flavor.
  2. You see how your weight and eating habits are affecting everything in your life – how you feel, how you look, your confidence, your energy, even your sleep.
  3. You aren’t messing around anymore… you’re all in on making real change. No more temporary diets and creeping weight or random health tips… instead a complete, integrative system of transformation.
  4. You haven’t managed to follow through on diets before… we specialize in helping those who’ve tried everything (even surgery) and haven’t been able to sustain anything.
  5. You’ve had enough of yo-yoing and slipping backwards and are getting increasingly worried about increasing weight, blood sugar, fatigue, aches, and health problems.

The knowledge and empowerment to take control over my health and eating choices has been remarkable. The science behind the info provided by Dr. Hammerstedt is easy to comprehend and is never offered with judgement or in a patronizing way.

I was worried that I couldn’t fully use all of it because of my busy life ( true for all, right?) But the real kicker here, is that because she integrates all the available technology, it actually makes it easy to use. I can tap into it whenever it fits my schedule and needs.

WholeYou Weight Wellness™ client