The 8 Week Lifestyle Medicine Course for Physicians

Have a more satisfying practice, improve client outcomes, and discover how to PREVENT and REVERSE many chronic diseases with Lifestyle Medicine.

A comprehensive 8 week program in bite size pieces for the busy practitioner! Including materials to use directly with your clients to educate them and help implement these practices.

As an Emergency Medicine physician, I struggled in our health system with always putting band-aids on what were deeper, more chronic lifestyle-based problems.

And I struggled myself to thrive in my demanding, stressful, and overworked career. I saw my own health struggling, and starting to deteriorate physically and mentally.

I needed something to change both personally and for my patients.

I wanted my patients to not just get patched up, but to thrive and heal. That’s why we came to the health space, right? To transform lives.

That’s when I discovered the rising, evidence-based field of Lifestyle Medicine. I became Board Certified, and went deep into related fields of behavior modification, coaching, and mindset training to ensure the changes stick.

I finally found what I felt was missing:

How to effectively make the healthy lifestyle changes that were evidence-backed to transform weight, health, and whole person wellness.

Lifestyle is at the root of the major chronic diseases both killing us and debilitating us functionally as we age. Not just the cause, but often the cure.

I founded Wholist for this same reason:

To create deep, meaningful lifestyle change that transforms lives physiologically and psychologically.

So they would heal and thrive… and not end up back in my ER!

And it worked.

We’ve coached hundreds of clients using this approach – creating long-term, sustainable lifestyle change that makes significant, meaningful impacts in their health, mindset, and lives.

So I put all of this expertise and put it in a training program specifically for physicians and coaches to implement with their own clients.

All through bite-size, daily delivery that has worked so well for the busiest lives and most hectic schedules. Along with the comprehensive reference of everything in our program portal to refer back to at any time.

“The Wholist lifestyle medicine course is absolutely fantastic. It’s all of the information you need to implement lifestyle medicine into your daily practice.

The best thing is that it is delivered to you in small increments daily, so it doable even with a very busy schedule. The handouts are great and have been very helpful when working with my patients.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to start integrate lifestyle medicine practices into their clinic!”

—Dr. Traci

Did you go into medicine to thrive, and to help your patient’s thrive?

But instead, you’re finding…

  • Chronic disease is burdening you, your family, your staff, and your patients.
  • You’re burning out, disillusioned, or feeling disconnected as a physician.
  • You’re tired of clients or patients never making a single lifestyle change you recommend.
  • Your clients are feeling like nothing’s working to make healthy lifestyle changes or weight loss, and they can’t sustain anything.

If any of this rings true for you like it did for me, I’ll show you how to reverse it with Lifestyle Medicine and effective behavior change strategies and coaching practices.

Get everything you need to start implementing Lifestyle Medicine with your clients and patients, in just 8 weeks.

Learn all the evidence-based essentials to put Lifestyle Medicine right into practice, while getting your patients to more readily adopt your lifestyle recommendations for improved outcomes no matter your specialty.

“Heather did such an excellent job in delivering complex information in such a digestible way. I truly enjoy this course and would recommend it to other fellow physicians without any hesitation. If you are interested in making long lasting changes for your patients, your family, or even yourself…this is a real solution.”

—Dr. Vorachoat Karunyasopon

Get lifetime access and get a ton of resources you can use directly in your practice.

When you join, you’ll get:


A complete system of health behavior change, coaching, mindset, stress reduction, weight, food/ diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle clinical processes.


Evidence and research to back each piece up and resources to delve deeper into each topic as desired.


Coaching, assessment, and action plans for each topic that you can use in your practice.


Includes both audio lessons and written transcriptions, plus all the resources and references.


Lifetime access to the course in the online course portal.

We make the process as convenient and effective as possible for busy practitioners:

Convenient Bite-Size Steps

Each daily topic is delivered as podcasts to your phone every morning, designed to build on each other, day by day. (Often 5-12 minutes with the occasional longer deep dive on certain topics.)

2 Minute Takeaways for Clients

We include two minute take away summaries, self-assessments, and action plan worksheets that you can give your patients in the context of your regular busy schedule.

Forms and Processes To Use Directly

You’ll get step by step processes you can implement directly with your clients and patients, as well as guidance on how to integrate this approach into direct primary care and other opportunities.

Join Wholist’s 8 Week “Lifestyle Medicine for Health Professionals” Training Program for Just $999

Starts on Monday (or choose another week to start by letting us know).

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Course Outline:

Week 1: Lifestyle Coaching and Techniques

Week 2: Mindset, Mindfulness, and Mood

Week 3: Food As Medicine

Week 4: Delve Deep into Food

Week 5: Weight Myths and Truths

Week 6: Sleep Behavior and Physiology

Week 7: Exercise, Fitness and Physical Activity

Week 8: A Mezcla- Risk Reduction and Clinical Processes

Want a Deeper Look?

Get a free preview of the program, providing you access to a sampling of lessons from across the program to check out.

Lifestyle Medicine: What Can I Do With It?

Dr Hammerstedt interviews lifestyle medicine physicians in various types of practices, payor systems, and specialties, and talks about lifestyle medicine opportunities and certification.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I use it for ACLM certification credit?

It does not currently count toward the 30 hours of education required for the ACLM board certification, but it is written for and has been used as a study guide or for any healthcare professional looking to implement Lifestyle Medicine in their practice.

And it’s great for people who want an alternative way to learn (audio).

Is it only learning or are there concrete takeaways?

It is 8 weeks of daily learning mostly by audio (transcripts available). BUT each topic has templates for patient assessments and action plans that you can put to use right away!

Is it live? Do I have lifetime access?

This works like a live program with daily bite-size nuggets and weekly reviews and tools. But it is not actually live where you have to attend any live workshops or classes at a certain time.

You also get lifetime access to all the content and materials in the portal.

Everything is dripped to your phone and email for easy digestion in your busy life. And it will also all be accessible at any time in the online portal.