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Lifestyle Medicine Consult

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH

Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH is a board certified lifestyle medicine physician (in addition to being an emergency medicine physician) and integrative nutrition health coach. 
She is an expert in health behavior change and health coaching in nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management and well versed in the evidence that optimizing these lifestyle behaviors can prevent and even reverse disease.
If you live in California, Idaho or Oregon, she is stoked to meet and help you identify and break through the lifestyle blockages holding you back from optimal health and healing of chronic health conditions. 
Get a personal, one-on-one lifestyle virtual medical consult with Dr Hammerstedt- investigate your disease risk factors, your current health, and together come up with a unique personalized plan for YOU using the evidence behind weight, food, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, mindset and more. 75 min initial video consult and then a 30 minute followup, along with a formal digital three month PLAN all about you.
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IMPORTANT: Only available for residents of California, Idaho, or Oregon, where Dr. Heather is licensed.


Dr Hammerstedt uses a combination of HealthSnap (a lifestyle medicine platform and app) and her own personally developed lifestyle medicine assessments and tools to curate a 3 month personalized plan for you around food, weight, sleep, mindset, exercise, mindfulness, risk behaviors and more.  See below for examples of what you can expect to receive after your initial consultation and, if you choose, for monitoring on an ongoing basis.


HealthSnap is an online lifestyle medicine platform that translates patient-generated lifestyle data from questionnaires, health apps, and connected health devices like wearables and remote sensors into a visual and concise Lifestyle Profile™ that everyone can understand. Your Initial pre-assessment included with consultation. Ongoing monitoring via app can be arranged.


Dr Hammerstedt

She spent a few too many hours (LOL, she might be a little particular) making her own assessment tools, templates, and action plans, all based off her years of work in integrative nutrition and health coaching, and her lifestyle medicine board certification. She even teaches an online course for physicians to teach them all of this (all doctors need to know this, right?)! Here are some examples of what you should expect.       

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What’s included:

  • A 75 minute comprehensive lifestyle medicine health and wellness assessment with Dr Hammerstedt on nutrition and culinary choices, sleep hygiene, exercise, and stress management. 
  • A personalized 3 month lifestyle medicine plan unique to you, curated from the information and assessments, delivered to you digitally within 48 hours of your appointment.  Plan will utilize a combination of HealthSnap as well as Dr Hammerstedt’s own unique assessment tools and plans.
  • Communication about the lifestyle medicine plan to your primary care doctor (or other practitioners or physicians of your choice) for amplified results and a team approach (if you would like)
  • A 3 month follow-up appointment reminder, so we can meet again and revamp your lifestyle medicine plan.
  • Ongoing real time virtual monitoring of your progress using HealthSnap (upgrade)
  • The option to retain Dr Hammerstedt as an ongoing concierge physician, for lifestyle and urgent care (upgrade)