An important question for those who, despite trying diet after diet, still struggle with "downhill metabolism" and their inner "sugar fiend":

What's the only difference between being naturally slim, healthy, and full of sustained energy for a lifetime...

... and forever yo-yoing through diet after diet, frustrated, hangry, sliding backwards in your weight and health year after year?

The right meal plan?... nope.

The right exercise routine?... nada.

Even if you guessed better willpower, stress-free lives, better metabolism, or winning the genetic lottery... still a big, fat "no."

Because weight loss, health, and energy isn't actually just a food problem.

If it was, just knowing what to eat on that last diet would have solved it.

Truth is:

There are 5 pillars for true, permanent results in your weight, health, energy and performance... with a lifestyle you love.

What we call "Total Health Transformation."

What you'll call a WHOLE NEW YOU.

But restrictive, "one-size-fits-all" diets only make all the roadblocks keeping you from that fitter, healthier, slimmer "new you" infinitely worse.

And the best part:

You CAN change it... when you bring in everything that's missing from every diet or weight "solution" out there.

Even though the reasons to make significant weight and health changes are obvious... the path to successful, life-long change
is anything but.

  • You’ve already tried diet after diet in an endless yo-yo dieting cycle... only to be left with nothing but the disappointment at yet another failed and useless diet.
  • You’ve already tried cutting out the sugar, the carbs, the fat, and everything good out of your diet, clawing your way through each day as that voice inside you screams for just one potato chip or chocolate bar...
  • You may have even tried supplements, medications, or medical procedures like bands or gastric bypass, like many who have come to us desperate for sustained results.
  • And you’re still not one step closer to a life-long slim body, optimal health, and sustained energy and performance all day long.

If any of this rings true for you...

You’re in the right place to reverse "downhill metabolism", silence your inner "sugar fiend" for good, and...

... get the body, health, energy and performance you deserve after trying so hard for so long.

But first, there's one important thing you need to know:

You keep failing because
you’re being set up to fail.

And not because you’re doing low fat instead of keto, or keto instead of a juice fast, or smoothies instead of calories and macros.

Because there is so much more to this than food.

It's not because of you. It's because of everything that every diet and health plan is ignoring.

Food is important. But there’s 4 other critical pillars to “Total Health Transformation” that are ignored and crumbling.

Leading to the same old results:

Instead of leaning in, you're holding back more and more as your weight creeps up and up.

Losing confidence. Covering up. Even avoiding attention to avoid judging eyes. As your waistline succumbs to your "downhill metabolism."

You see those big doe eyes of your children or grandchildren begging you to play...

... and you’re too tired or stiff or achey to join them, maybe even swatting them away in frustration instead of savoring those moments.

You’re not recognizing who you are anymore.

The strong, capable you is fading away. Your dreams getting harder to achieve. And you're worrying if you’ll even be able to enjoy retirement when you get there.

You see what’s happening to your parents and are thinking “I’m next.”

Maybe you're even down that path already, and nothing is reversing the troublesome trend of deteriorating health.

All the while...

You’re being told it’s your fault. From the meaningless “try harder” and “eat less, move more” from your doctor, family and friends.

To the fat shaming of advertising and media telling you something’s wrong with you, and begging the question: "Why am I so broken?"

Yet they all echo the same thing:

Try harder, eat less, move more.

As if that was enough!

And to add insult to injury, they just say it’s your metabolism.

In other words, “face it, you’re getting old.”

They just pile on more shame, more meds, more dead-ends.

Leaving you with no options other than to keep doing what's definitely NOT working... hoping next time will be different.

After all the effort, anguish, blame, and years of trying to be 'perfect'... you deserve some actual payoff.

We're not trying to become supermodels here.

You just want to wake up alert, stay active all day without crashing and craving, and feel completely confident in your own body.

All while being resilient and healthy enough that you aren't even worrying about aches, crumbling health, or pill bottles multiplying like rabbits.

Instead, you get to spend your time and mental space on the ones you love, on dreaming up your next adventure, or on the next step up in your career or business...

Knowing you'll be lean, active, and healthy even in your 70s.

Living your life. Loving your life.

Without the blame. Without the constant and increasing worry. Without being held back any longer.

The Surprising Truth is...

You don’t have to be 'perfect' to lose weight, reverse "downhill metabolism," and achieve optimal health, energy, and performance.

Anyone can achieve it while loving what they eat and how they live their life.

But it's not going to happen on yet another diet.

What Those Stuck Yo-Yo Dieting Aren't Being Told:


Fat and flavor are not the enemy. In fact, they are essential for both satiety and optimal health.

Fat doesn't cause fat. It's by having the right kinds of fat in your diet that you actually stay full longer, make your food taste amazing, and actually provide everything your body needs to turn ON it's "lean, fit, and healthy" fat-burning engine.

