An important question for those who, despite trying diet after diet, still struggle with their weight:

What's the only difference between yo-yoing through diet after diet, frustrated and depressed that none of the pounds are staying off, while struggling to have enough energy to get through the day...


... and becoming naturally slimmed, healthy, and energized for a lifetime, keeping up with your kids every day, and ending the day feeling accomplished and confident?

The right meal plan?... nope.

The right exercise routine?... nada.

The right superfoods or supplements?... still not it.

Even if you guessed better willpower, stress-free lives, better metabolism, or winning the genetic lottery... still a big, fat "no."

Because weight loss, health, and more energy isn't actually just a food problem...

... it's a hormone dysregulation and mindset problem.

And restrictive diets make these problems worse.

They're leaving you feeling more depleted and with more cravings than when you started, right?

I’ve been where you are now, struggling with diet after diet. Trying to piece together the advice and live a healthier life. But watching my weight creep up and up, pound by pound, year after year… feeling disgusted in myself that I can't change it.

But you CAN change it.

What Most Dieters Aren't Being Told


You don’t have to spend 3 hours a day cooking, prepping, counting, and tracking.

It's a total waste of time and effort, and many diets simply make things so complicated it's impossible for any normal person to succeed on them in the long term.

You only need to integrate some basics into your normal eating habits and weekly food planning and you are golden! Spend all that extra time on your kids, on a date night or that training that will take your career to the next level... or just savor a few moments of self-care for once.



Fat and flavor are not the enemy.

Fat doesn't cause fat. It's by having the right kinds of fat in your diet that you actually stay full longer, make your food taste amazing (along with some salt or vinegar), and actually provide what your body needs to turn ON it's fat-burning engine.

I know, sounds weird, but it's reality. Or bodies need it for it's essential processes, and when we have enough of it our body isn't worried about storing more. Instead it get's better at shifting into fat-burning mode.

Eat food that tastes good! I'll show you how.



Cravings are a natural biological and psychological response... but they can be changed!

Yes, you can actually shut off cravings. But not like they say by just resisting the craving long enough that somehow it magically goes away.

Nope, we're not dumb. And even if it did, having enough willpower to hold out that long is a BIG ask of anyone.

Instead, we shift the hormone problems stoking our biological cravings and hunger, especially during those afternoon crashes. And shift the psychological triggers that are creating emotional eating and boredom eating.



You DON'T have to starve yourself and go hangry on a regular basis to lose weight through calorie restriction.

THE greatest evil thrust on us by the dieting industry! It's simply unnecessary, and causing more hunger, cravings, and hormone problems.

No more counting calories or going hungry. Our bodies need to feel we're not running out of food, so it doesn't go into survival mode and start storing MORE fat to protect us. And we need to feel satisfied psychologically so we aren't constantly triggering more cravings.

Our first rule is to eat enough... eat real, delicious food until you're no longer hungry. Without that, weight loss is a constant struggle that returns the moment you stop dieting.



Crazy exercise routines are NOT necessary... and may actually be causing weight GAIN.

Yup, that's right, if weight loss is your goal, many forms of exercise people think will help them lose weight (like most cardio) actually triggers weight gain in most people.

So you're off the hook. Knowing the right exercise means you aren't wasting all that pain and effort on something that is actually keeping you from your weight goals.



You can lose weight AND boost energy and health all at the same time... but not with another diet.

It's what we call "Weight Wellness"... when you're not here to just slip off a few pounds for that bikini or wedding.

The right approach means you are not only losing weight permanently, but are actually healthier, preventing disease, boosting energy, sleeping better, and being all-around more awesome and confident.

With some help, anyone (including you) can make some simple lifestyle changes and make them stick. Creating a life and body you love, eating good food, and having the health and energy to be running around with the kiddoes and grand-kiddoes for years to come.

I even had the energy to start a business while still being a full time doctor and mom of two young boys.


Even though the reasons to make these healthy weight loss changes are obvious, the path to successful, life-long change is anything but.

You’ve already tried and tried again to just plug in the food rules of this or that diet or food fad... only to be left with nothing but the disappointment and feeling disgust at yet another failed and useless diet.

You’ve already tried cutting out the sugar, the carbs, the fat, and everything good out of your diet, clawing your way through each day as that voice inside you screams for just one potato chip or chocolate bar... or whatever your “guilty pleasure” is.

