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KTVB7: ‘Now is the perfect time to focus on who we are:’ How to improve your physical and mental health during a pandemic – Dr Hammerstedt shared her best advice on how to improve physical and mental health during this pandemic. Click the button below to watch her interview.

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Featured Expert in Health Summits:

 Fun Fit Lifestyle Summit: Join Dr Hammerstedt with host Dr Dianah Lake in the Fun Fit Lifestyle summit, to talk about food addiction, emotional eating, and intermittent fasting– all in the context of developing real lifelong health with real food and real evidence.  

Featured expert on the National Mom’s Summit on Fitness & Healthy Living:

Featured on Podcasts:

MD for Moms Radio Show with Dr Carly Snyder: Lifestyle medicine and charity work in Uganda with Dr Heather Hammerstedt, founder of Wholist Health and co-founder of Global Emergency Care on MD for Moms with host Dr Carly Snyder

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Women in White Coats Podcast, Episode 8, with Dr Charmaine Gregory: “Emergency Medicine, Advocacy, Lifestyle Medicine”- On this episode of the podcast, Dr. Heather Hammerstedt shares about her many hats worn as a woman who dons the white coat. She shares about the importance of getting involved in advocacy as it relates to our daily ability to care for patients, the rewards of global health practice opportunities and the benefit of lifestyle medicine even in a busy emergency department at night.

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Truth Prescriptions podcast “Layers with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt”, Episode 2 with Dr Errin Weisman: Join us as we dissect various layers of the medical system, in emergency care capacity development in Uganda with Global Emergency Care, in US modern medicine and the potential for healing our health care system.

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Hippocratic Hustle podcast, Episode 36, with Dr Carrie Reynolds-  “Starting an Overseas Health Non-Profit with Heather Hammerstedt, MD”:How do you start an Emergency Medicine program in a region without emergency rooms? How do you start an overseas non-profit? Heather explains how she and a few friends helped a rural community in Uganda start the non-profit Global Emergency Care. That then grew into an entire program for training nurses and other healthcare providers to run the unit. It’s truly amazing how helping a community solve one small problem then grew into a larger and larger service. Learn how you can volunteer in Uganda for this amazing program as well!

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Life and Little’s Podcast with Dr Shelly Rockwell, Episode 9 – Lifestyle Medicine applications for parenthood. “Food. Sleep. Mindfulness. Exercise. How can we optimize these four tenants of Lifestyle Medicine to help our little ones (and ourselves) get the best possible start in life? Join me and Emergency and Lifestyle Medicine Physician Heather Hammerstedt as we discuss the importance of these four areas of our lives and how to incorporate them into our lives.”

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Truth Prescriptions Podcast with Dr Errin Weisman, Episode 62, “Wholeness”: Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH is CEO and Founder of Wholist, Emergency Medicine Physician and Leader who is changing healthcare through Lifestyle Medicine. She tells about the new developments of Wholist. We talk today about how these type of innovations in medicine are overlapping with traditional medicine in exciting ways.

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Life and Little’s Podcast with Dr Shelly Rockwell, Episode 12- When To Take Your Child to the Emergency Department.  “There is nothing more terrifying than when your child is hurt or sick. Sometimes, you may need to take them to the Emergency Department for evaluation and treatment. Today, I chat with ER physician Heather Hammerstedt about what you can expect when heading into the ER, cultivating a relationship with your Pediatrician’s office and how to use their nurse line for questions, and some concerning symptoms your child may have.”

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LearnSkin with Dr Raja & Dr Hadar- Food Relationships, Food Addiction, Weight Wellness, Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Hammerstedt joins Dr Raja and Dr Hadar to dig into the science of food and food addiction, lifestyle medicine style.

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