Not only that, but the critical things your body needs for deep restful sleep, improved mood, highly functioning brain, and so much more.

Full fat, healthy carbs, good protein, whole foods that taste good with lots of variety!



Cravings are biological and psychological... but they can be REWIRED so you can go from raging "sugar fiend" to walking right by the "goodie table" with ease.

But willpower won't work.

Instead, we shift the hormone imbalance stoking our biological cravings and hunger. And shift the psychological triggers that are creating the emotional eating, cravings, hunger, and food triggers in our brains.

The result is squashing cravings and getting back in control of your food decisions, all while feeling satisfied longer.



Starving yourself to lose weight is THE worst thing you can do to actually get sustained results.

"Resist and Restrict" dieting only stokes hunger, cravings, hormone dysregulation, and slowing metabolism. Any weight you may lose is only temporary, and comes back with a vengeance.

We have another way that turns on your mind and body's evolutionarily designed "lean, fit, and healthy" mode while eating real, delicious food until satisfied. But you can never get there if you're constantly going hungry.



True, sustained weight loss is the RESULT of becoming your healthiest self... not the other way around.

It's what we call "Total Health Transformation" - you are losing weight permanently because you are actually reversing the causes of "downhill metabolism", fatigue, hormone dysregulation, blood sugar issues, chronic health conditions, even things like mood, clarity, and focus issues.

The result is that you lose weight naturally and effortlessly because your body is getting biologically younger and in better shape from the inside out. No starvation, excessive food restrictions, or struggling through another diet.


 I was where you are... and I almost gave up.
Then I got PISSED.

I was DONE with trying over and over and getting NOWHERE.

Even as an emergency physician, I was failing.

So, using my biochemistry and medical background, I started researching... 

 I started completely over, going directly to the latest studies and research, to find out what I was missing...

In fact, I hear that all the time from people coming to me with anguish in their voice:

"What am I MISSING, Heather??"

After over 300 hours of research, I found it wasn't just one thing that was missing...

... it was the whole truth.

It's not one solution for everybody. It's a very personalized solution for each of us.

It's not our weight that's broken. It's our whole health as an integrated system that is broken.

All coming together in what I now call the 5 pillars of our proven "Total Health Transformation" method:

  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Hormones
  • Mind
  • Support

By optimizing my "Total Health" in a personalized way, weight loss happened naturally.

No shame. No blame. No being "perfect."

No excessive restriction either.

Including two pillars that I see almost no one addressing:

1.) 'Hormone dysregulation' (out of whack hormones) keeping us craving, hungry, tired, stressed, and storing fat...

2.) And all the 'mind gunk' in our brains self-sabotaging every effort to change and triggering us to crave and eat all the time.

But through "Total Health Transformation", we actually reverse everything that has been holding us back from sustained weight loss for decades...

... while at the same time becoming biologically younger, healthier, and with more energy and focus than ever.

Today, at over 40 years old, I'm stronger and faster and weigh less than I did playing college soccer...

... all while having a full-time emergency medicine career, a growing business, a family I love, and a non-profit.

I've dropped two sizes and feel so confident in my body, I love seeing myself in the mirror again, dressing up, and hitting the beach without thinking twice.

I'm running around with my kids even after an absolutely packed day... or my fifth night shift.

And this is super important:

  • I'm not fighting myself or my "sugar fiend."
  • I'm loving my life and my choices.
  • I'm waking up rested and alive.
  • I'm healthier than ever and aging well.
  • I'm preventing all of the chronic health conditions running rampant today.
  • I'm not even doing everything perfectly, yet I'm getting ALL the results.
  • I'm also not worrying about my health anymore... or if I'll have enough willpower to get through the day without "caving in" to those old cravings.

Over 447 people have now experienced this permanent shift in their health, performance, sleep, energy, mood, and more. We've even seen participants reducing meds and getting their labs back to pre-diabetic levels.

I had tried everything... I definitely thought something was wrong with my body. I just had yo-yo'd too many times. What I found was the whole truth at your program...

I'm just holistically a better person all around. This program worked. And in fact, I have not weighed this little in decades. And it's coming off and I'm living my life... I enjoy the way I eat.

— Julie, tried everything

“So it was never the willpower or the knowledge. It truly was the mindset piece that did it. That and the coaching. That counseling piece was so important for me. I think that made all the difference.”

— Tina, dropping 6 1/2 in and daily blood sugars back to a non-diabetic range

“I'm down 20 pounds from where I started and I'm going to go for at least another 20. And my fasting blood glucose was below a hundred for the first time, in gosh knows forever.”

— Randall, nearing age 70

The Good News is....

You can Achieve ALL these Results with Our Proven, Personalized "Total Health Transformation" Approach.

Because when you join, you'll have a new path laid out for you...