You’ve already done the reps, logged the miles, but are not getting an ounce closer to your goal weight.

And you’re still not one step closer to a life-long slim body, good health, and sustained energy even through through those dreaded afternoon crashes.

And all that bullheaded willpower ain’t cutting it when real life shows up in full force.

If any of this rings true...

Even if you’re reaching your forties or fifties, have not gotten your old self back after becoming a mom, or simply don’t have the time to completely rearrange your life for another diet...

You’re in the right place.

That's me, just a year before I completely transformed my weight, health, and energy... even while trying diet after diet and exercising like a madwoman.

I'm a doctor and life-long athlete, and even I couldn't get any of the diets out there to work.

And I tried everything... 

Name brand programs, keto, low-carb, calorie counting, Whole30, "eating healthy" and exercising constantly...

Nothing was working.

I was giving up. Depressed, frustrated, and disgusted with my inability to overcome my creeping weight and sliding health and energy...

I was having trouble keeping up with my own kids, and keeping up with my shifts in the ER. I felt like a failure. Like it was all me.

I couldn't sleep well, and the cravings never let up.

I saw the look in my beautiful boys' eyes when they just wanted Mommy to play with them.

I was SOOO frustrated!

I almost gave up.....
and then I just got PISSED.

Using my biochemistry and medical background, I started researching... and researching... and experimenting on myself.... and researching more...

 I started over.... going directly to the latest studies and research. What we know NOW, not the stuff from 60 years ago.

I'm a doctor, and I'll tell you they teach us nearly nothing about nutrition. And what they do teach is horribly outdated.

Honestly I probably went a little crazy on this little project of mine...

But 300 hours of research later:

I was two sizes smaller, stronger than ever, and confident again.

I dug through everything I could find, going right to the source and vetting each study one by one to get at what really mattered.

I was going about the whole thing from the wrong perspective:

I didn't need yet another diet, or the "right" food or supplement...

... I needed a lifestyle shift that I could sustain.

That got my hormones back in balance, my insulin down, and a way to shift my cravings and old patterns so I wasn't a slave to those treats and old habits anymore.

What, when, and why I ate was critical.

Absolutely critical.

But even more critical was working with my biology, shifting my habits, and resolving my cravings.

I couldn't go on fighting myself every day.

I couldn't keep feeling like crap, and hating what I ate, and hating myself for not following through.

I needed a system, a process that could make this something I could sustain and that I'd enjoy.

That's why I created the Lifestyle Transformation System™....

Today, at 40 years old, I'm stronger and faster and weigh less than I did playing college soccer.

  • I dropped two sizes and feel so confident in my body, I love seeing myself in the mirror again and dressing up.
  • My kids have no chance of catching me, and I can run around with those two wonderful mopheads all day, loving every minute of it.
  • I'm now leaping forward in my career, beating my previous best running time, and still have the time and energy to strengthen my family and relationships.
  • I feel empowered by every positive choice I make, and know clearly why I'm making it.

These are shifts that I (and others I've shared this with) now do automatically.

I'm not fighting myself.

I'm loving my life and my choices.

I'm waking up rested and alive.

I'm not worrying about my health or if I'll have enough willpower to get through the day without "caving in" to those old cravings.

What if you could rewire your brain and body to naturally sustain your weight loss, energy, and health?

Without the cravings.

Without the CONSTANT fight to stay on diet and resist the sweets.

Without spending all your time on meal prep and tracking, when you have no time to begin with.

Loving what you eat and how you look.

That's why it's a Lifestyle Transformation System™.

Life-long weight loss that leaves you sleeping better, with more energy, better health, and even helps prevent the big chronic diseases we face today as we age.

Not some fad.

Not a weight loss gimmick.

True, deep change that spills into every area of your life.

Change that happens from the inside out, through a step by step process, layering one small change on another until you don't even recognize yourself... in good way!

Small steps that we can easily slip into our insanely busy schedules.

It's so much easier when you're already sleeping better and have more energy in the first weeks of the program.

Do you want that, too?

It wasn't just me… people like….

