The 8 Week Lifestyle Medicine Course for Physicians and Practitioners

Have a more satisfying practice and discover how to PREVENT and REVERSE many chronic diseases with the rising field of Lifestyle Medicine. Learn all the evidence-based essentials to put Lifestyle Medicine right into practice, while getting your patients to more readily adopt your lifestyle recommendations for improved outcomes no matter your specialty.

Complete with templates, forms, and two-minute patient summaries you can use directly in your own work with patients.

 (videoDid you go into medicine to thrive, and to help your patient’s thrive?

And you are not quite making either happen and you can’t figure out why?

Do you see chronic disease burdening you, your family, your staff and your patients?

Or are you fully burned out and sick of talking to a wall and doing other people’s work and want something new to do?

I’m an emergency medicine doc, and a lifestyle medicine physician certified through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, a specialty in evidence behind prevention and reversal of disease using food, weight management, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and stress management. I run coaching programs and do Telehealth consultations.

  • Are you wondering if this is for you too?
  • Not sure you want to certify?
  • Just want to incorporate some REAL lifestyle change into your current practice, whatever it is?

Well, I’ve curated an 8 week online course for you, whether you want to learn to implement into your current practice, or to augment your certification with the ACLM to switch career paths. 

Watch the video course description above.  Watch the webinar on lifestyle medicine practices below. Course content examples and course outline are below as well.   

Once you purchase, THE PROGRAM WILL START THE FOLLOWING MONDAY (video says Apr 15, this is now a rolling course). Check your email for a note from with instructions on what to expect and how to get ready to go.

Join the Lifestyle Medicine Course for Physicians and Practitioners for only $699

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What's included:

  • Evidence behind health behavior change, coaching, mindset, stress reduction, weight, food/ diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle clinical processes
  • Delivered as podcasts to your phone every morning
  • Accompanied by supporting learning documents and references
  • Two minute take away summaries that YOU can give your patients in the context of your regular busy schedule
  • Coaching, assessment, and action plans for each topic that you can use in your practice
  • Slack group support during and after the course
  • Lifetime access to the course in the online course portal

Lifestyle Medicine Webinar Recording

Course Outline

WEEK 1 Intro

  • What is lifestyle medicine
  • Health behavior change theory (physician and patient)
  • Health coaching basics- smart goals, transtheoretical,
  • Motivational interviewing/ positive psychology/ cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Action plans
  • Meditation day- I’ve got this
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 2. Mindset/ meta cognition / mindfulness

  • Why is this important
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Metacognition/ CBT
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, positive psychology
  • Mindset Assessments
  • Meditation day- mindset reset
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 3- Food

  • Data behind food reversing disease, Major nutrition studies
  • Metabolism of digestion and hormonal dysregulation
  • Macronutrient breakdown carbs ,Fat and protein
  • Under and overconsumed foods, nutrient dense and healthy foods, Food labels,
    ingredient lists
  • How to coach for food behavior changes and culinary changes
  • Meditation day- Food
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 4- Food

  • Heart disease and Diabetes- grab the heart disease section from the fat phobia
  • Cancer, Mood and depression, sleep, exercise and more
  • Whole food plant based
  • Food assessment (culinary, nutrition, mindset)
  • Nutrition prescriptions and action plans
  • Meditation day- Food
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 5- Weight

  • Weight loss basics
  • Calorie myths
  • Insulin resistance
  • Exercise
  • Mindset around food reset
  • Meditation day- weight
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 6- Sleep

  • Sleep physiology
  • Modifiers of sleep
  • Sleep behavior
  • Effects of sleep
  • Sleep assessment and action plan
  • Meditation day- sleep
  • Weekly digest summary

WEEK 7- Exercise

  • Types of exercise and intensity measurements
  • Guidelines
  • Activity and health effects
  • How to coach for change
  • Exercise Assessment, prescriptions and action plans
  • Meditation day- exercise
  • Weekly digest summary


  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Clinical processes in office- EMR, referrals, labs, QI
  • Group, team, telehealth, coaching
  • Review of major data
  • Meditation- you can do this
  • Weekly digest summary
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