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End the yo-yoing for good with our evidence-backed, physician-developed holistic method:

Go from “downhill metabolism” at 40+… to a naturally slimmer, healthier, energized “new you” that’s automatic
in Just 12 Weeks

It’s not calorie restriction or a crazy carb-free diet… it’s resolving the hormone dysregulation that’s keeping your body confused, hungry, craving, and clinging to fat. So you can live a healthy life naturally and automatically, without the constant pull of cravings and emotional eating.

No more starving your way to weight loss – it’s only making the stubborn fat and hormone dysregulation worse. Especially at mid-life and beyond.

No more spending all your time counting, or wasting all your money on fancy weight loss products that don’t work.

No more being told to simply “eat less and move more,” and being blamed for that stubborn weight that just won’t go away.

No more yo-yoing!

We holistically address the real problems keeping you stuck and yo-yoing on diet after diet, with a step-by-step process, guided and supported by your expert, medically-trained coach over 12 weeks.

Because we use real science, real whole foods, psychology, behavior modification techniques, and more to…

→ Finally fix the metabolic confusion causing your body to cling to fat, and resist ever burning it.

→ Rewire the source of your food triggers, emotional eating, and cravings both biologically and psychologically.

→ Resolve the self-doubt, negative self-talk, overwhelm and confusion we all face when trying to make significant health change happen in a world filled with misinformation and outdated dieting pseudoscience.

→ Lower your physiological “weight set point” (your internal weight thermostat) that makes it impossible to sustainably lose weight until you lower it because you body won’t let you!

→ Get the life-changing side-benefits including improved sleep, reduces aches and inflammation, boosted energy, improved blood sugar, even a boost to your mental wellbeing and mood.

Don’t be at the mercy of “aging metabolism” any longer… get off the yo-yo dieting train and into a whole health transformation – body and mind.

We’ve transformed the lives of hundreds of:

  • Chronic yo-yo dieters who only seem to creep up in weight year after year, while feeling more tired, achey, and concerned.
  • Mid-life weight gainers who thought something had just changed in their hormones or metabolism and were now doomed.
  • Emotional eaters and sugar addicts that are always hungry, craving, and emotional eating through stress, mood swings, or boredom.
  • Afternoon energy crashers who can’t seem to get through the day without snacking every hour.

We specialize in helping those in mid-life and beyond finally break free and holistically and naturally become one of the naturally slim, healthy, and energized ones.

Not just for a month or two, but for sustainable, permanent shifts that last years.

Because we don’t focus on calories and carbs, we focus on what really keeps us stuck (especially as we age) in our bodies and minds and habits.

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The Thought of Another Diet was Depressing the Heck out of Me… 

As I reached mid-life, I was tired of the creeping weight and hopeless cycle of yo-yo dieting, and the “sugar fiend” sabotaging me every time.

The cravings, the hunger, the restrictions, the emotional eating…

Willpower crumbling as we walk by the goodie table, or hit the afternoon lull, or the stress cranks up to ‘11’. And blaming it all on ourselves, making us feel a little smaller every time.

Truth is:

We battle a body and mind that seems bent on subverting every effort to change. Especially as we reach mid-life and beyond.

So I set out to change it… for good. No matter your age!

Start Walking Right by the Goodie Table… and Bee-lining for the Healthy, Whole Foods with Ease

The key is to align your biology, psychology, and lifestyle so you don’t need willpower anymore. While eating real, delicious food that satisfies you and your body’s needs without restriction and self-deprivation.

Your healthy choices become automatic.

Counting calories or macros are no longer necessary.

And your body supports your healthy eating naturally, instead of undermining it with cravings, hunger, and nose-diving metabolism.

It’s not only possible, it’s what we do every day with our clients who’ve struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and stubborn, creeping weight gain. (especially as they age)

What Those Stuck Yo-Yo Dieting Aren’t Being Told:


Fat and flavor are not the enemy. In fact, they are essential for both satiety and optimal health.

Fat doesn’t cause fat. It’s by having the right kinds of fat in your diet that you actually stay full longer, make your food taste amazing (along with some salt or vinegar), and actually provide what your body needs to turn ON it’s fat-burning engine.