  • Brandon, at age 42, having tried every diet in the book, and already running 5-7miles 5 times a week, found herself 190 pounds, frustrated, ashamed, tired, and giving up. And dropped 22 pounds, started sleeping better, and was able to get back fully into her passion of backcountry skiing.
  • Nancy, at 62, obsessively stuffed herself with carb-laden foods every afternoon to get by, and felt terrible about it every time she did. In 2 weeks she had control again, and by 4 weeks was wanting to exercise again and already found her pants looser.
  • Cathy, a dietician, a personal trainer, and a marathoner, thought she ”knew what to do." But had her blood sugar dropping every couple of hours, and had to eat reflexively just to keep going. She was able shift it entirely and go 7-8 hours between meals, feeling full, with no crashes, better mood, and stopped obsessing about food. Plus, she was sleeping better!
  • Katie had two kids and was an emergency nurse. Hungry all the time, up more than 25 pounds, and worrying about keeping up with her kids or getting on the bike... she tried all of the diets with no long term success. Katie dropped 20 pounds and just sent me a link to her new favorite High Intensity Training workout app. I don't think she's having trouble keeping up anymore!

My weight has fluctuated 10 to 20 pounds over my ideal weight over my whole adult life. After reaching 18 pounds over, I started the Wholist Weight Management Program. Heather’s scientific food approach (along with her common sense, humor, down-to-earth, and gentle and kind spirit) has opened the door to a healthy and lifelong approach to eating.

This healthier eating has now become my new habit! Overall, I feel so much better; pants are looser, the bloating feeling in my gut is gone, I am finally in control of what I eat, not the other way around, which is a miracle!

For 12 years, since menopause, I have not slept well. I can only attribute my newfound sleepful nights to this program. And I am 12 pounds lighter!

- Adora M, WholeYou Weight Wellness client

The Good News is....

You can Achieve a Naturally Slimmed, Healthy and Energized Lifestyle that fits seamlessly into your unique life.

Because now you have a new path being laid out for you...

  • That works with your hormones instead of against them
  • That triggers natural, healthy weight loss without feeling hungry, tired, or deprived
  • That keeps your energy sustained, going hours without hunger, and your blood sugar steadier
  • That drops your cravings, emotional eating habits, and boredom eating holding you back.

I've put together a coach-led program for you using our Lifestyle Transformation System™. Step by tiny step, it rewires your mind and body to naturally lose weight and bolster consistent energy while eating real, delicious food you choose.

Plus all the Health Benefits that Come with it

  • It has been proven that the dietary changes that you will learn in this program can reverse and prevent coronary artery disease, prevent a handful of common cancers like breast and colon cancer, reverse and prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, improve sleep and exercise and performance.
  • The mindfulness and mindset work we do has been proven to diminish mood disorders, improve energy and cognition, and decrease negative habits and stress.
  • Therapeutic lifestyle changes can directly prevent all ten of the top killers in our society.  


WholeYou Weight Wellness
Group Coaching Program

A Lifestyle Transformation System that runs over 12 weeks with simple, bite-size shifts that build over the 12 weeks and become a natural part of your decision making and mindset.

Further guided by your group coach and supported by your community of Weight Wellness participants going through the same journey as you.

If you only lost the weight and kept it off, it would be entirely worth it.

But what if you could not just look slimmer, but FEEL healthier, more energetic, have more clarity and stamina?

Or help you get better sleep?

With all you've put into solving this problem, you should already have all of this and more. But instead you're stuck feeling frustrated, depressed, even disgusted with the lack of progress you've seen.

Let's take a quick look at all of the benefits that people achieve in Weight Wellness, many in the first weeks of the program....

And Designed to Help You Lose Over 8-10% Body Weight in 12 Weeks... and Keep it Off

A permanent lifestyle shift that has you losing weight, sleeping better, having greater focus for your family, life, and work, and improving your health in the process.

Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health - and I can't recommend it enough. It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind.

Mainstream advice for weight loss only sets us up to fail and then blame ourselves! The SCIENCE behind Dr. H's methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a "lifestyle change" than any diet I've ever tried.

I've lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don't feel deprived or that I'm longing for off-limits foods. While losing weight was my primary goal, I so appreciate the chance to work on changing the way I think about so many things in my life. I can't thank Dr. H enough for how her program has affected my waistline and my overall physical and mental health."

Katie N.

Weight Wellness Client





Wholist has helped me re-evaluate my relationship with food... not just what I eat, but when I eat and why I eat. I have learned why my body needs the foods it does when it needs them, and how to use food as fuel rather than entertainment or false enjoyment. I love to eat, and I love to cook. That hasn't changed, but now I have the tools to do so in a way that benefits my long term heath and well being.

