About Wholist

Wholist is breaking the mold of health care.

We are a small company built on big dreams and a collection of varied top notch health and wellness experiences and education. We believe in evidence, education, and empowerment for life-changing health transformation.

We believe in a team approach to collate expertise and advice to help you curate YOUR health future, in your life, with your needs in mind.

We believe that the old model of health care should be thrown out…

  • The one where you as the patient were left out of decision making and received recommendations with no tools for follow through
  • The one where your doctor and practitioners were working in silos behind the veil of bureaucracy
  • The one where you were on your own to find non-traditional services to add to your care with no understanding of real medical evidence, safety or cost

Join us and let’s create our health future together.

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH:
CEO and Founder of Wholist

Hello there. My name is Dr. H. and I am a Health Curator.

Perhaps you haven’t heard that term before. It’s a radical idea for health care.

You know how we love those “Top places to go for your next summer vacation” type of lists? Or how Netflix makes it easy to find more of the types of movies and shows we like? They take all the confusion and hassle out of doing all the searching and analysis ourselves. They simply provide us our best options.

A Health Curator does the same thing for your health. I believe each of you has the capacity to create your own optimal health, without having to become an health expert yourself – you just need the support and structure to succeed.

During my career in emergency medicine (including the last 10 years spent helping Ugandans get access to emergency medicine through the non-profit Global Emergency Care), I’ve seen how transformative the right health care can be.

But when our health challenges aren’t so cut and dry as a broken bone or life-threatening pneumonia, getting the health outcomes we want can get muddy.

Who do we need to see to get results? How do we get conventional and alternative care providers to actually communicate and work together? What approaches have real evidence behind it for my particular needs?

I saw all this confusion, miscommunication, and rising mistrust in our health care system and was driven to pull together the practitioners who want to make a difference in people’s health care but are sick of working in silos.

I thought:

What if we could bring together a system of physicians and approaches, and curate them around specific health outcomes you want to achieve? What if they could work together seamlessly? What if you had only the right people working with you who are proven to help what you’re trying to achieve?

You could eliminate the wasted money and wasted time of going to random practitioners and trying random treatments for unknown costs.

We can help put the control in your hands to choose your outcomes. Knowing your desired outcome, we can help you understand, with confidence, the best options to help you achieve it.

Curated health care, entirely in your hands, minus the confusion and hassle.

So my question to you is…are you ready to join us?

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Break the yo-yo dieting cycle and create a body and mind you feel confident in again.

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