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Karen Mangum MS, RDN, LD

Karen Mangum MS, RDN, LD

Weight Wellness™ Coach

With 30 years' experience as a registered dietitian, Karen has helped hundreds of clients make life-long changes in their health through sound, evidence-based weight management principles.

She has over 17 years' experience in bariatric (weight loss surgery) medicine, where she focused on individual needs as well as group coaching and bi-monthly cooking classes.


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She loves to create recipes - which came in handy while raising five active kids! In fact, she wrote for Cooking Light and Weight Watchers magazines for years and now manages her own food blog at Check it out for quick and easy, nourishing and delicious recipes which remind us that healthy eating means fantastic food with awesome flavors, eaten with intention and love.

She is an expert in Intuitive Eating Principles which include Mindful Eating practices - guides to making peace with food with a resolve to support ourselves with loving acceptance. Karen's professional passion and greatest joy is helping her clients seek life-changing solutions to their desired health goals.

Cathy Adolph MS, RDN, CPT

Cathy Adolph MS, RDN, CPT

Weight Wellness™ Coach

With twenty years of fitness and nutrition experience, Cathy is an expert in all aspects of wellness coaching.

She not only holds a degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, but she is also a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Personal Trainer and a USA Track & Field Coach. Her passion is working with clients who not only want to get stronger or lose weight but who want to be well-rounded in all aspects of their lives.

Instagram @cathy.l.adolph

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Cathy is an expert at combining movement therapy, nutrition counseling and personal goal setting for her clients. She is a competitive marathon runner and avid Ironman triathlete who enjoys living a very healthy lifestyle.

Known for her great listening skills, Cathy has years of experience encouraging people to become their best selves by getting adequate sleep, feeding themselves properly, exercising regularly, using proven stress reduction techniques and listening to their intuition when it comes to living well.

Her passion is to empower regular people – those with too much stress, bad food choices and not enough support – to become the best they can be!

Cathy has coached nutrition & personal training clients with the following conditions: Cancer, Diabetes, Joint Replacement, Morbid Obesity, Heart Disease, IBS, Colitis & Crohn’s Disease, Sports Nutrition, Pre- & Post-Surgery, Pregnancy, Teen Obesity, Auto-Immune Disorders, Depression, Autism and more. She also has experience with all age ranges from pre-teen to the elderly.

Cathy sees wonderful results with her clients based upon her knowledge, experience and gentle leadership.

Katie Nelson RN

Katie Nelson RN

Weight Wellness™ Coach

Katie Nelson is an emergency nurse, parent to two brilliant and busy little boys with her equally brilliant and busy husband, head of household logistics, traveler, foodie, and amateur chef.

Katie has struggled with her weight, body image, on/off dieting for nearly her whole life, so she knows how hard the struggle is to get to a body and mind that makes you feel strong, confident, and content.

Instagram @katienlsn

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Katie was in Wholist's first Weight Wellness™ group and saw firsthand how powerful the right science and mindset can be in helping you reaching your goals and she is so excited to share this journey with you.

Katie has bachelor's degrees in biochemistry and nursing, has worked as a paramedic and an athletic trainer, and has always pursued self-enrichment through learning about nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH

Weight Wellness™ Coach

I’ve watched my friends, and myself, struggle to figure out what the “right” thing to do is with nutrition and weight management.

We are all bright, successful, educated and powerful mommas, many of us with medical or other higher-level degrees and great jobs. But the amount of noise and conflicting advice was overwhelming and we all felt confused and shamed by our “willpower” issues around food.

So, I deep dived (because I’m a biochemist and a doctor, with training in integrative nutrition, and naturally persistent and stubborn).

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I started sleeping better, focused better at work, lost the last bit of my weight and at 40 found my best body and my best fitness.

I love talking to clients and sharing what I know. I’m told I am kind and supportive as a coach and that I help people make decisions within their own life with no judgement.

I’m also an emergency physician, a mom, a wife, a global health educator, and a believer in the capacity of people to work together to create impactful solutions. I’m happy to be on your team!