Peter O.

Weight Wellness Client

The education, coaching and guidance is direct, yet without a single shred of shaming or guilt. The WHOLIST health program is designed to help recalibrate what we know about healthy lifestyle choices.

In this new year I wanted to gift myself with a completely different framework of thinking that would aid me in shedding more than just body weight!

After only 10 days I cannot believe the difference in my eating patterns (never hungry), my sleep habits (yay to a full nights' sleep), and how much more focused I am with my work responsibilities.

Yes, my waistline is benefitting from this program, but the big surprise I did not imagine when I started, was how much my brain would improve.

No lie-- it's all connected and Dr. Heather's daily messages and weekly coaching makes it easy to stay on track with better choices and revised thinking about those choices!

Adora M.

Weight Wellness Client



By Joining Weight Wellness, I'm also Giving You

My 7 Weight Wellness Enhancers

to Help You Overcome the Biggest Obstacles Anyone Trying to Lose Weight or Get Healthy Faces

Weight Wellness Enhancer #1

Rewire Your Cravings for Sweets, Snacks, and Unhealthy Carbs

    • Finally shift those unsupportive thoughts and feelings to positive, supporting ones, and break free of emotional eating and other self-sabotage getting in the way of your new healthy and thin lifestyle.
    • How to identify and neutralize cravings with simple mindset techniques.
    • How to short circuit your snacking habit… (the biggest factor tripping up everyone)… so your body can reset and find it’s natural hormonal balance without the swings and cravings.
    • My thought trick to break the habit of buying and eating all those sugar added products.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #2

    Go beyond the meal plan - discover what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat

    • Stoke your natural, fat burning metabolism and create sustained energy with the right food types and timing.
    • The simple process for resetting your insulin levels and resetting your hunger signals - particularly the signal to tell your brain that you are full and don’t need more food!
    • How to finally overcome the weight loss plateau. It’s real, and we show you what to do to break through!
    • The real story on superfoods, organics, and GMO's, and which are worth giving a damn about, and which are honestly not worth all the hype.
    • Discover the WHEN of eating that is so key to resetting and rebalancing hormones for sustainable weight loss.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #3

    Handle even the most challenging food situations - like eating out, traveling, special occasions, and more…

    • How to eat out at nearly any restaurant without sabotaging your hard-won lifestyle changes.
    • How to prep for a vacation without throwing everything you’ve gained out the window... and how to find healthy weight wellness food wherever you go.
    • What to do when you’re faced with special occasions filled with trouble foods you’re not sure you can resist.
    • What to do when you’re a parent, including how to bring the entire household on board and supporting your new lifestyle.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #4

    Create your own, automatic, Weight Wellness lifestyle to last a lifetime

    • Get our TEMPLATES for crafting your own Weight Wellness Protocol - your personally-tailored plan and cheatsheet that keeps you on track instead of stressing out.
    • My essential strategies to have consistent, restful sleep every night - an essential component of the naturally thin and energized lifestyle which also affects your weight and your hunger.
    • The single best practice I’ve found for shedding the thoughts that aren’t serving you, and installing ones that do - including the Thought Download method.
    • Critical self-care strategies essential for weight loss and better energy, and how to fit in even in your crazy, busy life.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #5

    Save time and money... and make the Weight Wellness Lifestyle easier

    • Food journaling simplified with the essential app we use that takes less than 20 seconds a meal to track... and enables your coach to review and provide personalized advice easily.
    • Get the Weight Wellness comprehensive buying guide to make it dead simple to grab the right foods at the grocery store.
    • Get the Weight Wellness low carb brainstorming guide so you can get creative with delicious, healthy food with ease… more variety, all Weight Wellness compatible.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #6

    Move for weight loss and health, even if you’re struggling to be active

    • Discover the types of exercise to avoid if losing weight is your primary goal (or do it anyway just because you love it!)
    • Find out simple ways to incorporate gentle movement to ease into a more active lifestyle as your energy rises on the Weight Wellness program.
    • What types of exercise actually support weight loss, and what you can do to get the most out of it to increase the amount of fat you burn even when you’re not exercising.

