Programs for Clinicians


Lifestyle Medicine 8 Week Training for Clinicians and Coaches

Have a more satisfying practice and discover how to PREVENT and REVERSE many chronic diseases with the rising field of Lifestyle Medicine. Learn all the evidence-based essentials to put Lifestyle Medicine right into practice, while getting your patients to more readily adopt your lifestyle recommendations for improved outcomes no matter your specialty.

Complete with templates, forms, and two-minute patient summaries you can use directly in your own work with patients.

Collaborate with Us - Offer our Proven Weight Wellness Program to Your Clients and Patients

We help you give your clients/patients the tools and consistent support to transform their lifestyle to one that naturally promotes weight loss, improved overall health, and improved sleep and energy.

Based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine.

With expert coaches at their side consistently.

And we take care of everything for you.

Experience the Weight Wellness Transformation for Yourself

I founded Wholist as a physician, based on the exact science and pyschological approaches that I was not finding in mainstream weight loss advice. I found it in Lifestyle Medicine, modern research, and the latest in behavior modification and mindset approaches.

Now countless physicians have gone through this program and found a whole new way for long term weight loss and management, improved health, and consistently improved sleep and energy.

And this program is filled with the exact science, research, and references that you’ll find so valuable as a physician.