Eat food that tastes good! I’ll show you how.



Cravings are biological and psychological... but they can be REWIRED so you can go from raging "sugar fiend" to walking right by the "goodie table" with ease.

But willpower won’t work.

Instead, we shift the hormone imbalance stoking our biological cravings and hunger. And shift those psychological triggers that are creating the emotional eating, cravings, hunger, and food triggers.

The result is quieting cravings and getting back in control of your food decisions, all while feeling satisfied longer. Instead of them getting stronger and stronger by resisting them, like normally happens.



Starving yourself to lose weight is THE worst thing you can do to actually get sustained results.

“Resist and Restrict” dieting only stokes hunger, cravings, hormone dysregulation, and slowing metabolism. Any weight you may lose is only temporary, and comes back with a vengeance.

Because the real problem is the hormone dysregulation and your rising “weight set point”.

As your weight set point rises, so does your hunger to get your weight up to that higher weight set point – like a thermostat of where your body tries to keep your weight at. And your metabolism slows to keep you from losing weight.

We help you reset this “thermostat” to a healthy weight level, making achieving and sustaining a healthy weight actually attainable for once.



Getting to a healthy weight should FEEL good - healthier, more energy, less aches and pains.

If you’re just slogging out another diet, and it’s never feeling any better, then it’s not working.

Getting to a healthy weight sustainably means your body is actually healthier, more energized, and with better hormone balance. These things make true weight loss possible. They are signs that you are improving the body’s ability to attain a healthy weight naturally without the constant fight (or always being hungry, craving, and feeling crappy).

And when you do, weight loss because easy and natural to achieve and sustain.


Today, at over 45 years old, I’m now stronger, healthier, full of energy…

… and weigh less than I did playing college soccer!

I’ve dropped two sizes and feel so confident in my body, I love seeing myself in the mirror again and dressing up.

These are all shifts that I (and the hundreds of people we’ve coached) now do automatically.

I’m not fighting myself or my “sugar fiend.”

I’m waking up rested and vibrant.

I’m healthier than ever and aging well.

I’m not worrying about my health or if I’ll have enough willpower to get through the day without “caving in” to those old cravings.

I’m not suffering from “aging metabolism” anymore.

Lose Over 8-10% Body Weight in 12 Weeks* while Getting to Your Healthiest Self, Sustainably and Easily

A permanent shift in your health, performance, sleep, energy, mood, and more. We’ve even seen participants reducing meds and getting their labs back to pre-diabetic levels.

I had tried everything… I definitely thought something was wrong with my body. I just had yo-yo’d too many times. What I found was the whole truth at your program…

I’m just holistically a better person all around. This program worked. And in fact, I have not weighed this little in decades. And it’s coming off and I’m living my life… I enjoy the way I eat.

— Julie, tried everything

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health – and I can’t recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H’s methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a “lifestyle change” than any diet I’ve ever tried.

I’ve lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don’t feel deprived or that I’m longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can’t thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health.”

Katie N.

Weight Wellness™ Client




The Weight Wellness
Small Group Coaching Program
to become naturally slimmer, healthier, and more energized sustainably in just 12 Weeks

A step-by-step process to resolve metabolic confusion, lower your weight set point, resolve out of control cravings and emotional eating, and to make weight loss easy, automatic, and sustainable.

Join an ultra-small group of just 5-10 people, in a coach led program with direct access to your coach every single week, and anytime via chat.

This program is packed with simple, bite-size steps that build on each other, along with tons of support and motivation every single day.

If you only lost the weight and kept it off, it would be entirely worth it.

But what if you could not just look slimmer, but FEEL healthier, more energetic, have more clarity and stamina? And it all became automatic because your metabolism is actually helping you for once?

When you join, you’ll get a community with you and your

Weight Wellness™ Dedicated Coach

You’ll get live coaching sessions every week with your dedicated coach and your small, intimate group of only 8-10 like-minded people going through this with you.

PLUS – ANYTIME ACCESS to reach out to your dedicated coach by private chat or email for help or support whenever you need it!

Your own dedicated coach – with 1:1 access and weekly small group live video sessions.

Every single one of our coaches meet all of these high expectations to become a WholeYou™ Coach.