    Weight Wellness Enhancer #7

    Advanced techniques to take weight wellness to the next level

      • My quick guide to Longevity Fasts - what are they and how to get started yourself to boost your health, energy, and longevity!
      • Two key types of foods to include in your Weight Wellness lifestyle, along with additional tips, that help slow and steady insulin spikes.
      • How to powerfully shift your mindset in all areas of your life so you can level up every area from relationships to career. (Particularly in the Mindset program which includes a mindset coach as well)

      All 7 Weight Wellness Enhancers, Yours Free For Joining Weight Wellness, Delivered to You through the WholeYou™ Lifestyle Transformation System in bite size pieces

      They take less than 10 minutes a day during the course of the program. And we keep you motivated and moving with quick texts that keep you going with tips and motivation.

      The Lifestyle Transformation System™

      When you join, you'll get a community with you and your

      WholeYou Weight Wellness Group Coach

      We specifically choose our coaches with particular qualifications….

      1. They are practicing and licensed healthcare practitioners - such as doctors, nurses, dietitians
      2. They have the right qualities that make a really good and effective coach - like the ability to enable you to make your own decisions, and then hold you accountable, kindly but firmly. And the ability to allow open honest dialogue about deep nested relationship and body issues.
      3. They need to have direct experience in the kinds of challenges you face every day
      4. They need to be immersed in our Weight Wellness approach and have gone through it themselves. So they have a depth of experience to help you through any challenge and situation.
      5. They need to understand the psychological aspects of what you are trying to accomplish, not just the mechanical ones. So they can guide you through even those messy problems you haven't been able to figure out what to do about.

      Every single one of our coaches meet all of these high expectations to become a WholeYou Weight Wellness Coach.

      Your group coach there by your side every step of the way, along with your community of people going through the same Weight Wellness lifestyle transformation as you.

      There for every question, every challenge, every dip and every success, and keeping you on track to your 12 week goal, while preparing you to sustain these results throughout your life.

      All this and the full 7 Weight Wellness Enhancers delivered to you in bite size pieces to your phone with quick daily podcasts with me…. along with helpful tips, guides, and motivation right when you need it each day.

      Plus lifetime access to all of the Weight Wellness Enhancers in our online portal...

      And our growing library of recipes and resources.

      Plus… I know, how can there be more??….

      Plus…. you have the option to work with an additional mindset coach - either a hypnotherapist, Brene Brown trained life coach, or meditation coach - who will help you powerfully transform your mindset to impact all areas of your life… all by choosing the Mindset program.

      Questions others like you have asked before

      saying "YES!" to life-long Weight Wellness:

      Q: I want to do this, but I'm already stretched wayyy too thin, how much time is this going to take?

      That is a tremendous question that so many who join us have struggled with diets they've tried in the past.

      I hear you 🙂

      We've also gone to bed and woken up cuddled next to our iPhones.

      Skipped meals.

      And felt like adding one more thing to our never-ending to-do list will be the thing that finally leaves us ugly-crying in the corner.

      But here's the thing...

      This program gives you BACK time.

      When you take this naturally thin, health-boosting approach to weight loss, you typically get...

      • More and sustained energy
      • More hours in your day where you are alert and focused
      • Better sleep so you can wake up rested without hitting the snooze button about thirty times and still being too groggy to do anything next two hours


      We make each step so simple and easy to do you can't not do it. It's as simple as looking at text and listening to a quick 10 minute podcast on your way to work.

      It's just making that commute, or trip to the gym, or waiting in line a little more enjoyable.

      And there's no calorie tracking or journaling.

      And your coaching session - that will become the highlight of your week.

      Seriously, your amazing coach is what makes the whole experience exceptional, and many don't want to stop when the program ends, and sign up for additional coaching sessions so they don't have to give that up.

      Q: Okay Heather, let's get real... Really, what kind of diet is this?

      We aren't going on a diet!

      Diets don't work, we all know that, but no one wants to admit it.

      What we are going to do is eat real whole food, that tastes good, at times that research supports the improvement of your metabolic digestion and weight loss.


      Teach you techniques to more easily make better choices every day with less struggle and cravings.

      This is a lifestyle training program.

      A coaching led process of rewiring your brain and body to shift your lifestyle, eating habits, and automatic decision making to that of a naturally thin and healthy person.

      You'll never go hungry, be restricted only to specific foods, or need a tremendous amount of willpower just to get through it.

      And your coach will work with you to make it work with your unique needs, preferences, and even that favorite food you can't imagine ever giving up.

      You're not given an all or nothing meal plan and food list that you have to somehow make fit with your dietary needs, personal likes and dislikes, and the fact that you live and maybe even cook for a home of amazing people you love.

      Your coach is there for you to help you customize a way of eating that works for you, and helps you lose weight.

      Because the truth is:

      It's not just what you eat, and it's definitely not self-deprivation.

      And all those restrictive diet plans and added stress are just triggering your body to freak out and go into fat-storing survival mode.

      I promise you that this program is about never going hungry, eating real, healthy, delicious food you want to eat, and more importantly making the critical shifts in your body and mind that have you living like a naturally thin person.

      And in the process:

      Helping you reduce the cravings and hungers that have you constantly reaching for those foods you honestly don't really want to be eating anymore. Those foods that you know aren't serving you, and that are making you feel crappy afterwards, but have a gravitational pull you can't break free of.

      You know what I'm talking about.

      This is all about choice.

      Your choice.

      Not at the mercy of a diet plan or your own cravings. In control, confident, and empowered.

      And you'll know the why behind everything you choose to eat or not eat, the exercise you choose to do or not do, the lifestyle choices you choose to make or not make.

      You are in control.

      Q: Am I going to follow through on this program even when I've failed or struggled before?

      That's probably been a problem in the past, right?

      • Maybe you would be all fired up to take on that fad diet, only to see your willpower dwindling to nothing the moment life got stressful, or the pressure was turned up with that dinner party Friday night, that weekend away, those surprise cookies at work. How can you say no?
      • Maybe you were always in contemplation mode about how you were going to change your life to be healthier and slim down, but rarely did anything for longer than a week... and it never worked because it was never the right approach anyway.
      • Maybe you did everything you were supposed to, lost weight, but the second the program was over - BOOM - everything goes out the window and the pounds jump right back on.

      Eck, ya, it's painful...

      And chips away at our soul a little every time.

      I DO NOT want that for you yet again.

      That's why there is no DIY option here. This is a full 12 week coaching program, with a digital program you can absorb step by step even in the busiest, craziest, and most stressful of lives, and will have with you long after these 12 weeks end.

      Our content has been crafted after over 300 hours of research and learning about weight science, nutrition, medical literature, and cognitive behavioral therapy/mindset work.

      Our weight coaches are here for you for support, accountability, and tailoring the program around your life. And our mindset coaches are here for expertise around mindfulness, motivation and life's big issues that affect your food choices.

      You aren't on your own with this one.

      You aren't feeling deprived or struggling to find hours to devote in front of a computer to learning the program.

      Our Lifestyle Transformation System is designed to be delivered right through your phone in snackable pieces to seamlessly fit into the busiest of lives. Lives full of running around, picking up kids, dashing to meetings, barely fitting in a quick gym session, running errands, all the things piling up every day.

      And the entire program is designed to layer on mindset shifts and biological shifts that gradually shift you to a naturally thin lifestyle.

      Your coach is critical, and helps you overcome all of your struggles, and make everything work with your unique lifestyle.

      If you're ready to finally shift your life, your coach will help you make it happen.

      Q: I love to cook and love food, are you going to tell me I can't eat?

      LOL no! We love food as much as you do!

      We are going to learn together how to love it even more, because it will still taste great and keep you satisfied - but you'll know it is working for you and your goals, not against you.

      And you'll be shifting your psychology with techniques that will leave you no longer longing for those "danger foods" that aren't serving you.

      Q: How do the coaching sessions work?

      You will join your coach on video chat with the rest of your community going through it with you.

      It is easy to do and can be done on your phone (through our app) or web browser, designed to be as flexible and easy for you as possible because we know your life is busy.

      And each session will be recorded and provided to you in case you can't show up live.

      There will be opportunity to bring up successes, issues, and more, and get the expert help of your group coach. And you get the benefit of listening to the advice they're giving others facing the same challenges as you.

      Q: What is the difference between the group coaching and the personal coaching and mindset program?

      With the personal coaching and mindset program you get access to all of the standard weight wellness program benefits, plus both a personal coach you work with one on one (instead of a group coach)... and a personal mindset coach!

      Both coaches are entirely private sessions, one-on-one with your coaches throughout the 12 weeks of the program.