  • That rewires your "hormone dysregulation" and "sugar fiend"... instead of having to fight them every day (and losing that battle).
  • That turns on your body's natural "lean, fit, and healthy" mode of fat burning and rejuvenation, while never going hungry or feeling deprived.
  • That keeps your energy and focus at full capacity... so you can perform at your best all day long and still be able to run around with the kids.
  • That resolves the source of cravings, overeating, and emotional eating by rewiring your mind and body.

I've put together this program for those tired of yo-yo dieting, tired of the shame and blame, and tired of being tired!

So every one of you can do what you are on this earth to do, explore, and achieve without ever being held back again.

Plus all the Health Benefits that Come with it:

  • It has been proven that the methods that you will use in this program are shown to reverse and prevent coronary artery disease, prevent common cancers like breast and colon cancer, reverse and prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, improve sleep, mood, and performance on all levels.
  • The mindfulness and mindset work we do has been proven to diminish mood disorders, improve energy and cognition, and decrease negative habits and stress.
  • Therapeutic lifestyle changes can directly prevent all ten of the top killers in our society.  


The Weight Wellness
Group Coaching Program

A small-group, coach led program with direct access to your coach every single week.

Driven by our completely personalized Weight Wellness™ Program and "Total Health Transformation" system.

So you can achieve permanent changes in your weight, health, energy, and performance in just 12 weeks.

All while creating a healthy lifestyle you love, personalized to you.

I'll show you how to simply and easily leverage all 5 pillars of "Total Health Transformation":


Pillar #1: Food

Real, delicious, full-fat, whole foods. Eating until you're satisfied. Leveraging food timing. Eating to boost health, immunity, and mood.


Pillar #2: Lifestyle

Habit change, movement, optimal sleep, stress management and recovery, healthy relationships, healthy personal environment...


Pillar #3: Hormones

Rewiring your hormones to support fat-burning, being lean and fit, reducing cravings and hunger, improving mood and focus... even improving blood sugar issues and inflammation.


Pillar #4: Mind

Rewiring your mind's neural pathways and resolving the triggers, "mind gunk" and relationships sabotaging every effort to change. (including cravings, food triggers, emotional eating, and more)


Pillar #5: Support

So often lacking, even in diet coaching programs. True support on every level. A step-by-step program designed to ensure success, combined with expert coach support who have backgrounds as physicians and dietitians, in psychology and mindset work, and more.

All working together for permanent shifts, and a whole new "Whole You".

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health - and I can't recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H's methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a "lifestyle change" than any diet I've ever tried.

I've lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don't feel deprived or that I'm longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can't thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health."

Katie N.

Weight Wellness™ Client



When you join, you'll get a community with you and your

Weight Wellness™ Group Coach

This is an intimate group where you get to bring up what you've been facing directly with your coach each week, working with you to solve every challenge.

Those who show up get TREMENDOUS results.

Best of all, it's all done from your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own home.

Every single one of our coaches meet all of these high expectations to become a WholeYou Weight Wellness™ Coach.

  1. They are practicing and licensed healthcare practitioners - such as doctors, nurses, dietitians.
  2. They have the right qualities that make a really good and effective coach - like the ability to enable you to make your own decisions, and then hold you accountable, kindly but firmly.
  3. They need to have direct experience in the kinds of challenges you face every day.
  4. They need to be immersed in our Weight Wellness™ approach and have gone through it themselves. So they have a depth of experience to help you through any challenge and situation.
  5. They need to understand the psychological aspects of what you are trying to accomplish, not just the physical ones. So they can guide you through even those messy problems in life, relationships, even your own relationship with food and yourself.

PLUS: Added Support to Ensure No One is Left Behind

Additional Drop-in Team Coaching Calls all Members Can Join

Giving you more opportunities to get the support and guidance you need throughout the program. Including other coaches, sometimes even Heather joining the call herself!

Support and Guidance of Our Incredible Client Success Team

Fron onboarding you into the program to helping you with any problems or questions you have... they're real people ready to help when you need it.

A Community to Support You Without Shame or Judgement

We don't do public weigh-ins. Instead we provide you with a place to confidently share your struggles and get help with a community that's only there to support you as they go through the same things themselves.

You'll also Get the Complete 12 Week Program...

Guiding You Step-by-Step Through Our Proven "Total Health Transformation" Process


Daily Bite-Size Podcasts, Cheatsheets, and Resources to Make the Entire Program Simple and Easy to Follow

All delivered straight to your phone (by text), email, and with lifetime access in your client portal on our website. Each day adds a small piece of the puzzle, so within the first weeks you are already seeing changes in your weight, energy, sleep, and health... without being overwhelmed.


Supportive Messages and Motivation Every Day, Exactly When You Need it

Sent right to your email and phone via SMS text, we know the daily support that will keep you going throughout each day. Sending the right message at the right time to keep you going. People love these so much they ask us to restart them after the 12 weeks end!