  1. They professional experience as healthcare practitioners - such as doctors, nurses, dietitians.
  2. They have the right qualities that make a really good and effective coach - like the ability to enable you to make your own decisions, and then hold you accountable, kindly but firmly.
  3. They have direct experience in the kinds of challenges you face every day.
  4. They need to be immersed in our WholeYou™ approach and have gone through it themselves. So they have a depth of experience to help you through any challenge and situation.
  5. They need to understand the psychological aspects of what you are trying to accomplish, not just the physical ones. So they can guide you through even those messy problems in life, relationships, even your own relationship with food and yourself.

PLUS: Added Support to Ensure No One is Left Behind

Additional Live Coaching "Team Calls"

Even more live support opportunities with our team of coaches. This is in addition to your weekly small group sessions and direct chat/email access to your dedicated coach!

Support and Guidance of Our Incredible Client Success Team

Fron onboarding you into the program to helping you with any problems or questions you have... they're real people ready to help when you need it.

A Community to Support You Without Shame or Judgement

We don't do public weigh-ins. Instead we provide you with a place to confidently share your struggles and get help with a community that's only there to support you as they go through the same things themselves.

What Else You Get with the Entire 12 Week Program

Guiding You Step-by-Step Through Our Proven Process of
Persistent Weight, Health and Energy Results


Daily Bite-Size Podcasts, Cheatsheets, and Resources to Make the Entire Program Simple and Easy to Follow

All delivered straight to your phone (by text), email, and with lifetime access in your client portal on our website. Each day adds a small piece of the puzzle, so within the first weeks you are already seeing changes in your weight, energy, sleep, and health... without being overwhelmed.


Supportive Messages and Motivation Every Day, Exactly When You Need it

Sent right to your email and phone via SMS text, we know the daily support that will keep you going throughout each day. Sending the right message at the right time to keep you going. People love these so much they ask us to restart them after the 12 weeks end!


Helpful Apps and Our Private Telehealth Portal with Anytime Chat with Your Coach

We set you up with our recommended apps like a food logging app that is as quick and simple as snapping a photo. And you'll interact with your coaches through our private and secure telehealth portal, including video coaching sessions and anytime chat with your coach.

By now you know the difference between starving your way to temporary weight loss (at best)…. and achieving a naturally thin, healthy, and energized body and lifestyle that lasts.

It’s called Weight Wellness™.

  • If you’ve been struggling with “aging metabolism”….
  • If you’re inner “sugar fiend” and “carb junkie” won’t let you succeed…
  • If struggling to get through the day and enjoy time with your kids and loved ones…
  • If you’ve lost your confidence and feel like nothing works for you…

It’s time to stop yo-yo dieting once and for all… and get a permanent solution for “Total Health Transformation” and rev up that metabolism for sustainable healthy weight loss.

 Transform your weight, health, and energy for good
without endless dieting or failing willpower…

Join the Weight Wellness™
12 Week Metabolic REV UP!

Only $1399 $699 right now!

(Or a convenient 3 payment plan)

Now you have two options… you can continue as you have been with diet after diet, struggling forever to lose weight while dumping more money and years of your life down the toilet…

Or you can create a shift in your weight, health, energy, and performance that lasts a lifetime.

The choice is yours…

Everything you get when you join now:

The Complete 12 Week “Weight Wellness” Program, guiding you step by step through our proven process of rewiring your body and mind for persistent change to fit your goals and creating a life you enjoy.

1-on-1 Access to Your Coach Whenever You Need It

Anytime access via private chat or email to your own dedicated Wholist coach to reach out for help privately for personal support whenever you need it.

Weekly Live Coaching Video Sessions

12 weeks of weekly LIVE small-group coaching with only 5-10 people in your group, meaning you have exceptional direct access every week to discuss anything that comes up. And you get to learn from and feel supported by your small group which tend to create unexpected bonds with each other.

Online Portal with Easy Access to all program content during the program

Everything sent to your phone through text messages (and email) guiding and motivating you through the 12 week program – people LOVE getting these!

Quick daily audibles with Dr. Heather guiding you through each small step or new nugget of knowledge, empowering you with all the science, tools, and the whole truth of reaching your weight and health goals sustainably.