      You get to choose a mindset coach that will work with you on LIFE's issues that are getting in the way of making healthy choices toward food and work and family and more.

      After you purchase, you will be able to choose to work with:

      • A Brene Brown-trained physician life coach
      • A physician meditation guide
      • Or a clinical hypnotherapist.

      I believe EVERYONE should have a support guide/therapist like this and private coaching, especially around a life transformation as big and impactful as this.

      So who is perfect for and gets the most out of WholeYou Weight Wellness?

      So here's the qualities of people who have been able to follow through and get results from this program:

      1. You want to eat healthy, delicious real food you choose, not tasteless manufactured "diet" food or a restrictive, approved food list that doesn't fit your lifestyle or preferences.
      2. You see how your weight and eating habits are affecting everything in your life - how you feel, how you look, your confidence, your energy, even your sleep.
      3. You want to take things one step at a time. In fact, you prefer it to being overloaded and overwhelmed right out of the gate and crashing hard (like you might have before.. no judgements here!).
      4. You're crazy busy, and haven't managed to follow through on diets before.
      5. You've had enough of yo-yoing and never getting anywhere with your diets or healthy habits or huge amounts of exercise.

      The knowledge and empowerment to take control over my health and eating choices has been remarkable. The science behind the info provided by Dr. Hammerstedt is easy to comprehend and is never offered with judgement or in a patronizing way.

      I was worried that I couldn't fully use all of it because of my busy life ( true for all, right?) But the real kicker here, is that because she integrates all the available technology, it actually makes it easy to use. I can tap into it whenever it fits my schedule and needs.

      Feeling weak and want to grab sugary/salty snacks? Listen to her message about WHY your body is doing that and make a better choice.

      Too rushed to hear a full podcast when you first wake up? Save it for your drive to work.

      - WholeYou Weight Wellness client

      By now you know the difference between starving your way to (at best) temporary weight loss.... and instead achieving a naturally thin, healthy, and energized lifestyle that lasts.

      It's called Weight Wellness.

      • If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and keep it off with standard diets, or even the newer low-carb ones….
      • If you've struggled with cravings, sugar addiction, emotional eating, and bad habits that never go away...
      • If you’ve been worried about your health or energy and haven't been able to get a grip on improving either...
      • If you’ve been seeking a better solution to feel as good as you're going to look, and be around for decades to come - healthy and active…
      • If you haven't had the time or energy to create true change you already KNOW you absolutely need...

      It's time to stop playing around with those cheats, hacks, and outdated dieting myths.

      Use what we now know about weight science, the latest in behavioral change, and the step by step process of our Lifestyle Transformation System to finally achieve the naturally slimmed, healthy, and energized lifestyle that lasts.

      Finally achieve life-long weight loss, while boosting health and energy...

      Join the WholeYou™ Weight Wellness 12 Week Group Program

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      Now you have two options... you can continue yo-yoing through diet after diet with no sustained results to show for all you put into them...

      Or you can create a shift in your life that lasts a lifetime by creating the naturally slimmed, healthy, and energized Weight Wellness lifestyle.

      The choice is yours...


      Join the Weight Wellness
      Group Program

      Get the full Weight Wellness group coaching program  including:

      • 12 weeks of group coaching with your medically trained WholeYou Weight Wellness coach
      • A community of support from those going through the program with you
      • The WholeYou™ Lifestyle Transformation System™ and all 7 Weight Wellness Enhancers
      • Bonus #1: Weight Wellness Parents ($495 value)
      • Bonus #2: Weight Wellness Culinary Secrets ($597 value)
      • Bonus #3: Temptation Proof Travel ($449 value)
      • Bonus #4: WholeYou Fit Introductory Masterclass ($595 value)

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      Upgrade to the Weight Wellness Personal Coaching and Mindset Program

      Get everything in the Weight Wellness program.... PLUS:

      • Your own personal coach for all 12 weeks of the program (instead of a group coach)
      • Medical level privacy as you work with your coach one-on-one
      • Daily YouAte food logging app and coach feedback
      • Plus a mindset coach of your choosing with a focus in life coaching, hypnosis, or meditation - your choice!
      • Payment plan available for 3 monthly payments of $1,150
      • Start when you choose.

      Join for just 3 monthly payments of $1150

      -- OR --

      Save $451 by paying in full today

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I get the weight wellness Lifestyle Transformation System program content, including those Weight Wellness Enhancers?

