Have a Tasty, Healthy Holidays Confidently and Clearly with a Private Holiday Culinary Session

Want to have a healthier holidays this year, but it’s to chaotic to figure out how?

Could you use someone helping you plan, come up with with tasty ideas, and giving you the strategy to make it all happen more easily amongst the holiday chaos?

Maybe even help you find simple and creative solutions to eat healthier yourself while excelling your family’s expectations with their traditional favs? (without running yourself ragged)

We’re offering a handful of Holiday Culinary Sessions this year to help you with just that.

These are one-on-one sessions completely tailored to your needs so you feel completely prepared and motivated to have a healthier holidays…

… without sacrificing flavor or time with loved ones.

Eat well. Spend quality time. And feel more in control this holiday season.

Get Your Private Holiday Culinary Strategy Session for only $250

What’s included:

  • 60 Minute Private Culinary Strategy Session with Expert Culinary Coach Kathrine or Karen
  • Helping you get clear, calm and focused, with actionable strategies to achieve more of your health goals while enjoying the holidays to the fullest. 
  • Customized help, planning, and/or demonstration by your culinary coach, helping you exactly where you most need it.
  • Actionable advice you can use immediately tailored to your unique life, circumstances, and challenges