Helpful Apps and Our Private Telehealth Portal with Anytime Chat with Your Coach

We set you up with our recommended apps like a food logging app that is as quick and simple as snapping a photo. And you'll interact with your coaches through our private and secure telehealth portal, including video coaching sessions and anytime chat with your coach.

You'll Be Guided Through a Complete, Proven System

Expertly Designed to Make Every Pillar of "Total Health Transformation" Rock Solid...
So You Easily Slip off Pounds, Regain Your Health, and Nothing Holds You Back Ever Again.

Pillar #1: Food

This is what you eat, but also when you eat and why you eat.

While having the flexibility to craft eating habits and meals that are filled with satisfying, delicious whole food that supports us on every level.

You'll be guided through simple tools and a deep understanding of how food affects you, how to personalize your food protocol, and cut through the hype and confusion around "healthy" food.

Food needs to be flexible, personalized, tasty, and able to fit your needs. Not to be some mythical "perfect" diet.

Click Here Dive Deeper on This Pillar

Delicious proteins.

Full, healthy fats.

The right healthy, whole-food carbs.

And simple food timing to optimize it’s impact on your hormones, energy systems, and fat loss.

We want to burn fat and fuel energy…

...not store fat and crash every afternoon.

Plus combat inflammation and improve health while we're at it.

My biggest rules:

  • Never go hungry. This jacks up the hormones we were talking about, including hunger, cravings, and cortisol.
  • Reduce between meal snacks - this gets a lot easier when working on the hormone and mind pillars that create most of the hunger hormones, chronic fatigue, cravings and hunger making you snack.
  • Eat enough healthy, whole proteins and fats, along with the right, healthy, whole food carbs, while cutting out the processed and sugar laden foods.
  • Eat food you love in a way that supports your health and hormones and keeps you satisfied after every meal.

You'll be guided through simple tools and a deep understanding of how food affects you, how to personalize your food protocol, and cut through the hype and confusion around "healthy" food.

Food needs to be flexible, personalized, tasty, and able to fit your needs. Not to be some mythical "perfect" diet.

Pillar #2: Lifestyle

This encompasses all of the healthy habits and choices in daily life that make a huge impact on your health, weight, mood, and energy.

We simplify the process and cut through the confusion. You'll install only the most important healthy habits, using science-based habit-forming strategies, all on your terms.

Some of the many lifestyle factors we optimize for is your sleep, your environment, stress management, simple movement... even the life situations and relationships that are sabotaging you every time.

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Since every life is different, we make the process totally flexible so you can personalize it to your needs.

For example…

Regular, healthy movement… but not crazy exercise unless you love it.

In fact, intense aerobic exercise can actually be making it harder for you to lose weight!

And if you're struggling with energy and mobility, this is something that grows with you as this Weight Wellness program builds up your energy within the first few weeks.

Plus lots of other enhancements to your life, like:

  • Optimal sleep routines to ensure you're fully rested and wake up full of energy.
  • Stress management and recovery so all that cortisol does screw up your hormones, and you aren't fighting stress-eating any longer.
  • Cultivating healthy relationships and reducing toxic influences in your life that are constantly taking you down.
  • Promoting a healthy personal environment without all the tempations, toxins, or other influences on your health.

Pillar #3: Hormones

Our bodies (even our moods) run on hormones. They are the chemical signals being passed around to tell our bodies and brains what to do and what we're feeling.

You'll soon understand this biochemical source of cravings and hunger, energy levels, blood sugar, sleep cycles, stress response, inflammation, even if we store or burn fat.

And how we completely ‘rewire’ it to instead turn on our body's evolutionarily designed mode to keep us lean, healthy, energized, and capable.

 We'll do it step by step, crushing cravings and hunger, reigniting our energy, improving our mood, and becoming more resilient in the face of stress.

Even reversing "downhill metabolism" and our biological age so we can become leaner and healthier with ease. All in tiny steps for permanent results.

Click Here Dive Deeper on This Pillar

In this program, you'll shift your hormones from craving gremlins and hunger pangs…

... to bee-lining to healthy whole foods and feeling satisfied for hours.

From storing fat to burning fat.

And from yo-yoing and backsliding to sustained and health vitality.

This has been a game-changer for everyone.

Because it means you have control again.

You don’t have to “work around” your “downhill metabolism” or growing aches and health conditions anymore.

Like upgrading your phone from that slow, buggy, outdated model...

... to the fast, new model that can do so much more.

Suddenly realizing how incredibly slow and frustrating that old piece of junk was!

We show you exactly how to rewire your hormones, and why it works. So you're completely empowered and able to personalize it to your needs.

Pillar #4: Mind

Like Hormones are the biochemical source, our "mind gunk" is the psychological source of cravings, emotional eating, self-sabotage.