      You will get a text to your mobile device every morning with a link to the day's weight science/mindset podcast as well as a document. At midday, you will get a support text and a quick daily assignment. In the evening, you will get a text with a success tip.

      Additionally, you will have access to a client portal on the website that will have all of this information available for you, if and when you need it.

      How do the coaching sessions work?

      You'll join your fellow Weight Wellness participants on a live group coaching call, which will be recording in case you can't make it.

      There will be time to recognize successes, address struggles and obstacles, and learn from each other as you go through the same journey together.

      What is the difference between the group Weight Wellness program and the personal and mindset Weight Wellness program?

      With the personal coaching and mindset program you get access to all of the standard weight wellness program benefits, but you get your own personal coach AND an additional mindset coach focused ONLY on mindset work.

      You still get all of the standard program, texts/podcasts/documents and your personal weight coach, but you also get to choose a coach that will work with you on LIFE's issues that are getting in the way of making healthy choices toward food and work and family and more.

      After you purchase, you will be able to choose a your mindset coach - either a Brene Brown-trained physician life coach, a physician meditation guide, or a clinical hypnotherapist.

      Dr Hammerstedt believes EVERYONE should have a support guide/therapist like this, especially around a life transformation as big as this. Why? Because this process brings up deep issues for most people that need to be worked through.... and we all know the weight isn't just about food.

      See the Our Team section for who our coaches are. In the standard stellar weight wellness program, you have one of the weight wellness coaches just for you.

      Do you prescribe medicine?

      No. While some of the coaches are physicians, they are not prescribing medicines or practicing medicine. They are functioning as coaches only.

      What does a health coach do?

      A health coach can be defined as helping patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become active participants so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.

      Health and wellness coaches help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health. The coach guides clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.

      Health coaches may provide advice and support for the choices and decisions you make but will not be giving you specific instructions beyond their scope.

      I love to cook and love food, are you going to tell me I can't eat?

      LOL no! We love food as much as you do!

      We are going to learn together how to love it even more, because it will still taste great and keep you satisfied - but you'll know it is working for you and your goals, not against you.

      What diet are you going to put me on?

      We aren't going on a diet! Diets don't work, we all know that, but no one wants to admit it.

      What we are going to do is eat real whole food, not products, that tastes good, at times that research supports the improvement of your metabolic digestion and weight loss.

      Do you make meal plans for me?

      Lifestyle medicine and psychology research clearly demonstrates that sustainable behavioral change only happens with active engagement, not by passive consumption.

      If we just told you what to eat and when, of course you would lose weight, but what happens when the program is over? Same thing that happened every time you've tried to lose weight, it would come right back.

      So we are taking the reality of your life and figuring out together how to make meaningful change even when it is hard.

      That means how to plan, how to shop, what to buy, where to buy it, when to cook it, how to store it, what you don't like, how to incorporate kids/spouse/work, how to talk yourself through the hard times, how to create patterns of choices, how to eat at restaurants, how to travel, how to bounce back after less than ideal choices, what to do when you forget, how to choose the best of bad options, etc etc etc.

      What else would I need to buy?

      We strongly recommend a fitbit Aria2 wireless scale, as this will integrate directly into your client chart in our virtual clinic. We also would recommend a fitbit activity tracker, if you are apt to wear it, as it will also integrate.

      There will be a food journal app, the free version is just fine, but the premium one is better, but the cost is nominal. Otherwise, you will only be purchasing your own food.

      What is the goal of the weight wellness program?

      Wholist's main mission is to help you curate your health future in the context of your life.

      You know your life, your obstacles, your work, your family, your schedule.

      We have curated the literature and science and information and tips, as well as your coaches, to empower you to make sustainable lifestyle and lifetime changes that work for specifically for you.

      If your goal is to lose weight, you will lose weight. If your goal is to make healthier food choices (physically healthy, emotionally healthy), you will do it. If you want be less dependent (addicted) to food, you will do it. If you don't know what you want or need, we will help you determine and meet your goals.

      Our philosophy is that YOU are valuable, your life is the only one you have, your body is the only one you have, and that you deserve the most up to date, evidence based nutrition and lifestyle information to make your life and body the best they can be.

      How long is the weight wellness program?

      Your program will start on the Monday after you sign up, and will be ongoing for 12 weeks, with the option to continue if you desire.

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