Kathrine Kofoed

Kathrine Kofoed

Weight Wellness™ Coach

I love helping women transition to a successful plant-based diet, break up with emotional eating, and create healthy habits that last for life.
I'm an ACE-certified health coach with a B.S. in Biology, a B.S. in Psychology, and in progress studying a Master's in Human Nutrition. I specialize in plant-based nutrition, and absolutely love helping clients transition to a more plant-focused diet for health, environmental, and ethical reasons.
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I really emphasize the importance of mental & emotional wellbeing as much as physical health, and I strive to help my clients create a healthy lifestyle that works for them, helps them reach their goals, while improving their mental/emotional wellbeing too.
I dive deep into developing a conscious relationship with food to break up with emotional eating and cultivate a more positive outlook on life. My coaching style is very team-oriented: I co-create a plan with my client that they actually want to follow and which fits their lifestyle. As a coach, I'm warm, compassionate, and understanding. 
Who I Can Serve the Most
I love to work with women who are interested in going plant-based/vegan; women who struggle with emotional eating (this is a big part of my story so I'm able to help my clients with this); women who are fed up with fad diets and are instilled in making a lifestyle change.
As for age, I'm still learning so much about hormones (in regard to menopause/thyroid conditions/etc), so if possible I'd love to work with younger women, although this isn't a super strong preference. I'm happy to work with men as well, but feel I can connect better with women regarding the psychology, mindset & physiology of behavior change.
Kari Christie

Kari Christie

Weight Wellness™ Coach

I help woman redefine their relationship and food and create the life they desire and love.
I am your personal transformation guide.  I assist clients to effectively diagnose the cause of their current situation. Once you understand the cause, we identify the result you wish to create.
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Together we determine the obstacles.  From the obstacles, strategies are created.  Clients create a personalized food protocol. 
We discuss meals, foods, frequency of eating.  We address emotional hunger, over desire for food, decisions ahead of time and developing a solid relationship with yourself.  You absolutely CAN achieve the result you most Desire. Come..let me be your guide.  
Who I Can Serve the Most
I would love to work with people similar to me. A professional, working wife and mother who has the tendency to put everyone and everything before her health. This self-sacrifice happened slowly over time, but now her physical, mental and emotional health are suffering. She desperately wants to lose weight, become physically active and carve out time for herself, but it just seems impossible. Ironically, she turns to food and alcohol to ease her suffering from the stress and overwhelm, but it is only a temporary fix. She is confused about all the health research and programs and just can’t seem to make a decision or get started.


Shola Ezeokoli MD

Shola Ezeokoli MD

Wholist Premium Mindset Coach, Balance with Dr Shola Life Coach

I am Dr. Shola Ezeokoli, the vibrant and innovative CEO and founder of Balance With Dr. Shola LLC. I am an ICF certified professional life coach, corporate and conference speaker, #1 Amazon Best-selling Author, and triple licensed internal medicine physician.

I started my career as a medical doctor, but my passion for helping people go to the next level of their lives lead me into public speaking, writing, and professional coaching.

I help professional women live burnout and stress free lives by teaching them to create lives of balance and total life harmony through my coaching programs.

In the weight wellness space, I help clients uncover and change limiting mindsets that prevent you from stepping up to your healthiest self. I also help strategize the best plans, working with your busy schedule to keep you on track with your goals for a healthy weight and self image..

Instagram: @sholashade1

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Dr. Shola is a board certified internist and an ICF certified life coach. Over four sessions over the next 12 weeks, she will help you uncover and change limiting mindsets that prevent you from stepping up to your healthiest self. Through motivational interviewing as well as traditional coaching methods, together you will strategize the best plans, work within your busy schedule to keep you on track with your goals for a healthy weight and self image. Having struggled with weight and body image issues herself, and having done the inner work required for her change and growth, she will be with you every step of the way, offering support, empathy, understanding and motivation. By the end of your sessions you will have the correct mindset, more confidence and a “can do” attitude. This will keep you on track by not only inspiring you not only to lose weight, but to maintain your weight loss over the long term, and tackle the rest of life as it comes.

Jenny Harps MA, CCHT

Jenny Harps MA, CCHT

Wholist Mindset Coach, Awake and Aware Hypnotherapy

Jenny Harps holds a BA from Gonzaga University and an MA from Stanford University. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Diplomat of Visionary Craniosacral Work.

She has completed in-depth studies in  Effective Communication, Relationship Building Skills and Awareness Meditation Practices. She brings these therapeutic approaches to her private integrative therapy practice, Awake & Aware (

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In practice since 1992, Jenny teaches and facilitates Effective Communication and works with children, adults, families, and couples to free themselves from physical and emotional pain and meet the present moment with clarity.

To effectively invite your body to arrive at and sustain a comfortable weight you must clear the memories, habits, emotions, life situations, and understandings that lie at its root.

Using Alchemical Hypnotherapy you and I will respectfully and powerfully explore all that is involved in your current weight and empower you to shift it.

And we’ll have fun doing it.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy uses a medium trance in which you are consciously aware, participating and communicating with me, and at the same time, accessing the emotions and information that have previously blocked you from enjoying your slimmer self. You are always in command of the material we access and can tell me when you want to go deeper and when you feel ready to stop.

