Abbey Louie is a leadership coach and talent development strategist who is passionate about empowering individuals and teams to be their best. She is the co-founder of Next Level Women Leaders ( and worked for over a decade in employee development at The Boeing Company. She also has a consulting company with Steve Robertson, PhD, called Louie Robertson Consulting ( 


Last time, Abbey joined us to walk through developing a sense of self both professionally and personally. Today, she joins us for the second episode in her series to discuss cultivating our personal communication style. We talk about using natural communication styles to our advantage in professional situations through writing, speaking, and conversation. Abbey digs into the importance of understanding who you are at your core and then using that to guide consistency and authenticity. 


Dr. Hammerstedt and her lifestyle coaching team can be found at and @wholisthealth on Facebook and Instagram as well as the public Facebook group Curate Your Health. Wholist helps high performing women and men lose weight for the last time, with an innovative food and mindset coaching program to blueprint YOUR optimal body and mind, with real food, real work, real results… and no products or BS. Come curate YOUR sustainable health future, and personal and professional dynasty.


And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou