WholeYou™ Fitness Training 8 Week Coaching Program with Cathy Adolph

Need some guidance on how to start an exercise program or on how to step up your game and get to the next level?

Cathy Adolph is a ACSM certified personal trainer with 20 years of experience in fitness and coaching, including US track and field, marathons, and personal program creation. Personally she is an ultra marathoner and iron man triathlete and is Dr H’s personal trainer. 

She will meet with you virtually on a video telehealth call, create your specific 8 week program that fits your logistic life and your current needs, and checks in with calls every two weeks for revising the plan. You can’t go wrong!

Join now for only $499 for the 8 Week Coaching Program

What’s included:

  • A private 30-min intro video call to get to know you, your goals, and your challenges
  • A new, custom workout every 2 weeks, designed around your needs, goals, and to help you overcome your past challenges
  • A 15-min video call to recap every 2 weeks, for personalizing the next 2 week program
  • A 30-min exit video call at the end of the 8 week program to recap and help you move forward with your new fitness habit!
  • The opportunity to continue with your fitness coach if you choose, or continue on your own from what you’ve learned and experienced in this 8 week program.