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Internationally recognized speaker on lifestyle medicine based solutions for creating permanent improvements in health, weight, energy, performance, and more.

In her approach, Heather highlights:

  • SKILLPOWER over willpower
  • Science-based physiological and psychological approaches for sustainable changes
  • Eating real, delicious food until satisfied (never going hungry!)
  • And step-by-step changes that make it easier to create lifelong habits and lifestyle shifts. 

Heather is a leading voice in the battle against yo-yo dieting, starvation, and deprivation as temporary (and failing) solutions for weight loss and health.

Her unique approach called “Weight Wellness” has been creating sustainable, lifestyle-based results for clients in weight, health, sleep, energy, and performance in 90 days that persist long after the program ends.

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt, MD MPH, speaks regularly at organizations, conferences, summits, and media appearances. She also has a growing podcast, online readership, and engaging private Facebook group where she regularly does trainings and challenges.

Flexible enough to speak to both professional and laymen audiences of all kinds, she particularly excels at speaking about lifestyle-based health transformation for high-performance women, physicians, or for organizations seeking greater health and performance from their teams.

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Dr. Heather Hammerstedt is available for:


Keynote speeches


Live or Recorded Interviews


Conferences on personal health transformation, corporate health transformation, and lifestyle medicine


Health care conferences


Corporate Wellness


Partnerships to do programs, challenges, and more with your audience

Download Heather’s speaker kit files here:

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Popular Speaking Topics for Heather:

Her Unique Approach to Lifestyle-Based Improvements in Health, Weight, and Energy without Deprivation and Restriction:

  • How To Get Off the Yo-Yo Diet Roller Coaster and Regain your Life (and Waistline)
  • Food Addiction and Emotional Eating: Biohacking To Free Your Brain
  • The Hormonal Dysregulation of Disease and Obesity – Real Food Can Get You Back on Track
  • Weight Wellness™ Through Adaptive Biology and Mindset Mastery
  • Fitness Masterclass: How to Get Started, Theories Behind The Why and What
  • Breaking Sugar Addiction to Jumpstart Healthy Lifestyle Change

For Physicians and Practitioners on Lifestyle Medicine

  • Lifestyle Medicine for Lifestyle Transformation and Healthy Futures
  • Getting Back to the Physician-Patient Relationship

Perfect for Moms

  • Training Those Kiddos for Lifetime Health: Food, Sleep, Exercise, Mindfulness

Perfect for Organizations and Teams

  • Individual Lifestyle Transformation to Corporate Lifestyle Transformation

Other Topics Heather has Spoken on:

  • The Shocking Connection Between the Microbiome and Your Health and Weight
  • Mindfulness for A Real Transformative Life
  • The What, When, and Why of Fueling Your Body with Food for Long term Health and Weight Wellness
  • A Deep Dive into Intermittent Fasting: the What, the When, the Why
  • Sleep Hygiene: Science, Evidence and Tips
  • Microbiome: Utilizing Food as Prebiotics, More Than Just Gut Health
  • Macronutrient Realities: Myths, Misconceptions and Methods Forward
  • The Evidence Behind Food, Exercise and Mindfulness for Body and Mind Health
  • Corporate Wellness – How to Integrate Real Change For You and Your Community
  • Imposter Syndrome, Self Compassion and Self Capacity
  • Global Health – Education for Capacity Development

Prior Speaking Engagements Have Included:

Lay Audiences:

  • Life and Littles (podcast)
  • LearnSkin Women’s Health Summit
  • LearnSkin Microbiome Summit
  • BeauteFit Women’s Health Summit
  • Fun Fit Lifestyle Women’s Health Summit
  • ChefDoc (podcast)
  • LearnSkin (podcast)
  • Fun Fit Lifestyle Summit
  • National Mom’s Summit on Fitness & Healthy Living
  • MD for Moms (podcast)

Medical Audiences:

  • Pinnacle Conference for Women Physicians
  • Idaho Medical Association
  • American College of Emergency Medicine
  • Idaho chapter of Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Saint Alphonsus Foundation
  • Vituity Health Care Organization
  • African Federation of Emergency Medicine
  • Happy Doc
  • Docs In the Wild
  • The Institute for Physician Wellness
  • EMRAP (podcast)
  • Hippocratic Hustle (podcast)
  • The Doctor’s Lounge with Truth Prescriptions (podcast)
  • Women In White Coats (podcast)

Heather’s Education and Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry: Bucknell University
  • Doctor of Medicine: Temple University
  • Certified Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Medical Acupuncture: Harvard University
  • Emergency Medicine Residency Training: Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  • Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician: American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • Faculty, American College of Emergency Medicine
  • Masters of Public Health: Harvard School of Public Health
  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician: American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

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