Physician Owned Lifestyle Coaching Company.
Based on Real Science and Real Whole Foods.

Give Your Patients the Weight Wellness 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation, without Lifting a Finger

We’re partnering with physicians and coaches, so your patients can actually create sustained lifestyle shifts while achieving persistent and improved weight and baseline health. With no work required on your part and a partner payout available (if your clinic is eligible).

I’m Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

I was tired of working so hard to patch people up only to see them make no meaningful changes in their lifestyles and diet.

I was tired of applying bandaid solutions, and see them keep coming back with their weight and overall health in shambles, seemingly ignoring all my recommendations.

But the reality is:

It’s hard for most people to make any significant changes in their lifestyles. Even diets fail for most people, despite how desperate they are for a slimmer waistline.

So I created Wholist to create comprehensive,
evidence-based, and sustainable healthy lifestyle change.

This is a complex problem. How often have you told them the lifestyle or dietary changes they need to make only to have them come back to the office having changed nothing?

Many of us don’t even bother trying anymore.

But it’s not just them – much of what we learned about weight loss doesn’t even work. And we don’t have the time or tools to really work with them to make this change happen in their daily lives.

That takes persistent effort and guidance, a ton of education, and helping them work through all the mindset and habit change challenges keeping them from significant breakthroughs.

We give your patients the tools and consistent weekly support to transform their lifestyle, weight, and baseline health… so you don’t have to.


Using an empowering, Lifestyle Medicine based approach.


With expert coaches at their side consistently guiding them.


Amplified by proven mindset, psychology, & habit creation techniques.

And we take care of everything for you.

From educating them on the science and techniques, to guiding them through every step of our 12 week process. Including support, motivation, and expert coaching.

We use a proven process that we’ve dialed in to create consistent and truly sustainable lifestyle change that breaks through their own barriers to sustained results.

And we make it engaging, deeply supportive, and easy to follow.

We take care of it, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

You are incredibly skilled in what you do. But patients fail to make the dietary and lifestyle changes they need to.

This undermines your results.

That’s why I spent hundreds of hours developing this program, and then dialing it in with hundreds of patients (and seeing the transformation in their lives).

And now:

I’m partnering with physicians so you can leverage this same program in your practice! It all starts with a chat to discuss your needs and how we can partner.

Truth is:

There’s a lot more to this than just eating less and moving more.

Both physiologically and psychologically.

We didn’t learn this in school.

When I dug into the science after finding that none of the typical weight loss advice was helping, I found there was a lot more to this.

  • There was not just what we eat, but WHEN we eat, and WHY we eat (mindset) that mattered just as much.
  • I found the dynamic interplay of hormones, and how persistent weight can often be a hormone dysregulation problem more than anything.
  • I dove into the growing field of Lifestyle Medicine, and became board certified in it. I found how stress, sleep, psychology, and lifestyle all play such a large part in success or failure.

And I leveraged it all into a comprehensive program so that people could actually create a life they enjoy, eating real, whole foods that taste good, and creating sustained change as a result.

I had tried everything… I definitely thought something was wrong with my body. I just had yo-yo’d too many times. What I found was the whole truth at your program…

I’m just holistically a better person all around. This program worked. And in fact, I have not weighed this little in decades. And it’s coming off and I’m living my life… I enjoy the way I eat.

— Julie, tried everything

This isn’t a “lose weight fast” plan. It is a long term weight and health transformation.

As a result, we’ve seen participants…

  • Reduce A1C levels
  • Reduce aches and pains from inflammation
  • Feel more energetic and have improved overall mood.
  • Improve chronic health conditions and risk factors.
  • Feel more confident in sustaining new habits and changes.

All using real science, real whole foods, and effective behavior change techniques.

So you can have patients who have a better basis for health. Allowing you to make more powerful and persistent results in their lives.

“Since starting the plant-based challenge, I feel amazing. Especially considering I haven’t been entirely compliant.

I’ve lived and celebrated and dined out, occasionally opting for a choice that wasn’t super healthy. Despite my occasional deviation from plan, my back has stopped hurting (from spondylitis). That is huge for me.

I feel lighter and clearer. I am continuing to drop weight. I have learned so much, and that knowledge will continue to serve me. I also feel really good about the external impacts changing my eating will have on animals and the environment.”

-Kim R.

Weight Wellness builds this transformation in your patients’ lives step by step over 12 weeks.

Without you having to do anything…

Within this comprehensive, highly supported program, they’ll get:

Expert Coaches with Professional Experience in their Fields


Professional Wholist Health Coach at their side consistently, guiding them every week of the program, trained in both the physiological and psychological sides. Participants have weekly live coaching sessions and access to their coach via chat and email anytime inbetween.


Professional Mindset Coach with deep professional experience in their field, providing 3 private, hour-long coaching sessions. (Personal Coaching program only)

Comprehensive, Highly Supportive and Empowering 12 Week Program


Daily short podcasts empowering them with a fuller understanding of the science and methodologies, while layering on skills step by step.


Daily text messages delivering the program content and providing motivation straight to their phone. Also sent in daily summaries by email.


Supporting research and educational materials around each topic in the program.


Lifetime access to program content in an online portal.

And Additional Resources to Support their Success


YouAte app for quick food logging that is monitored by their Wholist Coach daily with supportive help to dial in what works for them.


A community of support of both current and past participants.


LivingPlateRx meal planning app and recipes.


Private, HIPAA compliant coaching portal.

Plus, we offer a powerfully supportive Personal Coaching option, and a very affordable and supportive Group Coaching option. Allowing different people to get the level of attention and support to fit their budget.

Partnering with Wholist

Schedule a chat and we’ll discuss the best plan to help you and your patients get the best results, while serving your needs as a physician, coach, or business owner.

I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help!

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt