Extending Your Weight Wellness™ Program Coaching and Membership

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on completing the Weight Wellness™ 90 Day Program. That says a lot that you stuck through it and made progress!

So now it’s time to decide how you want to continue your Weight Wellness™ journey with us.

We have options for continuing coaching, or for those who just want to continue your Momentum Membership in the private Weight Wellness™ clients Facebook Group.

This will guide you through your options based on your interest.

Which option are you most interested in?

Continue with Your Weight Coach or Mindset Coach

Plans range from $199 and up based on what coaching options you choose on the next steps.

No Coaching, Just Continued Access to Momentum Facebook Group

Plans start from $25/mo based on what option you choose, which can include YouAte monitoring with your Weight Coach.

Need help? Schedule a Call to Discuss Your Options: