Dr. George and Vanessa Naum join us today to discuss how to Strive to Thrive in Your Relationship. As marriage coaches, they discuss the stages of marriage, from romance to raising children together, from finding yourself to getting old together. They help couples find out what they really want and what they need help with. They work with couples to reconnect and how to disconnect from outside stresses.   


Dr. Jeep Naum has been a physician for 31 years and a couples coach for 27. Since 2018, he and his wife Vanessa have been specializing in physician marriage coaching. As a married physician and coach, Dr. Jeep has mixed his passion for coaching doctors and helping them find love and a deeper connection in their marriage and career life. Dr. Jeep has been featured on many online podcasts and is a regular contributor to Physician Outlook Magazine. He is a marriage coach to physicians and is the author of: What’s Forever For? A Physician’s Guide to Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage.   


Vanessa Naum- MBA, Coach is passionate about helping married couples live their marriage’s full potential particularly since her first marriage ended in divorce. From that experience, she expertly brings knowledge and perspective of what it feels like being in a marriage that isn’t working. And, she has a deep background in issues that affect physician marriages. Vanessa is a sex and relationship coach trained in a philosophy that is a holistic and loving approach to sex and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships.


They can be found on Facebook @askdrjeepandvanessa, at Instagram at @bestfriendsagain, on Twitter at @askdrjeep, on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/drgeorgenaum, and on their website https://www.BestFriendsAgain.com


The book, “What’s Forever For? A Physician’s Guide For Everlasting Love And Success in Marriage. It has won two awards and is available on our website as well as What’s Forever For?: A Physician’s Guide for Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage: Naum, Dr George Jeep: 9781644842638: Books – Amazon.


The program is 90 Days To Clarity And Connection and Details are found on the website.


Our Gift To You: Go to our website at www.BestFriendsAgain.com and scroll down to receive a FREE copy of the chapter: Love Letter Method with Your Spouse, from Dr. Jeep’s book, What’s Forever For? A Physician’s Guide for Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage.”


I encourage my new connections to do a relationship needs assessment. It’s a good health and wellness check for your relationship. My clients have found it extremely helpful!



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