Everything from simple, automatic food triggers making you crave... to deeper issues like crumbling self-confidence, putting everyone else first, crippling perfectionism, or life and relationship issues keeping you stuck and powerless.

This is perhaps the most powerful component of the entire program. And why we have dedicated mindset coaches. Because this is the biggest thing blocking you from making any sustained change in your weight or health.

But we show you, step-by-step, how to rewire it all to get free of all the "mind gunk", and back in control of your own body and mind.

And then we show you how to wire in positive habits and empowering mindsets that support you, make you stronger, and put you fully in control of your own life choices.

Click Here Dive Deeper on This Pillar

The simplest example is what we call “food triggers.”

For example, ever noticed how certain things cause you to crave certain foods (usually the worst health offenders).

  • Like needing to eat popcorn and a coke with a movie.
  • Or having to eat a sugary dessert after dinner.
  • Or feeling like something is missing if you don’t have a drink in your hand at a party or out at a bar with friends?

These are all food triggers.

Simple to understand. Not so easy to resist.

All are automatic neural pathways hardwired in your brain. But all of them can be rewired when you know how (or get a little help).

You’ll learn to finally have your own back, get your food and body confidence back...

... and have the skills to rewire the old patterns and food triggers keeping you stuck.

Even silencing a persistent and loud “sugar fiend” or “carb junkie” that once sabotaged every effort to change, often in the first few weeks!

Like Jackie:

"I'm not struggling with emotional eating anymore! It turns out, when you work on mindset and un-processing foods, your cravings go away!”

Improving your relationship with food, yourself, and your life is foundational.

But it’s also very personal and unique to each person.

Pillar #5: Support

This pillar is as important as all the others, but is so often horribly lacking in our lives.

We address all three levels of support in Weight Wellness...

1.) The support of our families and friends.

2.) People we recruit or hire specifically for their support in this venture.

3.) The last are automated support systems we create in our life to support us.

As soon as you enter you'll have an instant support system with all of the coaching, client success team, community, and the automated support and motivation through daily emails, texts, bite-sized podcasts.

We also address the support systems in your own life. Like how to get the support of your family and friends. What to do with social gatherings or difficult work situations. Even how to get your kids on board!

Click Here Dive Deeper on This Pillar

So let's go into these critical levels of support addressed or provided in this program:

1.) The support of our families and friends.

We can’t always control this but there are things we can do to get more buy-in and support, even from spouses and kids.

So you can get the buy-in and support you need.

And as they see the change we’re experiencing in our bodies and our energy and mood, they naturally start to want some of that themselves!

2.) People we recruit or hire specifically for their support in this venture.

This comes from accountability buddies, communities of people going through the same goals or process, and coaches we hire to help us achieve results.

These are hugely powerful, but many programs leave you on your own, or provide inexperienced coaches.

The best ones don’t let you off the hook! But are also non-judgmental and there to support you when you slip or face a challenge.

And have deep experience in the area they're helping you with. Like medical experience as physicians and dietitians for health and weight coaches. And professionals in their fields as mindset coaches.

3.) The last are automated support systems we create in our life to support us.

And this is where the complete Weight Wellness program comes in.

You get daily bite-size podcasts with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt guiding you through every facet of "Total Health Transformation". Plus tips, resources, and motivation every day via email and text.

You get lifetime access to all of. the material for easy reference as you continue your results beyond this 12 week program.

And so much more. A total system designed to make success easy and fool-proof, that takes you through a very specific and proven process designed to maximize success.

Without the overwhelm of trying to do everything all at once.

"I'm not struggling with emotional eating anymore! It turns out, when you work on mindset and unprocessing foods, your cravings go away!"

- Jackie

"Dr. Hammerstedt and Coach Mangum gave me the tools to improve my wellness status quo, lose nearly 30 pounds, shift my mindset, and actually sustain the changes I made!

I still choose what I eat, and I learned what composition of foods is best for me to stay full, optimize my nutrition, and energize my mind and body."

- Liz

Questions others like you have asked before

saying "YES!" to life-long Weight Wellness:

Q: I want to do this, but I'm already stretched wayyy too thin, how much time is this going to take?

That is a tremendous question that so many who join us have struggled with diets they've tried in the past.

I hear you 🙂

We've also gone to bed and woken up cuddled next to our iPhones.

Skipped meals.

And felt like adding one more thing to our never-ending to-do list will be the thing that finally leaves us ugly-crying in the corner.

But here's the thing...

This program gives you BACK time.

When you take this naturally thin, health-boosting approach to weight loss, you typically get...

  • More and sustained energy
  • More hours in your day where you are alert and focused
  • Better sleep so you can wake up rested without hitting the snooze button about thirty times and still being too groggy to do anything next two hours


We make each step so simple and easy to do you can't not do it. It's as simple as looking at text and listening to a quick 10 minute podcast on your way to work.

