Learn how to Eat More & Lose Weight while Thriving at work. You are NOT too busy to say goodbye to Low Energy, Yo-Yo Dieting, and Secret Depression

In 12 weeks (or less), your beautiful self will be gliding through hallways, zipping through tasks, and cooking healthy meals with ease, simplicity, & financial savings (no not coupon clipping)

Free Masterclass: The Weight Wellness Blueprint to life-long weight loss, while boosting your health and energy.

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An integrated team of practitioners working together with you, individualized for your needs.
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Wholist has truly changed my whole mindset about food and health.... It saddens me to think of all the years I spent trying to diet, lose weight, and be healthier with all the WRONG information and not a shred of evidence to explain why I was torturing my body and mind. The SCIENCE behind Dr. H's methods is truly revolutionary and so much easier to adapt into a "lifestyle change" than any diet I've ever tried. I've lost more weight, more easily, than I ever have before and I don't feel deprived or that I'm longing for off-limits foods.

Katie N, Weight Wellness Coaching client

Meet Wholist's CEO, Dr Heather Hammerstedt

Hello there. My name is Dr. H. and I am a Health Curator.

Perhaps you haven’t heard that term before. It’s a radical idea for health care.

You know how we love those "Top places to go for your next summer vacation" type of lists? Or how Netflix makes it easy to find more of the types of movies and shows we like? They take all the confusion and hassle out of doing all the searching and analysis ourselves. They simply provide us our best options.

A Health Curator does the same thing for your health. I believe each of you has the capacity to create your own optimal health, without having to become an health expert yourself - you just need the support and structure to succeed.

During my career in emergency medicine (including the last 10 years spent helping Ugandans get access to emergency medicine through the non-profit Global Emergency Care), I've seen how transformative the right health care can be.

But when our health challenges aren't so cut and dry as a broken bone or life-threatening pneumonia, getting the health outcomes we want can get muddy.

Who do we need to see to get results? How do we get conventional and alternative care providers to actually communicate and work together? What approaches have real evidence behind it for my particular needs?

I saw all this confusion, miscommunication, and rising mistrust in our health care system and was driven to pull together the practitioners who want to make a difference in people's health care but are sick of working in silos.

I thought:

What if we could bring together the best science and psychology of lifestyle medicine to make more effective programs for healthy lifestyle change... like our Weight Wellness coaching program helping people lose weight, improve health, and make permanent change.

And what if we could make these programs be flexible and personalized enough to fit any person's unique set of preferences, needs, and circumstances so no one is left out of the same profound changes everyone else is getting?

Knowing your desired outcome, we can help you understand, with confidence, the best options to help you achieve it.

Curated health care, entirely in your hands, minus the confusion and hassle.

So my question to you is...are you ready to join us?

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