Drop 8-10% body weight in 12 weeks*, and keep it off with WholeYou™ Weight Wellness™.

Free yourself from diets with simple lifestyle shifts designed to give you a lifetime of weight loss, boosted energy, and improved health. The complete step-by-step program led by your own personal, medically trained coach, customized to you.

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Are you ready to free yourself from weight and energy issues?

You might have tried in the past, but you are always overwhelmed, going hangry, and struggling to get through the day. And overwhelmed and stressed to the max trying to follow each new diet, only to see anything you manage to lose come right back!

And then you eat… And stress….

And nothing ever changes. Going back to the same old you every time. Only getting worse with each passing year:

Chronic health issues, increasing pounds, dropping energy…

Yet it’s all something the right, simple lifestyle enhancements can completely change – your health, your ability to keep up with the kiddoes, feeling good about your own body.

Without the constant stress, struggle, and dragging energy of dieting yet again.

Guess what? Now is the perfect time to free yourself.

This is the time you need your wellness the most. You, your family and your work deserve your best you. Your Whole You™.

Our WholeYou™ coaches are here for you.

Combined with our proven Lifestyle Transformation System™ with client after client, and our 6 Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancers… you are unstoppable. Not just for 30 days… but for a lifetime.

Because this is about permanent habits, mindset changes, and resolving those constant cravings and energy dips that keep sabotaging you again and again.

Together with your WholeYou™ coach, we’ll work through YOUR life, figure out YOUR barriers, and provide you customized solutions that work for you.

Weight Wellness™ incorporates the most recent research into weight loss science, cognitive behavioral therapy, and metacognition into shifting and enhancing your automatic lifestyle habits and choices. So you never have to “resist” or “force yourself” any longer.

And it’s based on the latest science, not dieting advice from the 60s. So you work with your own biology to switch on your fat burning processes and getting important hormones back into balance.

But the changes won’t stop there…

Those who go through Weight Wellness™ find they sleep better, have better focus, even may clear up some chronic health issues. In fact, lifestyle is the critical factor in most of the major chronic health conditions we face today.

And if you’re tired of being tired… diets won’t help you. Weight Wellness™ is different.

My weight has fluctuated 10 to 20 pounds over my ideal weight over my whole adult life. After reaching 18 pounds over, I started the Wholist Weight Management Program. Heather’s scientific food approach (along with her common sense, humor, down-to-earth, and gentle and kind spirit) has opened the door to a healthy and lifelong approach to eating.

This healthier eating has now become my new habit! Overall, I feel so much better; pants are looser, the bloating feeling in my gut is gone, I am finally in control of what I eat, not the other way around, which is a miracle!

For 12 years, since menopause, I have not slept well. I can only attribute my newfound sleepful nights to this program. And I am 12 pounds lighter!

– Adora M, WholeYou Weight Wellness™ client

Lose 8-10% Body Weight in 12 Weeks without Hunger or Diets*

And more importantly – keep it off, sleep better, have greater focus for your family, life, and work, and reclaim your health. Healthy change you can sustain without the craziness.



That’s me, Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, founder of this program.

My two little crazy boys are amazing and fill my world with sprit, but the process of creating them, feeding them, raising them over the first few years, I lost track of my own body while using it for them.

I felt out of my element, I had pieces of my body that were making me ashamed, I couldn’t keep up in my activities like I used to, even with all of this knowledge i had, I wasn’t keeping the weight off when I would lose it, even though we were eating “healthy” and I was excericing.

And I had a thought one day…. I guess this is just the new me and I’ll just have to accept it.

And I almost did…

Then I got pissed.

So what did I do?  I did the research. I figured out what works, pooling together over 300 hours of focused research on weight, nutrition and food with 20 years of experiences, education and personal/professional development.

I found the results as my weight dropped and my health improved. I created a program and validated it on clients and…. BOOM! WholeYou™ Weight Wellness™ is here for you.

“The other programs that I’d done before just had a single focus of nutrition… They didn’t take all of the elements of what goes into hunger and weight loss and the psychology… and putting it together. That made the biggest difference for me – a complete package that I could understand.”

—Gretchen, age 45, immediately started to lose weight

Went from “I’ve done everything” to sustaining her weight loss goals, feeling in control, and “For the first time. I’m understanding some of the ‘why’s I eat that I never understood before.”

— Debbie, reversing years of weight gain for the first time

“I’m down 20 pounds from where I started and I’m going to go for at least another 20. And my fasting blood glucose was below a hundred for the first time, in gosh knows forever.”

— Randall, nearing age 70

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health – and I can’t recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H’s methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a “lifestyle change” than any diet I’ve ever tried.

I’ve lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don’t feel deprived or that I’m longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can’t thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health.”

Katie N.

Weight Wellness™ Client



Plus, I'll make the whole process easier with...

The 6 Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancers

Automatic lifestyle habits and skills to overcome the most common obstacles to permanent weight loss and a healthier life you can feel.

Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #1

You’ll rewire your mind and body’s cravings for sweets, snacks, unhealthy carbs, bingeing, and more

    • Finally shift those unsupportive thoughts and feelings to positive, supporting ones, and break free of emotional eating and other self-sabotage getting in the way of your new healthy and thin lifestyle.
    • Identify and neutralize cravings which are actually emotional or situational hunger masquerading as nutritional hunger.
    • Beat food boredom once and short circuit your snacking habit… (the biggest factor tripping up everyone)… so your body can reset and find it’s natural hormonal balance.
    • Break the sugar habit once and for all.

    Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #2

    You’ll go beyond meal plans, and start to intuitively know what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat it to live a naturally thin and energized life

    • Stoke your natural, fat burning metabolism and create sustained energy with the right food types and timing.
    • The real story on superfoods, organics, and GMO's, and which are worth giving a damn about, and which are honestly not worth all the hype.
    • The simple process for resetting your insulin levels and resetting your hunger signals - particularly the signal to tell your brain that you are full and don’t need more food!
    • Finally overcome the weight loss plateau. It’s real, and we show you what to do to break through!
    • Discover the WHEN of eating that is so key to resetting hormones and creating sustainable weight loss… which lets your body finally start to burn fat for fuel instead of constantly clamoring for more and more food full of quick, carby fuel.

    Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #3

    Handle even the most challenging food situations - like eating out, traveling, special occasions, and more…

    • How to eat out at nearly any restaurant without sabotaging your hard-won lifestyle changes.
    • How to prep for a vacation without throwing everything you’ve gained out the window... and how to find healthy weight wellness food wherever you go.
    • What to do when you’re faced with special occasions filled with trouble foods you’re not sure you can resist.
    • Become a Weight Wellness™ parent, including how to bring the entire household on board and supporting your new lifestyle.

    Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #4

    You’ll have your own, automatic, Weight Wellness™ lifestyle to last a lifetime

    • Get our TEMPLATES for crafting your own Weight Wellness™ Protocol - your personally-tailored plan and cheatsheet that keeps you on track instead of stressing about fresh choices all over again every single day.
    • Make your Weight Wellness™ Protocol an automatic lifestyle instead of a constant slog - all by rewiring your habits and daily choices without the constant struggle, fighting yourself every day to keep it up.
    • My essential strategies to have consistent, restful sleep every night - an essential component of the naturally thin and energized lifestyle which also affects your weight and your hunger.
    • The single best practice I’ve found for shedding the thoughts that aren’t serving you, and installing ones that do - including the Thought Download method to jumpstart the process simply and easily.
    • Critical self-care strategies and how to ensure you're integrating self-care, de-stressing and improving sleep even in your crazy, busy life.

    Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #5

    You’ll save time and money while living a Weight Wellness™ lifestyle

    • Food journaling simplified with the essential app we use that takes less than 20 seconds a meal to track... and enables your coach to review and provide personalized advice easily.
    • Get the Weight Wellness™ comprehensive buying guide to make it dead simple to grab the right foods at the grocery store.
    • Get the Weight Wellness™ low carb brainstorming guide so you can get creative with delicious, healthy food with ease… more variety, all Weight Wellness™ compatible.

    Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancer #6

    You’ll be able to move for weight loss and health, even if you’re currently struggling to be active.

    • Discover the types of exercise to avoid if losing weight is your primary goal (or do it anyway just because you love it!)
    • Incorporate gentle movement to ease into a more active lifestyle as your energy rises on the Weight Wellness™ program.
    • What types of exercise actually support weight loss, and what you can do to get the most out of it to increase the amount of fat you burn even when you’re not exercising.

    Get all 6 Weight Wellness™ Lifestyle Enhancers implemented in your life with the Weight Wellness™ Total Health Transformation System™ step by tiny step

    A 5 element system designed to rewire your brain, body, and habits for permanent changes that go deeper than willpower and meal plans.

    Based on biochemistry, behavior change science, and modern psychology, these elements work together to fundamentally shift your lifestyle to the one you want... without relying on constant willpower.

    Bite-Size, Ultra-Convenient Steps

    Working with Our Biology Instead of Against it

    Mindset Shifts and Habit Building

    Accountability and Support

    Bring on the Wins!

    Create the “WholeYou” You’ve Been Striving For

    Now you have two options… you can continue as you have been where you yo-yo in diet after diet with no lasting results…

    Or you can create a shift in your life that lasts a lifetime by creating the naturally thin, healthy, and energized Weight Wellness™ lifestyle with the help of our certified coaches and our Lifestyle Transformation System.

    The choice is yours…

    Schedule Your Free Weight Wellness™ Breakthrough Strategy Call and get the solutions you’ve been searching for:

    *Individual experiences differ. No medical promises are made, all results are based on our coaches guiding your own work - no magic pills here, just real food, real mindset shift, and lifestyle coaching.