Dr. Hammerstedt is joined today by Dr. Stella K. Evans, MD to discuss complex care for children with disabilities and their caregivers. She talks about how she is the prime contact for the caregivers, and she helps navigate the best care through their health team. There are a few roadblocks that she wants parents to know about. She stresses that this is not the parent’s fault and sticking with regret, fear and guilt will not move them forward to plan for the future. Also, it is alright to ask for help to find the best care for your children. And finally, always get another opinion if you don’t feel like you are getting the care your child deserves.  


Dr. Evans is a pediatrician in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with a long career in (and personal history with) care of the complex patient, especially in the family setting. She is a life coach,  neurolinguistic programming trainer, and clinical Ericksonian hypnotist, and she works with parents of children and youth with special health care needs to build their resilience and mental  health. It is her belief that no parent, ever, should have to lie awake at 3 am wondering if they’ve done the right thing. She can be found at www.facebook.com/Dr stellakevansmd and Instagram @the.garden.nlp 

She is offering a free session of 1:1 coaching by scheduling at: 



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