Dr. Nadia Sabri MD FAAP is a board certified Pediatrician, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and certified yoga and meditation instructor. Dr. Nadia is the founder of Mindful MD Mom, a platform that empowers parents with mindful, intentional living skills and wellness strategies . She teaches yoga and meditation regularly to physicians as part of physician wellness programs. You can find Dr. Nadia at https://themindfulmdmom.com, and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @themindfulmdmom. 


Today, Dr. Nadia joins us to discuss parenting, mindfulness, and stress reduction. In the midst of a global pandemic, balance between work and life is incredibly important. Today, we dive into practical strategies for scheduling relaxation for ourselves, recognizing stress in our kids, and avoiding burnout (psychological, emotional, and physical shut down). You can get a free printable of Dr. Nadia’s “7 Mindful Parenting Tips to Start Today”  when you sign up at https://themindfulmdmom.com.  


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