It's just making that commute, or trip to the gym, or waiting in line a little more enjoyable.

And there's no calorie tracking or journaling.

And your coaching session - that will become the highlight of your week.

Seriously, your amazing coach is what makes the whole experience exceptional, and many don't want to stop when the program ends, and sign up for additional coaching sessions so they don't have to give that up.

Q: Okay Heather, let's get real... Really, what kind of diet is this?

We aren't going on a diet!

Diets don't work, we all know that, but no one wants to admit it.

What we are going to do is eat real whole food, that tastes good, at times that research supports the improvement of your metabolic digestion and weight loss.


Teach you techniques to more easily make better choices every day with less struggle and cravings.

This is a lifestyle training program.

A coaching led process of rewiring your brain and body to shift your lifestyle, eating habits, and automatic decision making to that of a naturally thin and healthy person.

You'll never go hungry, be restricted only to specific foods, or need a tremendous amount of willpower just to get through it.

And your coach will work with you to make it work with your unique needs, preferences, and even that favorite food you can't imagine ever giving up.

You're not given an all or nothing meal plan and food list that you have to somehow make fit with your dietary needs, personal likes and dislikes, and the fact that you live and maybe even cook for a home of amazing people you love.

Your coach is there for you to help you customize a way of eating that works for you, and helps you lose weight.

Because the truth is:

It's not just what you eat, and it's definitely not self-deprivation.

And all those restrictive diet plans and added stress are just triggering your body to freak out and go into fat-storing survival mode.

I promise you that this program is about never going hungry, eating real, healthy, delicious food you want to eat, and more importantly making the critical shifts in your body and mind that have you living like a naturally thin person.

And in the process:

Helping you reduce the cravings and hungers that have you constantly reaching for those foods you honestly don't really want to be eating anymore. Those foods that you know aren't serving you, and that are making you feel crappy afterwards, but have a gravitational pull you can't break free of.

You know what I'm talking about.

This is all about choice.

Your choice.

Not at the mercy of a diet plan or your own cravings. In control, confident, and empowered.

And you'll know the why behind everything you choose to eat or not eat, the exercise you choose to do or not do, the lifestyle choices you choose to make or not make.

You are in control.

Q: Am I going to follow through on this program even when I've failed or struggled before?

That's probably been a problem in the past, right?

  • Maybe you would be all fired up to take on that fad diet, only to see your willpower dwindling to nothing the moment life got stressful, or the pressure was turned up with that dinner party Friday night, that weekend away, those surprise cookies at work. How can you say no?
  • Maybe you were always in contemplation mode about how you were going to change your life to be healthier and slim down, but rarely did anything for longer than a week... and it never worked because it was never the right approach anyway.
  • Maybe you did everything you were supposed to, lost weight, but the second the program was over - BOOM - everything goes out the window and the pounds jump right back on.

Eck, ya, it's painful...

And chips away at our soul a little every time.

I DO NOT want that for you yet again.

That's why there is no DIY option here. This is a full 12 week coaching program, with a digital program you can absorb step by step even in the busiest, craziest, and most stressful of lives, and will have with you long after these 12 weeks end.

Our content has been crafted after over 300 hours of research and learning about weight science, nutrition, medical literature, and cognitive behavioral therapy/mindset work.

Our weight coaches are here for you for support, accountability, and tailoring the program around your life. And our mindset coaches are here for expertise around mindfulness, motivation and life's big issues that affect your food choices.

You aren't on your own with this one.

You aren't feeling deprived or struggling to find hours to devote in front of a computer to learning the program.

Our Lifestyle Transformation System is designed to be delivered right through your phone in snackable pieces to seamlessly fit into the busiest of lives. Lives full of running around, picking up kids, dashing to meetings, barely fitting in a quick gym session, running errands, all the things piling up every day.

And the entire program is designed to layer on mindset shifts and biological shifts that gradually shift you to a naturally thin lifestyle.

Your coach is critical, and helps you overcome all of your struggles, and make everything work with your unique lifestyle.

If you're ready to finally shift your life, your coach will help you make it happen.

Q: I love to cook and love food, are you going to tell me I can't eat?

LOL no! We love food as much as you do!

We are going to learn together how to love it even more, because it will still taste great and keep you satisfied - but you'll know it is working for you and your goals, not against you.

And you'll be shifting your psychology with techniques that will leave you no longer longing for those "danger foods" that aren't serving you.

Q: How do the coaching sessions work?

You will join your coach on interactive video chat.

It is easy to do and can be done on your phone (through our app) or web browser, designed to be as flexible and easy for you as possible because we know your life is busy.

And each session will be recorded and provided to you in case you can't show up live.