Packed with cheatsheets, resources, and masterclasses to make implementing all 5 pillars straightforward and easy.

PLUS… These Additional Bonuses For Joining Today:

BONUS #1: Living Plate Rx meal planning app loaded with Weight Wellness recipes

 ($599 value)

We show you how to intuitively eat for optimal health and weight loss without relying on food lists or recipe packs. But we know how much a good tool can make meal planning and trying out new things so much easier. 

BONUS #2: 3 Months of Weight Wellness Momentum membership access and private Facebook Group

 ($157 value)

All of our coaches are in there regularly, we have new trainings and challenges every month, and a community of other current and past participants to learn from!

Secure Your Weight + Health Transformation!
2 Options to Choose From:

Private coaching also available, see below if you’re looking for our 100% personal coaching program. 

Join now for limited time pricing and all the bonuses:

Normally priced at $1,399, now only $699

Join for just $699 (50% off) 

— OR —

3 Payments of $249


I highly recommend:

Upgrade with Private Mindset Coaching for outsized results!

Go deeper into the mindset piece by working 1-on-1 with your own personal mindset coach for 3 hour long sessions. And get a Health Roadmap Session to dig deep and chart your personalized path forward.

Your mindset coach is incredibly powerful. They will help you dig into the mindset issues keeping you stuck, from emotional eating/food relationship issues… to unconscious habits and triggers you can’t shake… to life challenges that are getting in the way of true change.

    You’ll get the full program PLUS:

    • A Whole You Health Roadmap Session, one-on-one with your weight coach.
    • 3 private Mindset Coaching Sessions with one of our expert mindset coaches of your choice.

    Join for just 3 monthly payments of $489

    — OR —

    Save by paying in full today


    Want 100% Private Personal Coaching Instead?

    Schedule a free Strategy Call with our strategists »

    This is a quick chat to ensure you’ll get the most results, reach your own unique goals, and get the perfect fit of program options for your needs and budget.

    The education, coaching and guidance is direct, yet without a single shred of shaming or guilt. The WHOLIST health program is designed to help recalibrate what we know about healthy lifestyle choices.

    I wanted to gift myself with a completely different framework of thinking that would aid me in shedding more than just body weight!

    After only 10 days I cannot believe the difference in my eating patterns (never hungry), my sleep habits (yay to a full nights’ sleep), and how much more focused I am with my work responsibilities.

    Yes, my waistline is benefitting from this program, but the big surprise I did not imagine when I started, was how much my brain would improve.

    No lie– it’s all connected and Dr. Heather’s daily messages and weekly coaching makes it easy to stay on track with better choices and revised thinking about those choices!

    Adora M.

    Weight Wellness™ Client

    *Individual experiences differ. No medical promises are made, all results are based on our coaches guiding your own work - no magic pills here, just real food, real mindset shift, and lifestyle coaching.

    So who is perfect for (and gets the most out of) Weight Wellness?

    Here’s the qualities of people who have been able to follow through and get results from this program:

    1. You want to eat healthy, delicious real food you choose, not tasteless manufactured “diet” food or a restrictive, approved food list devoid of flavor.
    2. You see how your weight and eating habits are affecting everything in your life – how you feel, how you look, your confidence, your energy, even your sleep.
    3. You aren’t messing around anymore… you’re all in on making real change. No more temporary diets and creeping weight.
    4. You haven’t managed to follow through on diets before… we specialize in helping those who’ve tried everything (even surgery) and haven’t been able to sustain anything.
    5. You’ve had enough of yo-yoing and slipping backwards and are getting increasingly worried about increasing weight, blood sugar, fatigue, aches, and health problems.

    The knowledge and empowerment to take control over my health and eating choices has been remarkable. The science behind the info provided by Dr. Hammerstedt is easy to comprehend and is never offered with judgement or in a patronizing way.

    I was worried that I couldn’t fully use all of it because of my busy life ( true for all, right?) But the real kicker here, is that because she integrates all the available technology, it actually makes it easy to use. I can tap into it whenever it fits my schedule and needs.

    WholeYou Weight Wellness™ client