I spent the weekend at a physician’s conference like no other. We camped. We had campfires. We had lectures in the barn and yoga on the deck.  The focus was physician wellness and resiliency (www.glacierrockwellness.com), and I was honored to be a speaker on imposter syndrome and self compassion. So I’m inspired today to spread some MINDSET work to you all, my Wholist tribe, because as a lifestyle physician weight coach, all i WANT is for you to succeed..

Did you know that we create 700 new neurons a day?  Think about the freedom in that?  That means that you have the opportunity to shift the way your brain is working and is wired.  Think of it this way, the thoughts that you have are basically pre-wired automatic reactions to external circumstances around you. These thoughts are “auto-corrects”, based on the experiences you have had in the past, with the circumstances in the past, your reactions to them, and the outcomes experienced. How have your autocorrects been on your iphone?  Are they always right? They can get you in trouble, right?

So what if you changed the thoughts NOW, created a new result from that circumstance, and NEXT time, the autocorrect thought was entirely new.  You see how those thought train tracks would be relaid?

We can REWIRE OUR BRAIN PATTERNS TO CREATE MORE PRODUCTIVE ONES FOR THE FUTURE. So, to be clear, this isn’t classic lifestyle medicine, this is me waxing prolific and being super nerdy about how we basically do our own neurosurgery to our thought train tracks, create new autocorrects to rely on in the future and create new thought patterns to get the results that you want.  It is basically like doing your own cognitive behavioral therapy.

And I mean, you can use this ALL OF THE TIME on everything, work, relationships, food, exercise, parenting, whatever. … and THAT is why this is relevant, because in reality, the reason why you haven’t been able to successfully create new sustainable habits and gotten results that you wanted, is because you are following the autocorrect your brain thinks it should be.  So change it up. The CHOICE is YOURS to ACT on, you have to be the one to do this.

All this week on social media, we’ll be talking about neuroplasticity, about self capacity and about self compassion. And next week, we will dig into metacognition and tools to use to build your own self cognitive behavioral therapy.  So come on over to Wholist’s social media pages (FB, IG) or even better to the FB public group for conversation and Q&A.  See you there!

Who I am

I am Dr Heather Hammerstedt, I am a physician with my doctorate in medicine, board certifications in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine, an integrative nutrition health coaching certificate, a medical acupuncture certificate, a masters in public health, and two tiny crazy muppet humans and a hilarious husband who keep me honest.  I’m also the CEO and Founder of Wholist, a lifestyle medicine coaching and consulting company that specializes in helping busy professional women transform their current and future health futures to meet their goals, all with evidence, education, empowerment delivered by flexible technology to meet you where you are to help you succeed.