You get the direct access to talk with your small group coach directly every week, for personalized help and guidance. And hear and see the rest of your small group and interact.

Q: What is the difference between the group coaching and the personal coaching and mindset program?

With the personal coaching and mindset program you get access to all of the standard weight wellness program benefits, plus both a personal coach you work with one on one... and a personal mindset coach!

Both coaches are entirely private sessions, one-on-one with your coaches throughout the 12 weeks of the program.

You will be able to choose to work with one of our mindset coaches:

  • A Brene Brown-trained physician life coach
  • A physician meditation guide
  • Or a clinical hypnotherapist.

I believe EVERYONE should have a support guide/therapist like this and private coaching, especially around a life transformation as big and impactful as this.

Just sign up for a strategy call if you're interested »

By now you know the difference between starving your way to temporary weight loss (at best).... and achieving a naturally thin, healthy, and energized lifestyle that lasts.

It's called Weight Wellness™.

  • If you’ve been struggling with "downhill metabolism"….
  • If you're inner "sugar fiend" and "carb junkie" won't let you succeed...
  • If you’re holding back and covering up more every year...
  • If you're struggling to get through the day and enjoy time with your kids and loved ones...
  • If you’ve tried everything and nothing works

It's time to stop yo-yo dieting once and for all... and get a permanent solution for "Total Health Transformation"

And now we're doing our biggest event yet with our exclusive "Spring Renew" group starting April 26th!

Here's the deal:

We're doing this together.

A big Spring push like I've never done before, to make a massive impact on your weight, health, and energy.

I'm even joining you on the journey with exclusive monthly coaching events where I'll be personally leading the call.

That's right.

You get to interact with me directly on these special BONUS group calls just for this "Spring Renew" group.

This isn't something I normally do. But only if you join now.

Finally reverse "downhill metabolism", quiet your incessant inner "sugar fiend," and look and feel younger than you have in decades...

Join the Weight Wellness™
12 Week Group Program for Permanent Results

Only $1399 $599 (save $800)

Or join with three monthly payments of $219



We start the "Spring Renew" Group on April 26th!

Now you have two options... you can continue yo-yoing through diet after diet with no sustained results to show for all you put into them...

Or you can create a shift in your life that lasts a lifetime by creating the naturally slimmed, healthy, and energized Weight Wellness™ lifestyle.

The choice is yours...

One Time Only Bonus for this "Spring Renew" Group:

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt is joining you on this one! She'll be holding 3 exclusive coaching sessions with Heather for this group ONLY.

That means you need to join today to get access to these exclusive coaching sessions.

Ask her anything. Get her help on overcoming any challenge you're facing. Special sessions just for the "Spring Renew" group!

PLUS... These Additional Bonuses For Joining Today:

BONUS #1: Get 3 Months Access to Our Weight Wellness™ Momentum membership

Including exclusive access to our private, client-only Facebook Group, additional coaching, trainings, challenges, and resources shared every month to amplify your results in all areas of your life. Plus our growing library of mini-courses on everything from calming inflammation to mindful eating.

BONUS #2: Living Plate Rx meal planning app loaded with Weight Wellness recipes

We show you how to intuitively eat for optimal health and weight loss without relying on food lists or recipe packs. But we know how much a good tool can make meal planning and trying out new things so much easier. So we're adding this premium meal planning app for you to use throughout the 12 week program, and loading it with delicious Weight Wellness recipes we've personally curated.

Join the Weight Wellness
Group Program

  • The Complete 12 Week "Weight Wellness" Program (with lifetime access)
  • 12 weeks of group coaching with your medically trained WholeYou Weight Wellness™ coach
  • Drop-in Team Calls for even more coaching opportunities with our coaches
  • Anytime Email and Chat access to your coach
  • Supported by our amazing Client Success team
  • A community of support from those going through the program with you
  • BONUS #1: Get 3 Months Access to Our Weight Wellness™ Momentum membership.
  • BONUS #2: Living Plate Rx meal planning app loaded with Weight Wellness recipes (3 months access).
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: 3 Coaching Sessions Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, only for this "Spring Renew" cohort if you join today.

Join for just $599

-- OR --

3 Payments of $219


Go to the Next Level by Joining Weight Wellness Group + Mindset

You get everything in our standard Group Coaching program but upgraded with two of the highest leverage components of our exclusive Personal Coaching program.

PLUS, You Also Get:

  • A Whole You Health Roadmap Session, one-on-one with your weight coach, diving deep into a personalized plan just for you. A 75 minute private session where your expert coach will unravel all of the roadblocks in the way to achieving your specific weight and health goals, and crafting the perfect solution to fit your needs.
  • 3 private Mindset Coaching Sessions with one of our expert mindset coaches of your choice. They easily 10X the results of this program with anyone who works with them. They work with one-on-one to unravel all of the mental roadblocks keeping you stuck. Including food triggers, self-doubt, not prioritizing your own health, the psychological source of emotional eating and cravings, life and relationship issues getting in the way, and so much more. You don't want to miss out on this!
    All sessions are with expert mindset coaches with professional backgrounds in their fields.