Throughout your weight wellness program, we will meet virtually to complete your mindset transformation. Each session begins with a thorough review of where you are now, where you want to be, and what you feel is most important today.

With your permission, I access not only my (over two decades of) experience as a hypnotherapist but also my extensive intuitive training to guide us as directly as possible to the center of the issue. I then gently invite you into hypnosis through guided visualization and relaxation.

Each session follows your natural flow - we work and play with what offers itself for healing that day. We may revisit and clear old memories, discover more satisfying ways to meet the emotional needs that food has been meeting, and create positive changes in your life in general to support your new self.

We will always access your own powerful inner guidance so that, in the long run, you become your own therapist for your weight and for your whole life.

Dr. Ana Blake

Dr. Ana Blake

Wholist Mindset Coach

In doing this work both personally and professionally, I have observed that when we struggle with our weight and body image, we often experience a lot of shame, guilt, self-doubt and self-loathing.

If you choose to coach with me, I will help you identify what has been hiding under the surface and leading you to sabotage your health for too long. It is from this place that you can truly decide NOT to let those beliefs define you any longer and to create the healthy mind and body that you have always dreamed of. 

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I started working with Heather last fall when I came to Wholist having gained 70 lbs after having my first baby. I had already lost some of the weight, but I was really STUCK - in more ways than just physically. I didn't FEEL healthy. I felt addicted to food, uncomfortable, physically weak and I believed so many negative things about myself and my body.

I am, like you, many things to many people. I am a wife, mother, sister, rural family physician, obstacle course racer, and - more recently- a physician life coach at The Anti-Fragile Female MD.

My journey with Wholist and with life coaching has transformed me from a place of burnout, hopelessness, perfectionism and isolation into a thriving, healthy, happy, strong and positive woman. I have lost 40 lbs, but more importantly, I am showing up as the woman I want to be in my work and in my personal life.

Along the way, I gained some amazing insight into just how complex the human brain is and how much it can be our own "worst enemy" at times.

We think anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Most of them are unconscious, yet they have enormous power to affect how we feel and what we do. I teach my clients how to recognize those sneaky, and often very poisonous, thoughts as also being our greatest teachers, how to learn to use the emotions they create as our guides, and how to thrive in any circumstance. Overcoming obstacles to use them to our advantage is my specialty!

In doing this work both personally and professionally, I have observed that when we struggle with our weight and body image, we often experience a lot of shame, guilt, self-doubt and self-loathing. I love this quote from Brene Brown and I believe it can be applied to any of these emotions: "Shame cannot survive being spoken. It cannot tolerate having words wrapped around it. What it craves is secrecy, silence, and judgement." 

If you choose to coach with me, I will help you identify what has been hiding under the surface and leading you to sabotage your health for too long. It is from this place that you can truly decide NOT to let those beliefs define you any longer and to create the healthy mind and body that you have always dreamed of. 

I look forward to working together!

Coach Ana 

Renee Silvus

Renee Silvus

Wholist Mindset Coach | Certified Whole Health Educator

I’ve been helping people see themselves more clearly for over 30 years as an educator, bodywork therapist, coach, and facilitator.  We use tools from the world’s great wisdom traditions to help you consciously inhabit your life with confidence, authenticity, and joy.

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We start exactly where you are. Whatever you think your problem is, we’ll go underneath the surface. Let’s get honest. Let’s see your stories, intentions, fears, and beauty of life. Let’s be kind, be tough, have some laughs, and move forward with some practical structures.
I understand unhealthy family dynamics and habits from a midwest upbringing immersed in sugar, chronic illness, and negativity.  In fifteen years as an educator, I know about quick meals over stacks of papers or the steering wheel on a commute. Black mold exposure taught me deep systemic imbalance and intense recovery. Fasting, cleansing, diets of every ilk—been there, got some wrinkled road maps, ready to help you navigate with yours.
Getting and staying well is conscious work with informed choices. To that end, I hold a Whole Health Educator and Coaching certification with the National Institute of Whole Health. My yoga and meditation lineage is with the Bharati Himalayan Yoga Tradition.
Wisdom Traditions that inspire our work together include:
  1. Stoic Philosophy
  2. The Hero’s Journey
  3. Yoga Philosophy and Psychology
  4. Nonviolent and Effective Communication
  5. Intra-personal Meditation, Circling, and Relational Intimacy
  6. Spiral Dynamics and Integral
  7. Contemplative Practices
  8. Conscious Leadership
  9. The Creative Process
  10. The Enneagram
Krystal Sodaitis

Krystal Sodaitis

Wholist Mindset Coach | Certified Life and Weight Coach

I am a pediatrician, wife, mother, healthcare executive, life long learner and yo-yo dieter in recovery.

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My first-grade teacher, Mrs Shulman (I still love her) told my mother I needed to lose weight. And so, I was put on my first diet. First of many. I spent my childhood afraid to go to the doctor (my pediatrician who I also loved) because I knew he would mention my weight and as much as I loved him, I hated to hear what I considered disappointment in his voice.  I was active, played three varsity sports, I was still overweight.
Into adulthood, I  went to college, medical school, residency and fellowship. I continued to diet and exercise. I loved the gym, I started to run, completed a marathon, two triathlons and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I was still overweight. When motivated enough, usually for an event, party, wedding or vacation I managed to lose weight,  only to bounce right back up after the deadline. I never really felt good in my body. I certainly never loved my body. 
I spent over 10 years in academic medicine serving the underserved, but not myself. I felt, overworked, under-appreciated, and I was still overweight. I ate and drank alcohol to make myself feel better but it usually didn’t work. In 2012 obese and unhappy, out of desperation, I decided to try a low carb (low fat) diet. I could not believe how great I felt. I lost a lot of weight and convinced myself that it wasn’t “hard” and I didn’t miss those foods.  
 I left clinical medicine in 2013 and began working from home. Being home all day with no restriction to what kind and how much food I could each,  despite being able to tie very specific physical symptoms to certain foods, I struggled to keep the weight off. I went from a very active job in clinical medicine walking miles a day, to sitting at a desk with almost no movement, unless it was up to the kitchen to get something else to eat. I started to experience worsening hip and back pain. I was hardly moving. I yo-yoed once again.
In 2017 I was introduced to Brook Castillo’s weight loss program. I quickly realized that it wasn’t about the food. I realized that all those years I had “white-knuckled’ my way through every diet. What I needed was a mindset shift. I thought if I understood intellectually why it was important to plan my food and stick to my plan the rest would come easily. The real mindset shift happened when I was doing my certification training. Despite all the work I was still overweight and as usual in pursuit of attaining my goal weight. With the help of an amazing coach I  realized I didn’t honestly believe I could or would reach my goal weight. I realized I was not committed to sticking to my food plan  in the same way, I am committed to even mundane things like work projects, paying the bills on time, calling my parents on a regular bases.  I wasn’t committed to myself.  I realized that the commitments I make to myself are the most important commitments in my life. At that moment I committed to myself that I would ger there.  In February 2019 I crossed over to a normal BMI for the first time in my entire life.  
I wish I could tell you the road from there was smooth sailing. Mind work never is. I have hit my goal weight more than once. My weight goes up and down; there is no deadline. I do the work every day. No matter what the scale says I keep the commitment to love my body and most importantly love myself.
Tracey O'Connell, M.D.

Tracey O'Connell, M.D.

Wholist Mindset Coach | Mindset and Emotions Facilitator

Helping you FEEL...better, so you can feel better. This is my purpose as a Mindset and Emotions Facilitator.

I want your human experience to be all it can be and ... life is MESSY. We need each other.

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If there's one thing we've learned from this pandemic, it's this: life is short.

I’ve spent the past 30+ years studying the human body, personal and professional relationships, striving to stay connected to my soul while living a full, complex life. I also spent decades thinking something was seriously wrong with me. While working as a radiologist, I spent A LOT of time in the dark, literally and metaphorically, feeling "not good enough" as a physician, a partner, or a parent. Years and thousands of dollars in therapy allowed me to survive and appear successful on the outside, but inside, I was miserable, trapped in mindsets I’d subscribed to my whole life.

I needed to stop betraying myself and learn how to fiercely love myself.

It wasn't until I left my high-income, high-status job and spent some quality time with myself that I realized: the solutions to my problems were inside of me. My transformation came from recognizing my own emotional intelligence and intuition as sources of wisdom and strength rather than weaknesses.

I now help others thrive by making it easier to work through their own limiting beliefs so they can lead wholehearted, rewarding lives.

I believe joy and fulfillment aren’t found in the approval of others. They’re found in our approval of ourselves.

When working with clients, I use Brené Brown’s curriculum for building resilience, combating perfectionism, and embracing who you actually are. I also employ skills I learned as an integrative health coach, including the power of writing to heal, to help break out of old narratives that are no longer relevant or useful.

I've been married to a great guy since 1994 and have 3 phenomenal young adult kids. I love to spend time in nature, read, garden, dance, do graphic design, listen to music and podcasts, and let my dog remind me what really matters. I feel most at home in the natural world.​

I’m excited to meet you and help you learn to love yourself and your own one wild and precious life.

Break the yo-yo dieting cycle and create a body and mind you feel confident in again.

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