Thanks for tuning in again, for part two of my three part new year blasts of information for you, as a thanks for choosing YOU with this journey to lifestyle transformation.

You know what is funny? Something I never expected. There are three types of people who have been killing it in the Wholist weight wellness program –

1) people who want to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way with real food
2) people who want to create a better relationship with food and their mind
3) athletes who are looking to up their game and get results they desire

And everyone is crazy busy, right? So the fact that the Weight Wellness™ approach is helping all three of these types of people is so exciting to me. So whomever of those three you are, welcome to the start of committing to get your life back for YOU, your body back for YOU, your mind back for YOU.

Last time we talked about the WHAT of eating and how what we eat can cause inflammation, hormonal dysregulation, and disease… or get us slimmer, healthier, and more energetic.

Today we are talking about the WHEN of eating.  
Read on below.

And I’m going to get a little geeky here, sorry, I’m a physician who loves the details….

I alluded to this in the prior email, but let’s get at it here.  The majority of chronic disease is caused by inflammation and hormonal dysregulation that could be prevented with lifestyle changes such as a whole food, unprocessed diet (and others of course, but we need to start with food).  Guess what else is?  Being overweight and being obese.

Two things that are awesome about this:

1) We can FIX them and PREVENT them both,

2) We can stop feeling guilty because being overweight or having a chronic disease isn’t your fault…. This is not WILLpower (you can’t will your hormones in order LOL), it is SKILLpower.

Does that make you feel better?So when you eat, your macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) get broken down and each of them will affect your body in a different way metabolically. And each will affect different processes differently and will cause different hormones to react.  This is the what to eat issue.

The when to eat issue is that if you are eating ALL OF THE TIME, your body is constantly just using the energy it has readily available. It isn’t looking for how to burn off what it already has stored. And the hormones from your digestive tract, brain and fat stores get so wacky they start doing the opposite of what they should.

You aren’t giving yourself a break to reset and you aren’t letting your hormones remember what they should do.

And you aren’t going to lose weight because your body isn’t having to dig in to get energy from your body stores…. in other words – burn fat!

It just stokes your hunger and your cravings.

And you are going to be led to chronic inflammation and disease like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, cognitive slowing, and more.

This is even if you think you are eating HEALTHY.

If it is all the time, like every couple of hours, you are negating some of the anti-inflammatory benefits of the eating healthy because you aren’t fixing the hormonal problem with when you eat.

This is why I created that 7 day Snacking Freedom Challenge to give you a goalpost and guidance for very little investment, if you aren’t ready to dive into the group or premium coaching.

Okay, kids are stirring upstairs, I’ve got to parent, wish me luck, these guys are 4 & 7 and are cray-cray (but also sweet and adorable and smart and know how to count their “Gs” of sugar and manipulate me based on their hunger scale 🙂

Watch out for Part 3 – the WHY of eating… and how critical it is making these WHAT and WHEN shifts happen for you.

Best in health (you’ve got this!!)