Join for just $1799

-- OR --

3 Payments of $659


Have questions or want to explore our PERSONAL coaching programs instead?
Schedule a free Breakthrough Strategy Call with our strategists »

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the weight wellness Lifestyle Transformation System program content, including those Weight Wellness™ Enhancers?

You will get a text to your mobile device every morning with a link to the day's weight science/mindset podcast as well as a document. At midday, you will get a support text and a quick daily assignment. In the evening, you will get a text with a success tip.

Additionally, you will have access to a client portal on the website that will have all of this information available for you, if and when you need it.

How do the coaching sessions work?

You'll join your fellow Weight Wellness™ participants on a live group coaching call, which will be recording in case you can't make it.

There will be time to recognize successes, address struggles and obstacles, and learn from each other as you go through the same journey together.

What is the difference between the group Weight Wellness™ program and the personal and mindset Weight Wellness™ program?

With the personal coaching and mindset program you get access to all of the standard weight wellness program benefits, but you get your own personal coach AND an additional mindset coach focused ONLY on mindset work.

You still get all of the standard program, texts/podcasts/documents and your personal weight coach, but you also get to choose a coach that will work with you on LIFE's issues that are getting in the way of making healthy choices toward food and work and family and more.

After you purchase, you will be able to choose a your mindset coach - either a Brene Brown-trained physician life coach, a physician meditation guide, or a clinical hypnotherapist.

Dr Hammerstedt believes EVERYONE should have a support guide/therapist like this, especially around a life transformation as big as this. Why? Because this process brings up deep issues for most people that need to be worked through.... and we all know the weight isn't just about food.

See the Our Team section for who our coaches are. In the standard stellar weight wellness program, you have one of the weight wellness coaches just for you.

Do you prescribe medicine?

No. While some of the coaches are physicians, they are not prescribing medicines or practicing medicine. They are functioning as coaches only.

What does a health coach do?

A health coach can be defined as helping patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become active participants so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.

Health and wellness coaches help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health. The coach guides clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.

Health coaches may provide advice and support for the choices and decisions you make but will not be giving you specific instructions beyond their scope.

I love to cook and love food, are you going to tell me I can't eat?

LOL no! We love food as much as you do!

We are going to learn together how to love it even more, because it will still taste great and keep you satisfied - but you'll know it is working for you and your goals, not against you.

What diet are you going to put me on?

We aren't going on a diet! Diets don't work, we all know that, but no one wants to admit it.

What we are going to do is eat real whole food, not products, that tastes good, at times that research supports the improvement of your metabolic digestion and weight loss.

Do you make meal plans for me?

Lifestyle medicine and psychology research clearly demonstrates that sustainable behavioral change only happens with active engagement, not by passive consumption.

If we just told you what to eat and when, of course you would lose weight, but what happens when the program is over? Same thing that happened every time you've tried to lose weight, it would come right back.

So we are taking the reality of your life and figuring out together how to make meaningful change even when it is hard.

That means how to plan, how to shop, what to buy, where to buy it, when to cook it, how to store it, what you don't like, how to incorporate kids/spouse/work, how to talk yourself through the hard times, how to create patterns of choices, how to eat at restaurants, how to travel, how to bounce back after less than ideal choices, what to do when you forget, how to choose the best of bad options, etc etc etc.

What else would I need to buy?

We strongly recommend a fitbit Aria2 wireless scale, as this will integrate directly into your client chart in our virtual clinic. We also would recommend a fitbit activity tracker, if you are apt to wear it, as it will also integrate.

There will be a food journal app, the free version is just fine, but the premium one is better, but the cost is nominal. Otherwise, you will only be purchasing your own food.

What is the goal of the weight wellness program?

Wholist's main mission is to help you curate your health future in the context of your life.

You know your life, your obstacles, your work, your family, your schedule.

We have curated the literature and science and information and tips, as well as your coaches, to empower you to make sustainable lifestyle and lifetime changes that work for specifically for you.

If your goal is to lose weight, you will lose weight. If your goal is to make healthier food choices (physically healthy, emotionally healthy), you will do it. If you want be less dependent (addicted) to food, you will do it. If you don't know what you want or need, we will help you determine and meet your goals.

Our philosophy is that YOU are valuable, your life is the only one you have, your body is the only one you have, and that you deserve the most up to date, evidence based nutrition and lifestyle information to make your life and body the best they can be.

How long is the weight wellness program?

Your program will start on the Monday after you sign up, and will be ongoing for 12 weeks, with the option to continue if you desire.